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    Tana Hoy

    I was wondering if anyone in the Inner Circle has ever been abducted? If so, please share what happened. I would like to hear stories from people who think they have been abducted!


    Daniel Cossey

    I was working in a known energy field in the province of Ontario in Canada. I was a passenger in a work truck providing security so I had very few obligations that day. We have been visiting the energy field for weeks for a project to install wind turbines for electricity. At one point in the late evening I exited the truck to do some stretches, and I saw three red stars that were moving around in an odd formation. I stared at one of those stars that was moving around left to right. My work companions said it was time to go, so that’s when in my opinion we started to communicate telepathically with the stars. (Which isn’t new to me.) It might not even be telepathically. Just a language without words. I believe that I got their attention because I looked up at these ships/stars and I was able to relieve them of their pain which may have been emotional or physical.I could feel the pain dissolving. We drove around the energy field for about 10 hours and we had the radio turned on as well. I kind of told the radio jockey to play what ever he wanted to play, and it was such relaxing familiar music. I wouldn’t call it abduction because I gave this energy/alien my full consent. I told them how I got into this state of mind by running around in the energy field eating products from the earth. I also told them that I felt I got chosen by a bee and it stung the back of my neck and gave me some powers, the same going with the spiders. However the aliens fixed the problem with the spiders that were trying to take over with their mind.

    How do you recover from an experience like this? The after feeling is like you don’t want to move or do anything. Well I told my wife and she said it’s time to increase my medication. I said that these “chemical restraints” can’t hold me back. I seem to cause odd events to happen when I work an insane amount of hours. This is just some of the wild experiences that go on in my life.


    Leslie High

    I am currently, since Jan 1,2017, as far as I am aware. I suspected it was longer, there are signs that I put 2+2 together w the abductions. There are different sets/types of unknown ET’S that have been taking me. They erase my memory or use mind control or something. They just use technology, but the beings themselves are not capable of psychic powers, I don’t think. I can see the light imlant by their eye. Not all of them have the light’s. I Beleive, since I’m an intuitive empath physic, that must be the main reason for being abducted. It’s just thou year that my awareness level brought up my awareness n my 3rd eye opened. I do realize is lower level abilities. I do have body issues to work on as well as emotions. Waking up every morning w physically violated experience with pain times,w a lack of energy or just merely discomfort and can’t seem to shake the drugged feeling. Sometimes it takes all day to get back awake n energized. My abductors are either aliens from 4th Dimensional,or just using tech to not be seen, regardless they are dark entities. I see white ones that some look angelic but 2 types. One is being captured, the other is mixed w the dark ones. I HAVE OTHER invisible entities attached to my body.I felt an sexual incubus entities. I’ve felt hybrids inside me, some give me pain. When did in cube this was stimulating me sexually for a couple days then I felt it go in my hips pressure on both sides then into the hybrid. I woke up back in MARCH 2017, on the craft 2 times in one night. I was in the dark, a light appeared seem to be coming above me but could not locate the source. Was thinking what is happening and got a psychic communication saying that they were just trying to help. I saw a figure across the room from me. I don’t think that figure was speaking to me verbally as I was in shock. But the communication was “oh leslie baby, we love each other, let’s have sex” ,” I love you”, repeating a couple of times. He was my 2 yrs dead (physically appearing like he was on his Deathbed) old man friend, with outstretched arms coming at me quickly. I thought for a second, this is not a dream, deciding on what I should do. Still in shock, I felt I should just scream…”Noooooooooooooooooo!”. I turned my head slightly to look back. Blacking out until later. Upon awakening, I was face down and floating in the direction of I head forward. There was nothing below me. But it was like being transported in the hospital on gurnee. The walls in floor were extremely immaculate, the material was not of this world. It was the color of a light colored wood. it looked like it could it be changed. Again I turned my head slightly to look up and back again. Again I blacked out. It was 5:30 am (I looked at my phone), I was on my knees in bed, upright position awake. That was that, an the last time of that kind, was it. I don’t recall any other times. I takin lots of pics of them. Editing them to uncover their true form,they are always having a shocked look on their face. Everywhere is where they are in all different sizes shapes and colors and forms. They are all around us. They are on all of us and probably inside all of us. They are everywhere, total saturation.

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