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    Tana Hoy

    There are several ways a person can discover their life purpose. Wanting to know your life purpose is question that dwells in the core of every living soul

    When you were born, you were born a life purpose in this lifetime. There will be constant yearning in your soul as you reach adulthood to find out what that purpose is, and you will experience a yearning in your soul to go about fulfilling to for the rest of your life on earth.

    One of the best ways to discover your life purpose is to look at what are called your Akasic Records. Akashic Records are ethereal records that exist in the higher cosmos, and in these records is contained everything about you in this life, and all of your past lives.

    It is also recorded in your Akashic Records what exactly your life purpose is in this lifetime, and what you are here to fulfill while you’re living on the earth.

    Have you ever had your Akashic Records read? And if you have, what did you discover what is your life purpose?


    clare heasly

    I would love you to educate me in this area especially after my reading today and having 286 previous lives. How do you connect on this level? I’m guessing meditation however I’ve no understanding of this or a specific technique. I’d love to know what my life purpose it. I’ve done so much already in this life and even extremely successful in all my areas including being self employed for 20 years…and again I’m going into a new venture internationally. So what in particular can give you such clarity in this area?


    Jennifer Crowder

    Just me.. Jenn

    I’ve done a little research to see what I am, can one be telepathic, claroginzance, precognition, empathic, clairsentience, emotional & physical empathy? I have looked at each one of these and I can relate to all these. so what am I, im confused.
    much love, jenn


    Christo Peter

    Please help me to find my future job…
    Im a great fan of you..
    Help me

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