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Would you like to invite fairies to your home? You can make it into a place that fairies would want to live in by decorating your yard with plants and objects like small ponds and rocks.

The first thing that probably comes to your mind when you hear the word fairy is Tinkerbell. After all, we all grew up knowing Tinkerbell as a cute, adorable fairy who loves attention.

However, contrary to popular belief, most fairies do not want that much attention in real life. They live among us though, and fairies are found almost everywhere, since they are not limited to staying in forests or rivers.

Fairies actually go to places where they feel welcomed and comfortable! But before taking a look at how to invite fairies into your home, it is essential for you to know more about them.


Common Types Of Fairies


The most common types of fairies are pixies, which are small winged fairies that look like humans.

Pixies are attracted to small children, fun, and gardens with flowers. They are also known to sip nectar from flowers and take household items from humans as a prank, only to return these items after they had fun.

Pixies are very social, too, and that’s why pixies are more active roaming around compared to any other type of fairies.

The second type of fairies called gnomes, which can usually grow up to one foot tall and usually wear red pointed hats and green or blue jackets.

Gnomes are attracted to rocks, as they like to play or hide between them. They are also known to protect and heal wildlife and can be generally found in forests, dark places, and even gardens. Gnomes can move easily through the earth, which earned them the name Earth Elementals.

Trooping fairies are the next common type of fairies, which look like pixies but without wings.

Trooping fairies earned their name because they travel together in troops and long processions. They usually wear green jackets, love to go riding and hunting, live in trees, and can be friendly, depending on how humans treat them.

Another common type of fairy are the water sprites, which are the elemental guardians of water who look after rivers and other bodies of water, and all the animals that live in it. They are usually harmless unless they are threatened.

Water sprites, as their name implies, are attracted to water, and are generally playful. You can feel the water sprites’ excitement and energy especially near places with abundant water.

The next type of fairy is the Brownie, which is smaller than pixies and trooping fairies, wear brown clothes, and have brown skin.

Brownies do not have wings, but they can get to high places by climbing onto the shoulders of each other. They are intelligent, nocturnal fairies who can reside at a human’s house and often do chores for a family they think deserves help.

The last popular type of fairies are the leprechauns, which are usually dressed in green or red clothing.

Leprechauns are generally shoemakers, like to live in solitary, and can grant three wishes when caught by a human.


Inviting Fairies Into Your Home


There are many ways through which you can invite fairies into your home, such as creating a fairy sanctuary, leaving gifts and offerings, and using fairy chants or songs.

Creating a fairy sanctuary helps because it lets the fairies know that they are being welcomed into your house. You can choose to create a fairy sanctuary, indoors or outdoors.

If you choose to create a fairy sanctuary indoors, you can buy already-made fairy houses or build your own. It will be great if you paint the fairy house with bright, warm colors, as fairies like colorful things. Also, putting some additional decorations on the fairy house will also attract them to their new dwelling.

You can also put indoor plants around your fairy sanctuary, but please make sure that these plants are fresh and alive. It would also be better if the plants are fragrant, since fairies like plants that smell nice.

If you choose to create your fairy sanctuary outdoors, it is important for you to know that fairies like shaded places, or plants that provide shade. You can then choose a design that is spacious enough for the fairies to rest, and cozy enough for them to keep coming back.

You can also consider putting houses, small ponds, and even rocks, in your fairy garden. The possibilities are endless, but please make sure that your fairy sanctuary embodies peace and harmony.

Another way for you to attract fairies into your home is by leaving gifts and offerings, which are signs that you are giving fairies something of yourself.

That is why it is best to leave gifts and offerings that you made yourself. Traditional offerings and gifts include food, such as cake or bread, or drinks, such as wine and beer.

Fairies also appreciate art offerings, such as small paintings, small sculptures made of twigs, and glittery pine cones.

The last way for you to invite fairies into your home is through the use of fairy chants or songs.5

You can sing a song, especially for the fairies, using melodic instruments, such as a harp or a flute. Fairies love music, especially when the music is performed wholeheartedly and live. But a word of caution, any electronic or heavy rock music is a no-no because fairies do not like loud, electronic music.

You can also consider making a fairy chant of your own to invite fairies into your home. A good example of a fairy chant is this:

“Good fairies heed my call

Come to my home, come all

Sing, dance, and play

For you are welcome to my home today”

After doing the things mentioned above, please don’t expect to see fairies flocking to your home right away. It takes time for fairies to trust humans, and it is their nature not to make hasty decisions. But if you make fairies feel more welcome and cozy in your home, they will eventually become your friends.

To learn more about your fairy friends, consider scheduling a special Fairy Connection session by visiting this page and filling out the form for someone to contact you with more information.


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