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    Heather D

    Hello everyone!! I’m Heather. Thank you Tana for making this website. It looks awesome! I’m a fellow light seeker, and I’m interested in all areas of the psychic forum. I’ve had and continue to have many experiences, and I’m so excited to see what Tana has up his sleeve with what information he has to share with us. I’m so honored to be apart of this.


    Adrienne Goodeve

    Hello Everyone, Adrienne here from New Zealand. I love visiting your country – I work in the US each month. I love your people and it’s so cool to be part of this. Thank you Tana. A.


    Donald D

    Hello, I am Donald.
    I am very pleased to meet everyone, looking forward to learning from the group and sharing my knowledge with you all.
    Thanks Tana for bringing us all together.

    In light and Love


    Holly Helscher

    Hi, Everyone!
    I’m Holly from the United States. I’m excited to see how the community is growing. The horoscope for me on October 16 was spot on. I couldn’t read it until October 17, so it wasn’t as if I was made anything happen! It just did.



    Hi everyone, am Christelle. I am here to learn more about all those spiritual stuff, I was always curious about that. I really hope to get to know some of you.


    Andrea Sardina

    Hi Everyone! I am Andrea and I feel privileged and honored to be with fellow light seekers. Tana, you are so full of love and light. I absolutely love how you use your gifts to help others grow and shine their light a little brighter in this world.


    Nadia D

    Hi I am Nadia. I am a believer in all things metaphysically related. I am interested in expanding my knowledge as much as possible. I have so many questions that i hope will be answered thanks to this platform.


    kevin webb

    Hi my name is Kevin Webb and I joined this inner circle seeking answers to why I constantly burn people who touch my bare skin or if I seem extremely warm to others. I hope that y’all van stand my horrible grammar ,but I’m here to learn how to control it.



    Hi, I’m Jyri from Finland. I’ve been trying to learn some psychic abilities with very little success so far but i hope i will learn more in here. Happy to join and very exited.



    Hi everyone,

    I am Deborah and I am yearning for spiritual development. I was searching for deeper truth and came across Tana’s videos on Youtube. As I was listening to them I felt sincerity and decided to read more information that Tana posted. This is the reason I am here because I feel that there is much more to life than living. Tana I am interested in understanding my past live(s) because I will be better able to fulfill my destiny on earth.

    Question. How many times do we experience rebirth? Is there a limit? Sometimes I feel the presence of a cherished love one. I talk aloud to the passed loved one but I don’t hear anything. How can I hear what is being said?


    Joseph Wahlsmith

    Greetings from Columbus Ohio. My name is Joseph (Mr Butch) and my yearning for a deeper understanding of the universe led me to Mr Hoy. From the bottom of my soul, I believe in all things positive that can help me help myself, and others along my life path and journey. My first reading is today so it is appropriate to claim this day as my physic birthday. This reading is my physic birthday gift (lol) and I am very excited to learn more about myself from Tana’s insightful knowledge and experience. I am a center of expression for the primal will to good which eternally creates and sustains the universe. Love, blessings and peace to you all.


    Jennifer Crowder

    Just me.. Jenn

    I’m so excited to be here. I’ve always known I was something but not sure what. I’ve got faith and an open heart/mind/soul to learning what I am. knowing I’m not crazy is the biggest relief ever. I’ve been praying for guidance and found you.

    Thank you Tana Hoy for the great work you do, giving people hope, joy and peace of mind. that’s the best gift of all, peace!
    much love, Jenn


    Hi Everyone & Tana ,

    I am Tash. Thank you for the warm invite Tana and thank you for the reading you gave me last week as well. It was mind-blowing and self-discovering. I believe my angels and guides brought me here for some reason as well 🙂

    P.S. I love purple and purple loves me too.

    Lots of love,light and Happiness,
    Tash (From down-under)


    Johnna Cochran

    Hi every one! I’m from Columbus, OH and I am excited to be a part of this!I look forward to whats to come!


    Joshua Gonzales

    Hello everyone. I’m from Lubbock, TX and I’m very interested in growing and discovering all of the things that I can do. I started my journey in October 2014 when I realized I could experience the emotions of others who were miles away. I look forward to learning as much as I can from all of you and would be glad to give my imput if needed.

Viewing 15 posts - 16 through 30 (of 42 total)

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