Fairies In My Garden!

The Fairies are back. Today I went outside, and there were over 50 leprechauns running around in my garden! I got a late start this year, setting up my fairy garden, but once I got it set up, they started visiting me in groves! I love the fairies in my yard!

Did you know that:

- Fairies love roses, lilacs, tulips, rosemary, mint, and delphiniums!

- They love chocolate chip cookies. I leave them out in my garden for them.

- Fairies and Elves live among the plants I mentioned above. They build homes in them!

- Singing happy songs in the garden encourages them to come out and play with you.

- Fairies are most easily seen out of the corner of your eye!

If you have any of these plants, make sure to use some of the tips above to draw even more fairies and elves into your yard!

Unexplainable holes in the yard, or in tree trunks are often portals they use to move in and out of our realm and theirs!

I hope you enjoyed this email!

In light and peace,

Tana Hoy

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