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    Tana Hoy

    And Happy Psychic Birthday!

    I wanted to take a moment to personally welcome you to my Psychic Forum!

    Today is also your first Psychic Birthday! (I’ll explain what this means in a moment, but first read on…)

    Please read this entire welcome message, and then take a moment to fill out your profile, and then write a message to introduce yourself to everyone.

    This has been a dream of mine for a long time – to create a spiritual space, where cosmic Light Seekers like yourself, can meet and share freely with each other your ideas, experiences, questions, and insights.

    This is a spiritual space, where all are welcome, and all will be respected for their individual ideas, opinions, and beliefs.

    I hope you will become a Shining Light in my forum, and learn and share along with all of your other brothers and sisters here!

    Here Are The Guidelines And Suggestions For This Forum:

    – Please take a moment and fill out the “Member Introductions” so others can get to know you.

    – Please feel free to ask questions, create a post, post questions, and comment on other people’s posts.

    – Feel free to share your knowledge, and try to help other members find answers to their questions. We are all learning beings on the same path of light, so never feel shy to share your insights, opinions, or knowledge you have or know.

    – Remember, there are no wrong ideas! So feel free to share your insights. You don’t have to be an expert to share what you know or have learned about a particular topic. You are all here to grow and learn together. As you expand your soul, your spiritual knowledge, understanding, and spiritual insights will also expand too!

    – Please be respectful of others! This does not mean you cannot disagree on a topic or have different opinions, BUT remember, this Psychic Forum is a place of light, so please keep your posts and comments focused on the light. Any comments that come from darkness will be deleted, and not tolerated. This includes being disrespectful to other members, bullying, or spewing any darkness that is intended to harm, distress, or place others in a bad light.

    – Please post under the topics, and feel free to create your own topics too!

    Share, Share, Share!

    There is a section in the “member Area, below the “Psychic Forum” button called “Tell A Friend”. Please share my FREE Inner Circle with other people that you know would like to be a part of this very special community of Light Seekers! Sharing this with others, will help you to build Karmic Wealth by making LARGE deposits of Positive Karma into your Karmic Bank


    The more people that you help open the door for, regarding this knowledge in this life, the more Positive Karma you add to your Karmic Bank! The more Positive Karma you accumulate in the lifetime helps you to secure a better existence for yourself and your loved ones in your next life!

    Happy Birthday!…Today Is Your Psychic Birthday!

    I welcome all of you with respect, light, and love! I am so happy that you are reading this, because by reading this, you are beginning the first step on your path to awakening your soul to the unlimited possibilities in the Universe! Lucky you!

    Today is your Psychic Birthday, so mark this date down somewhere where you will remember it! Because as you already know, the knowledge learned here in my Inner Circle is not something the average person will ever learn about in their entire lifetime!

    So Happy Psychic Birthday! I wish you all the nest that today has to offer you!

    Sending you light, love, peace and eternal happiness,

    Tana Hoy



    Hi, I’m Marie and I’m especially interested in healing and crystals, but also other things Tana writes about. I’m looking forward to all the sharing about ideas and thoughts in this forum.


    Jennifer Fears

    Hello, my name is Jennifer and I am very interested in everything that Tana is willing to teach. I feel very honored to be part of the New Inner Circle and I am excited to see what new and wonderful things that Tana will be sharing with all of us..



    Hey, pretty cool!



    Greetings from Crete, Greece <3

    On the journey to enlightenment and evolution of self, Tana graciously provided me/us with yet another avenue to explore. Sincere Thanks!!!



    This is exciting, thanks Tana❤️



    Hello, my name is johnny. I don’t have interest in being a psychic but I’m drawn to those who have gifted abilities in this stuff. Glad I joined the inner circle


    Tana Hoy

    Thanks Jennifer, Anna, and Johnny! Please post questions under the topics you are interested in!! I appreciate any help in posting thought provoking questions that will inspire people to take part in this forum!!


    Angela Stutzman

    Hello light seekers! I am Angela and i wanted to first, wish Tana a very Happy Birthday! Secondly, I just wanted to say “The Place Looks Amazing” Bravo Tana!The website is genius, I am dueling.
    SO…. all you Inner Circle Members, let’s spread some light and make this forum juicy!!!


    Yaffa Zahara

    Hello Everyone ! I am Crystal and very excited about Tana’s inner circle ! It is always a privilege to listen from Tana and see what insights he shares ! It is also awesome to meet other light workers and learn from each other. Happy Psychic Birthday !


    Sunita Shinde

    Happy Psychic Birthday! I’m Sunita and I’ve been studying psychic healing, crystals, tarot, etc. for many years. I enjoy Tana’s teaching and look forward to his Inner Circle.



    hi, i’m christina.
    thank you tana for letting us join this inner circle. i’m excited about it. hope we can share and learn together in light,:-)
    bless and love,


    Tana Hoy

    I am so happy to see so many people introducing themselves:-)


    Lisbet Newton

    Hi. I’m Lis from Houston Texas. I have been attracted to metaphysics since I can remember. I am most interested in developing my skills and spreading light and a new perspective to others in need. I love being on this journey and weaving this quilt of life as I go along. Thank you Tana for a great forum – I really look forward to participating and meeting others with similar interests. Much love and blessings.
    Lis From Texas


    Masuma Pardiwala

    Hello Tana and a big hello to my Light Seeking soul family gathered here. I am Masuma. I love to learn, grow and expand my knowledge about all things spiritual. I really look forward to connecting with you all. Thanks Tana for creating this sacred space, where I can now ask all my questions, what a blessing! 🙂

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