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    Ray James

    My psychic intuition tells me these creatures can be blown up through sound or nitrogen. Of course prayer to the Universe or God who may actually be a part of the Christian Doctrine states pray to Jesus Christ first and he will give you all the desires of your heart. We should help conquer Satan and all his negative desires to make us slaves of mankind. We do this through being obedient and seeking higher sources of energy, to cope with society. We have at least 10 or more dimensions and I collectively think we can control the universe in a dimension that preserves space and time through collective thoughts through the fourth dimension. Once those thoughts are built up we can even split the Adam bomb up through enertia and a light beam…Of course it helps to have the Angels of Light working for us; along with our Archangels who can do this for us…The rest of this discussion is a part of Tana Hoy’s higher sources of information so he really lead this discussion for now….

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