Magical Fairies: Invisible Friends Most People Never Know About fairy

Fairies are mystical little creatures who inhabit trees and nature. They have been an important part of the Earth since time began.

Since the Earth has come into existence, fairies have been around as magical beings who are closely intertwined with the different elements of nature.

These enchanting creatures exist in a different realm or dimension from humans, so they are invisible to the naked eye. Still, despite their powers of invisibility, fairies flit in and out of the human realm and sometimes even reach out to men or women in strange and playful ways.

In modern times, conversations about fairies have ceased to exist with their existence being portrayed in children’s books and fantasy films.

Thus, humans now know very little about these fascinating and playful beings who have been around since the dawn of time. In fact, many people these days dismiss the existence of fairies and reject such beliefs as eccentric or childish.

Of course, fairies are neither eccentric nor childish. These are complex creatures who have been an important part of the Earth since time began.


The Different Types of Fairies In The World


Just like there are good and bad humans, as well as good and bad spirits, there are good and bad fairies that populate the fairy world.

All fairies are quite playful, but the good-natured ones usually leave humans alone and simply concentrate on cultivating the Earth and its different elements. Other trouble-making fairies can be quite dangerous, “playing” with human lives, such as leading them off a cliff.

Generally, the good fairies are known as “Seelie,” which roughly translates to “silly,” while the bad ones are called “Unseelie.” However, there are countless other fairy classifications. For humans, it’s much easier to categorize them according to the different elements that they’re associated with.

There are four classifications of elemental fairies: earth fairies, such as dwarves and gnomes; water fairies, such as undines and merrows; air fairies, such as pixies and sprites; and fire fairies, such as salamanders and drakes.

Even with these classifications, the world of fairies remains mysterious and elusive to most humans.


Finding Fairies


Due to their intimate relationship with nature as the Earth’s ancient guardians and wards, fairies usually frequent places that are close to nature, such as lush forests, rivers, mountains, or even a particularly flourishing garden in the suburbs. It’s in these places, there’s a higher chance of seeing or sensing fairies.

After all, it’s not uncommon for fairies to reach out to humans. Some even go as far as take human lovers, which is why there are a number of men and women with fairy blood in the world.

However, fairies live on a different plane of existence, so it can be challenging to see them with your own two eyes, especially when they don’t want to be seen. Instead, you can learn to sense when there are fairies around by simply recognizing the various signs of their presence.


Signs That A Fairy Is Around You


At home, one sign that there are fairies is when some of your food and milk suddenly becomes rotten before its expiration date, or even before you opened it. Fairies enjoy eating some human food, although these entities do not “eat” food in the physical way that humans do. Instead, fairies consume the essence or the energy of the food.


Another indication of fairies in your home is jewelry or other shiny trinkets going missing, or constantly getting misplaced. Fairies tend to be enamored by gleaming objects, but don’t worry, they almost always return these objects to you!

The next time some of your rings disappear from your jewelry box, take a look around your residence before panicking. Fairies usually tuck them away in different places in your home, as if they’re playing some sort of game with you.

Strange scents and sounds may also abound when there’s a fairy in your vicinity, whether at home or not. Since fairies are known to be fun-loving and cheerful, you might hear faint peals of laughter when they’re around you. Tiny bells and soft instrument sounds are also common, as well as the smell of fresh flowers in the air.

Fairies love flowers, so when flowers bloom suddenly in odd places, it could be a fae friend making its presence known to you.

When you see flickering spheres of light floating in the woods, you’re probably seeing fairies in their element. These spheres are usually spotted near flowering plants, springs of water, or mushrooms.

In forests and other natural environments, you may also feel a number of eyes watching your every move, even if there’s no one around. These are likely fairies and other magical creatures keeping an eye on you, so murmur a greeting or a brief, yet respectful request to enter their space.

It’s important to keep your eyes peeled for fairy circles outside since fairies often sing and dance in circles during their nighttime gatherings. In the morning, humans often stumble upon these strange mushroom or flower circles, not knowing that a large group of fairies likely converged there just a few hours ago!


How To Avoid Offending Fairies


When you want to be more knowledgeable about fairies and their world, it’s also essential to learn how to interact with them. Since fairies are magical beings, offending them can be catastrophic for you, and even your family.

First, remember that it’s always best to leave things as they are in the wild, especially when it’s something that’s unfamiliar and outside of human affairs. When you come across a fairy circle, try to avoid disturbing fairy circles or knocking a flower out of its place in the circle. Before entering these circles, ask for permission, lest you offend a particularly malicious fairy with your actions.

Another offense is when you “steal” from them. So, if you feel as if the woods are a fairy’s territory, ask before plucking fruit from a tree or drinking water from the stream. If you accidentally eat or drink what’s theirs without asking, you might suddenly find yourself as one of their human prisoners.

Don’t worry, as long as you are not rude or disrespectful, fairies will not do you harm. In fact, many fairies enjoy the company of humans and a few even help out around the house when they really like the individual.


What do you think about fairies and their kind? Leave me a comment below!

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