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Guardian angels have been assigned to watch over you since the day you were born. It is important to communicate with them so they can clearly assist you with what you need.

There are times when you might have felt down, confused, or terrified. Life here on Earth can be tiring at times but take heart! Guardian angels can guide you to the right path and help you go through life smoothly.

Your guardian angels have been with you since the moment you were born, protecting you from all sorts of danger, every single day of your life! And they will stay with you until the end, whether you know it or not.


Guardian Angels And You


Guardian angels are heavenly beings that watch and protect you all throughout your life. They are aware of your hopes and dreams and are tasked to assist you in reaching your goals in your current lifetime, by providing you guidance and wisdom.

You have ten or more guardian angels in this lifetime, but it is up to you to invite them into your life and communicate with them, so they can help you.

Now, you might wonder what kind of divine tasks guardian angels are assigned with.

You will be amazed to know the things guardian angels are tasked to do, so please keep on reading!


Guardian Angels And Their Responsibilities


Guardian angels have many divine tasks, which include protecting you, guiding you, praying for you, and recording your thoughts and actions.

As their name implies, the first task of your winged companions is to guard you from physical and spiritual danger.

Guardian angels protect you from physical danger, so you can realize and fulfill your purpose in life, and they always work to protect you from spiritual danger by preventing evil things from happening in your life. Sometimes engaging in spiritual warfare with fallen angels who may harm you.

The next task guardian angels have is guiding you. Guardian angels are concerned about the choices you make, as your choices affect the direction of your life.

Even though guardian angels totally respect your free will, they can still give you guidance when you seek wisdom for the choices you make in life. And they are always by your side to help you do what is right.

Praying for you is another divine task your guardian angels must fulfill.

Your guardian angel is constantly praying for you and interceding on your behalf, whether you are aware of it or not.

From birth until death, your guardian angels surround you with intercession and watchful concern, listen to your prayers, and join with you whenever you are praying.

The last task guardian angels are assigned with is recording everything that you say, think, and do, in this lifetime. This includes information in your Akashic Records, which include all of your good and not-so-good deeds.


The Importance Of Knowing Your Guardian Angels


Before trying to talk to a guardian angel, it is essential for you to first identify, which guardian angels you want to communicate with, and know what the special powers of those guardian angels are.

You can take time knowing more about the angels you want to contact by reading books or articles about those specific guardian angels. You can even consult a psychic for more guidance in this.

You can also watch out for signs that may help you identify, which guardian angel can help you most, based on your current situation. For example, if the name Ariel keeps on coming up in your dreams, then the angel Ariel may be the one who can help you solve your problems best.

You can also call out for guardian angels based on that angel’s specialties. For example, Angel Zaphiel is associated with watching over children, so you may want to ask him for help if your children are going on a trip or having trouble at school.

After knowing more about the guardian angels that you want to talk to, you can now consider the different ways to communicate with them.


Communicating With Guardian Angels


Guardian angels were created to help and guide you, so learning how to communicate with them is highly important so you can walk through the right path set for you. 

The truth is, anyone can talk to their guardian angels.

You can call on your guardian angels anytime and anywhere you want, asking for help with anything. No task is too big or too small for your winged companions because they are always happy to help you.

There are many ways through which you can communicate with your guardian angels.

The first way to communicate with your guardian angels is having a close relationship with them by including your guardian angels into your everyday activities.

You can consider taking a stroll every day for about fifteen minutes and talking to your guardian angel, or casually talking to your guardian angel when you are doing the dishes.

Meditating is another great way to communicate with your guardian angel because meditating helps you make your mind renewed and focus on them.

You can meditate effectively by breathing in and out deeply for a few seconds, focusing on nothing but your breathing. Then, you can think about your guardian angel and the things you need help with.

The last way for you to contact your guardian angels is by keeping a journal, which includes all of your feelings, specific situations you are having difficulties with, and everything that you are thankful for.

Writing in a journal helps your guardian angels see your concerns more clearly, which allows your guardian angels to help your more effectively. Plus, keeping a journal enables you to be grateful of all the wisdom your guardian angels give you, and is a place where you can record all of your beautiful experiences with them.

Talking to your guardian angels is not that difficult, because the keys for you to communicate with your winged companions are just consistency and patience. Doing the things mentioned above on a regular basis, you will be able to communicate with your guardian angels in no time and have a more spiritually fulfilling life.

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