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    Ram Gupta

    Hello everyone
    I am Ram from India.I love supernatural things.had feeling of leaving body twice.daily to be a part of u guys.



    Hello everyone,

    I am new here. I am very interesting to finding the real propose of life, love and soulmate. But still searching the right path. Sometime I can feel strong sense or feeling that something another side I can’t explain. I am glad to be a part of you all. Hope something we can or shear and joint together.


    mary ironbow

    Hello all you light workers thanks to the Creator and the angels for helping me find Tana’s site it feels so good to have others like myself to help me on my journey Love and Light to all


    Juneen Bowers

    My name… Juneen.
    I appreciate the acceptance into this group. All my life I’ve been drawn to the “supernatural”. Even as a little girl. I know some speaks to me… however, 8m always uncertain of the source. Uncanny, the voice is always, RIGHT!
    I want to learn how to listen and hear. Also where the voice is coming from.


    Connie Barnes

    Hello My name is Connie, like a dummy i havent logged in the inner circle since Tana has launched his sight…Anyway hope to learn alot from this group. Ive always felt a connection to something other than this world and its time to figure that out.


    Karen St Pierre

    Hi I’m Karen. I just found this site and it really peaked my interest. It’s hard to explain, it I’m trying to get to a Tim win my life I believe is meant to be but feel like there is a cloud over my head and so unbelievable stupid things to keep stalling the situation and am now at a point where it feels like it is impossible but there is another person I’m meant to be with. A psychic (actually more than one)said I was bewitched, or cursed by someone who was jealous person shortly after birth and after reading Tana’s site I believe I am nd I think the other person may be also. Has anyone felt this? I don’t like it and things I tell people to try for help don’t believe anything I say and it’s so difficult. I will fight just like I have for anything in life to get to where I am want to be and with whom. Any advice out there. Money is not available for a reading or I would and will when it changes.


    Gwyneth Wright

    Hey, my name is Gwyneth. last year on December 26, 2016 I was put on life support. I was told I nearly died from a drug overdose. Ive been through a lot in my life. Abuse, drugs, bullying, rape..just a lot. I always felt something was following me. Protecting me. Its December 20 2017 today..and I think I can talk to my angels or spirit guides. something. I’m looking for answers on who I am, and whats going on with me. I’m certain this site will help me in some way. so hi


    Farish Aqasha

    Hi everyone,I’m Farish.I’m interested in Third eye,spirituality,meditation and crystal.I hope you guys can help me to achieve victory! 🙂


    Alexander Akuffo

    Hi my name is Alexander and i am a spiritual healer. I have dwarves that i work with but i dont really know how to control or command them, i dont know what they eat either or what i can do to make them like me more. Is there anybody there who have more experience in dwarves?


    Alexander Akuffo

    Hi my name is Alexander and i am a spiritual healer. I am here to learn more about my abilities and how to control my dwarfs. If anyone with dwarfs experience should help me. Thank you


    Ingrid Contreras

    Hello Tana. I am excited to be part of this website. It looks that I am the first member who signed up in 2021, that makes me feel special. I consider a reading with you in the near future and will educate myself about what is provided by you on your website. I send you a smile.


    Brooke Stanley

    Hello Everyone, I am Brooke and I am a Reiki Practioner. I’ve always been drawn to Crystals Healing Energies and I’m looking forward to enhancing and strengthening my spiritual gifts. I’m also looking forward to connecting with like minded individuals to learn, grow, and build with! I’m forever grateful of this sacred space and I look forward to connecting with you all…
    Love & Light

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