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    Here’s a random wild theory I came up with some time ago. I’m not saying I invented it but a few years ago, I came up with a weird idea of the manifestation(s) of creation. From the title you can already guess what it is. So here’s a little something to think about.

    For all I know, I could be talking gibberish. This may not be entirely factual but upon doing some research,, I found something I personally find interesting.

    What are the Trinity Forces?
    The ‘Trinity Forces’ are divided into three main powers; Astral, Elemental and Divine.

    With the presence of angels, elementals, spirits, projections, fairies and anything you could possibly imagine, I’ve kind of pinpointed three main possible origins of existence as a whole.

    At a basic level, everything we see, hear, do and are predominantly revolves around the physical universe. From a scientific standpoint, the physical universe is made up of many different elements, which by definition falls under this category.

    Now here’s where it gets interesting. Our next focus lies in the realm of Divinity. When you think of the divine you probably think of angels. Given their strong ties to religion, they have become a prominent figure in modern cultures. However with their relation to our last topic of the three, the Astral, for me its become a topic of debate. What is their origin? Are they from divinity or the astral? The same applies with spirit. What is its true origin? Astral, Divinity or both?
    Comment below on what you think.

    Mind, Body and Soul:
    The same applies to us as beings. I believe we have three manifestations. Firstly, we have a physical manifestation in the material world – our physical bodies. Next we have our astral manifestations in our soul spirits, and finally we have our divine manifestations in our higher consciousness. Our purity of light.

    However, between the astral and the divine aspects, what aspect is really behind our psychic and mental consciousness? At first I probably would have said that our minds and psychic influences come under the power of the Astral. I had a hard time trying to comprehend this and you’ll see why.

    If our psychic influence outward (our ability to tap into our psychic consciousness and use it to manifest abundance) and influences inward (influences that affect us FROM the psychic world/realm/plain) originate from the astral but our mental consciousness originate from our divine higher consciousness, where does it originate from.

    Or to better put it, from my point of view, our non manifested consciousness (our higher consciousness that cannot be visible) and our astral manifestation in spirit form (our psychic or spiritual manifestation). Does our astral form originate from our divine form manifesting itself with the same applying to psychic abilities?

    Still confused? In a nutshell, If our higher consciousness is our divine aspect and our spirit / soul manifestation is our astral manifestations which aspect does our psychic influence and ability originate? From the astral plain or our higher conscious mind or both. To clarify, I don’t mean how we are able to use it, I mean the abilities origin overall. The power itself only. Where does it come from? Is our consciousness a conduit or are we the power itself?

    If this is the case that we the source of our psychic power, our most powerful form must be consciousness incarnate (higher consciousness), meaning our divine beings are the over arching power and the astral plain is the conduit. This seems to be most likely the case as we learn through spiritual progression that our souls move to and from the physical and astral realms through multiple lifetimes.

    This gave me a headache thinking about it because I wasn’t sure if it was through the astral or divine aspect that governs our mental being as I originally considered our conscious being was of astral origin. It really does get confusing.

    There,, of course could be straight forward answer to this.

    Related Concepts:
    After doing some research, I found other concepts of the Trinity Principal. One being a religious idea of; father, son and holy spirit. See the similarity here?

    If I’m right in saying, the “father” represents the idea of divinity and our higher consciousness,,or perhaps even source itself. The “son” represents Jesus as god or gods son in physical form or alternatively, us as physical beings as a child consciousness of our higher selves. And the “holy spirit” represents our spirit manifestation.

    Now here’s the thing. The word “holy” means divine so this us where it gets confusing. If spirit is divine, it could throw the astral origin idea out the window, meaning our spirit manifestation is actually divine. The same could be said for our higher consciousness. Is it really if divine or astral nature? If it is of astral origin, then it might explain the connection to our psychic ability. However we still don’t know if we use the astral as a conduit to our psychic ability.

    We are all born with a psychic ability but they are usually referred to as “gifts”, so by definition they are “given” to us. But how did we get them? Higher consciousness or the astral? Even if we use them through our higher consciousness, this may not necessarily mean it is from there.

    What do you guys think?

    The link:
    Our connection of our consciousness physically and ethereally are through our “direct consciousness.” This is your current experience as you live through your life or lifetimes to and from the physical to the spiritual realms. We exist as a physical body and a spirit body or manifestation.

    What about time?
    Which category would time be under? This may seem unrelated but if all forms of space come under the forms of physical or astral existence, what could time be? Time essentially adds another dimension to the existing world. Not only do we have up, down, left and right, we have forwards and backwards.

    I believe time is more of a mental concept. However it can be argued that time is either manmade, an idea of the mind or actually exists as a whole. I’ve seen documentation that beings of higher consciousness do not use the concept of time as they have an unlimited amount of it.

    However saying this, certain psychic abilities such as premonitions allow you to see into the past and future. Most psychic abilities fall under the category of hindsight, insight and foresight. Another rule of three. This is with the exception of psionic powers like telekinesis.

    However, if we are able to see or go backwards and forwards through time, this may or may not support the idea of its actual existence. Its up to you what you think. Is it a concept or is it real?

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