Types Of Ghosts – by Tana Hoy

Did you know that there many different types of ghosts, spirits, and ethereal beings, that inhabit our world? To understand the different types of ghosts, it is important to understand the difference between each one, and also why they try to establish contact with you.

What is a Ghost?

A ghost refers to a person whose physical body has ceased to exist, but their soul has gotten stuck between this plane, and the spirit planes of existence. A ghost can manifest in many different forms such as apparitions, glowing forms, orbs, voices, fragrances, shadows, mists. Sometimes their presence can be sensed. Some ghosts can be found where there is a lot of human activity, while others prefer the peace and tranquillity of isolation.

types of ghosts


The Different Types of Ghosts

There are five main types of paranormal entities.

1. Residual Spirits

When a traumatic event occurs, its residual effects are imprinted on the environment around it. A residual spirit reacts to the psychic impressions left in the environment, and repeats the same event over and over again. For example, they can be seen walking the same path every night, or heard singing the same song every time they are encountered. A residual haunting can be described as playbacks of past events. like a continous loop in a tape recorder. Residual spirits are the most common to encounter.

2. Intelligent Spirits

These spirits are also referred to as earthbound spirits. these spirits have not moved on to the next realm, so they linger around here on earth. They are capable of interacting with human beings, and have stayed on our realm because they have unfinished business, or are unaware of the fact that they are dead. Intelligent spirits can also take the form of your spirit guides, and they will lead you along the path of your life. These types of spirit guides would usually be a loved who has passed, who is taking care of you from the other side.

3. Poltergeists

The word ‘poltergeist’ comes from the German word meaning ‘noise ghost’. A poltergeist is a mischievous, disruptive, and destructive entity. They can manipulate the environment around them by throwing things, moving furniture, making things levitate, or even hiding things.

4. Shadow People

As the name suggests, shadow people appear as shadowy human-like figures. They can appear to you in dark rooms, corridors, and alleys. They can are also seen watching you as you sleep. They are not harmful, but rather jusr curious beings.

Why Do Ghosts Stay Behind?

There are many reasons why a ghost hasn’t crossed over yet.

• They have unfinished business.
• They want to pass on a message.
• They may stay to provide you with guidance.
• They may not have come to terms with their death.
• They are afraid to cross over.

Are Ghosts Dangerous?

Ghosts are not to be feared. They are simply spirits left behind, who have not come to terms with their death, so therefore they have not moved on to the next realm. Or as I mentioned earleir, they have stayed on earth to guide you through life. Most ghosts are just curious, and want to establish contact with the world that they are familiar with.

Signs That A Ghost Is Near

Theae are signs which point to the presence of a spirit.

• A sudden drop in temperature, or a chill in the room.
• A feeling that you are not alone and you are being watched.
• Hearing sounds and incoherent voices.
• The hairs on the back of your neck stand up, and chills run down your spine.
• Light bulbs in your house seem to go out for no reason.
• Your pet seems unnerved and restless.
• Electrical appliances seems to go haywire, sometimes switching on and off by themselves.
• A strange, pungent odour fills the room.

Knowing the different types of ghosts helps you be able to identify the types of ghosts you are dealing with. Knowing how to distinguish the different types of ghosts will give you a deeper insight into the mysteries of the afterlife that awaits us all.

3 Responses

  1. roger says:

    You forgot one man I have this neighbor who has a house cat and every time this aloof cat sees me he dashes over to me and becomes alive and sometimes he even tries to run in the house if he gets a chance. I don’t what that cat’s fascination is with me or my house but he seems to love to bask in the energetic candy he seems to find there. Maybe its a portal of energies that heals the cat but he sure seems to think it the house of Lourdses.

  2. Candy says:

    Thank you for explaining all of this. The thought of ever seeing a spirit or ghost has always completely terrified me!! I don’t know why, but it’s always scared me. When I would pray I would always make sure to say please listen to me but whatever you do don’t show me yourself because I will freak out! I think that I’ve been heard and they completely respect that because they never have…. Yet, my gifts! Omg!!?!? There getting stronger Tana I have a lot to tell you when we talk it’s incredible!
    I have to tell you though, something amazing has been happening from September to NOW! I’ve been asking to see them more and more I still feel Paulco every single solitary night pacing, lol but I don’t ever see him.
    ? Tana, why don’t ghosts go to heaven when there’s so many people that are in heaven that can tell them how to get there? That’s the part that I don’t understand

    • Tana Hoy says:

      Hi Candy, because the people in Heaven exist on a Higher Realm than ghosts. It’s a denser vibrational realm where heaven is. People in “even” can’t cross realms to come down and help lost souls. Everyone who dies sees the white light, but it is up to them to walk towards it. Sometimes fear of whats on the other side of the whole light is what keeps ghosts earthbound. I hope that makes your question a little clearer.

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