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    What’s Your Astral Level?

    Recently I came up with an interesting idea. Its a concept of measurement to identify an individuals progress both psychically and spiritually – your ‘Astral Progression Level.’ The idea of this is to determine at what point someone might be as a developing psychic or their progress along their path of spirituality. Its purpose is dependant on how it can be used. This I will explain later.

    I’m probably not the first to come up with this but it can help accurately determine at what point in progression someone is and also bolster psychic ability.

    What is your Astral Progression Level? See below to see what level you may be at:

    Level 1 – Base Level:
    This level is the base level of all psychic abilities. This is where the majority of people will be at, especially those who are not yet spiritually connected and don’t understand much about their own psychic abilities or psychic abilities in general. Of course this does not mean they are not psychically attuned but it just means the person hasn’t yet discovered their gift(s) or not yet spiritually aware or inclined.

    Level 2 – Psychic Sensitive:
    Individuals at this level will show some signs of psychic impression but will be limited. This does not mean their abilities are limited, only they either have not fully yet developed are or aware of their capabilities or don’t really know which abilities they have.

    Level 3 – The Intuitive / Spiritual Awakening:
    Those at this level have confirmed one or more psychic abilities, however they may not have developed it fully yet. They are working towards achieving their full potential in this field. Alternatively, if they are not focusing on their abilities, they may be trying to develop spiritually as a whole.

    The reason I didn’t put Spiritual Awakening in Level 2 is because even though they may show strong sense of intuition or strong psychic impressions, they may not necessarily be spiritually aware to the same degree.

    Level 4 – The Developed Psychic / The Lightworker:
    Psychically, you are highly developed.
    Alternatively you are a highly spiritual good soul who wants to assist others along their spiritual path. As with the split between level 2 and level 3, your psychic development may differ from your spiritual development.

    Level 5 – The Enlightened / Ascended:
    At this point, an individual at this level has basically transcended the physical plain. They are enlightened. Its probably the highest level achievable in the physical plain but I don’t know.

    Originally, I planned to have 10 levels, the first five where development is predominantly within the physical plain and the rest being spiritual and astral entities. Level 10 being creation / source / God, whatever you might want to call it but honestly, this is where it gets tricky.

    At my best guess; level 6 would be Spirit guides and ascended masters. Level 7 would be angels, elementals and other astral beings. Level 8 would be Archangels and white light beings and level 9 would be very highly powerful beings beyond human comprehension, or what I’ll probably call the Omnipotents. I don’t know, that’s just me.

    I consider myself a sensitive as I believe I may have impressions in Claircognizance, clairsentience and/or a possibility of clairvoyant precognition/premonition however this is extremely rare for me. In my development I’m still trying to pinpoint which one or more I have.

    Of course you don’t even have to use this system. You can make up your own concept of this. If you like the idea but don’t like the order? Rename them, shift them around.

    It can be used for a variety of purposes depending on your uses for it. For example, those of you who are sensitive to strong vibrational energies, you could use this system to identify at what level or frequency its coming from. If you encounter someone who is a potential lightworker, has strong psychic potential or someone who is giving off strong energies of psychic ability or vibrational energy, this might be able to help you determine what level in their development they are at. If you’re a developing or developed psychic and you encounter a sensitive, you might be able to determine how they could progress and how best to help them.

    Upon writing and posting this, I was concerned given the idea this represents how the ego could respond to such an idea, which is why I stress so much that this isn’t a type of branding. This is not saying that any level is better at all or anyone who may be more psychically developed is more of a psychic or less of one than someone else. Everyone can reach the same level, it just depends where you are at that time. This is only a concept to aid in development, NOT a form of competition. At the end of the day its not something to be taken too seriously.

    I’d love to hear your feedback on this. Its probably not completely accurate but its a concept I came up with only about a week ago, and a concept is all this is. I am keeping this as an open template as if you wish to develop you’re own one, you may do so freely and easily. If this concept does become a popular tool for development, I may continue to develop this further. There are probably similar concepts out there so I’m not going to pretend this is an original idea though I haven’t seen any official ones out there as of yet.

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