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    Are we able to go back and forth through time via astral projection? To observe not just the present, but also the past and perhaps the future?

    If our astral manifestations are connected to our visible being by the astral or silver cord, could this cord stretch beyond the limits of current events? If so, how would we be able to and how would we stay connected to our present selves?

    Alternatively, if this is not possible through direct means, what about in conjunction with other psychic abilities such as premonition or clairvoyance to do so?

    Below are a few quotes from Wingmaker Philosophy

    Who are the Wingmakers?
    “The Wingmakers seem to represent themselves as a future aspect of the human race from a time approximately 750 years in our future. They represent a version of humanity that has comprehension of the universal systems that govern existence, or at least the laws of time and space.”

    What do the Wingmakers have to do with temporal projection?
    The reason I mentioned them is due to the fact that time travel itself is possible, given the fact they really exist or not. There are very few people who even know of their existence at all. I could go into a whole other topic about them, however this is just covering if its possible to use astral temporal projection. Judging by this alone, that is a possibility but the quote only mentions its physical possibility.

    According to the Wingmakers, this may not be the case.

    “Wingmakers exist outside of time’s focus, while their human, extraterrestrial and angelic counterparts remain within, and, to various degrees, are bound by the principles of time. Our (me/you/us) uniqueness stems from our ability to operate independently of time while remaining human with all the physical and mental characteristics therein.”

    So does this mean that astral temporal projection is possible? Does this mean we can break the boundaries of time, not just through psychic interpretation but by actually being there? What do you think?

    If anyone does practice astral projection, please let me know if it actually is possible.

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