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    Jennifer Crowder

    just me... jenn

    I’m so excited to be here. I’ve always known I was something but not sure what. I’ve got faith and an open heart/mind/soul to learning what I am. knowing I’m not crazy is the biggest relief ever. I’ve been praying for guidance and found you.

    a little about my story, I’ve always had thoughts pop into my head that seemed to work out to be true, say things unknowing to come to pass, know what/how ppl feel. I’ve been seeing numbers everywhere, I wake up 3 times a night. at 3:33, 4:44 and 5:55 then the other day my bill at the store was $7.77. what does this mean? I see gray/black shadow ppl in my backyard running from tree to tree, I hear a still voice whispering in the distance. I know things like an empathy but so much more.

    I’ve done a little research to see what I am, can one be telepathic, claroginzance, precognition, empathic, clairsentience, emotional & physical empath? I have looked at each one of these and I can relate to all these. so what am I, im confused.

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