Tana’s unusual abilities started young

Tana Hoy, the best psychic in America, was born with a very rare psychic gift. He not only has the ability to “hear” the voices of Spirit Guides, Guardian Angels, Ascended Masters, and loved ones on the other side, but he can also see them, and talk with them!

Ever since he was a little boy, his earliest memories are of talking and playing with his invisible friends. He later came to understand that these invisible friends were Guardian Angels, Spirit Guides, fairies, elves, and even his loved ones on the other side.

When Tana receives messages from Guides and Angels during a psychic reading, he describes it as follows, “Imagine me and you are talking, and your best friend is standing behind you. Your friend is telling me everything about you, your life, and your future, but you can’t see or hear your friend, only I can! Then I simply repeat back to you what I hear! What I experience is very similar to how Whoopi Goldberg talked to Patrick Swayze in the Movie Ghost.”

Tana’s Psychic Skills Made Him Famous

News clipping of Tana Hoy, best psychic in America

Tana first became famous when he predicted the tragic Oklahoma City bombing on national radio – 90 minutes before it happened! Ever since then, he’s been in great demand as the best psychic in America.

Radio Appearances

He has been featured on many radio stations including: The Wendy Williams Experience – New York City, WNCI – Columbus, OH, The Boxx – Houston TX, The Ryan Seacrest Show – Los Angeles, The Mancow Show – Chicago, IL, WCOL, Columbus OH, The Sam Sylk Show – Philadelphia, PA, Coco, Foolish, and Mr. Chase – Detroit, MI, and many others.

Listen as Tana turns a skeptic into a believer!
About Tana Hoy, best psychic in America

WJLB FM - Detroit, MI

Listen as Tana shocks a caller who hears more than she expected!
About Tana Hoy, best psychic in America

WRNB FM - Philadelphia, PA

Listen as Tana shocks this woman with the truth about her love life!
coco foolish radio program

WJLB FM - Detroit, MI

TV Features

Tana was also the recent star of Court TV’s “Psychic Detectives” where he helped police solve a double homicide murder.

Psychic Detectives

He has been featured on several talk shows, including The Jenny Jones Show!

Tana Hoy on Jeny Jones
Tana Hoy on Jeny Jones

Magazines Features

He has been featured in national magazines such as Entertainment Weekly, Marie Claire, Star Magazine, TV Novelas, Femme Fatale, Ambassador, Alive Magazine, Malibu Times, and several others!

Tana Hoy on Entertainment Weekly
Tana Hoy on Femme Fatale
Tana Hoy newspaper article
Tana Hoy celebrity newspaper article
Tana Hoy on newspaper article
Tana Hoy on newspaper & magazine articles

He was also featured on William Shatner’s Weird Or What show, and several times on ABC, CBS, NBC, and Fox news!

Tana Hoy With TV Show Host Jenny Jones

With TV Show Host Jenny Jones

Tana Hoy with James Redfield author of Celestine Prophecy

With author of Celestine Prophecy

Tana Hoy at the Red Carpet Boutique

At the Red Carpet Boutique

Tana Hoy on set with Wendy Williams

On set with Wendy Williams

Tana Hoy on the set of the Popularity Contest

Tana on the set of the Popularity Contest

Tana Hoy as seen on ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, Entertainment Weekly, Psychic Detectives

Tana Hoy as seen on ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, Entertainment Weekly, Psychic Detectives

The Story Begins

Twelve years before Tana was born, his Great-Aunt Lucille (also a gifted psychic) predicted his birth. She also predicted he would be born psychic!

She saw visions of “A boy who will be born with a rare and special psychic gift – he will be able to talk to the realms of the Angels and Spirit Guides. A true psychic medium he will be” she said, with an unwavering certainty.

Unfortunately, Tana’s Great-Aunt Lucille passed before his birth, but the accuracy of her prediction was uncanny!

Psychic Childhood

Tana as a young boy

Tana as a young boy

All of his life, Tana’s mother recognized that her son was psychic! So, starting at around 11 years old, Tana’s mother used to take him to Spiritualist Camps to attend séances, and to help him learn more about the psychic gifts he possessed.

One day, when he was around 12, a very old man, who was a highly developed Psychic Medium at the camp, approached him.

This gentleman, who will remain unnamed, told Tana’s mother that he saw “unusual abilities in this young boy” and asked for her permission to work with little Tana to help him develop his psychic ability. His mother was honored, and totally supportive of this highly respected man training her son.

This gentleman was so dedicated to training young Tana that he would often drive to their home several times a week, from over two hours away. At Tana’s house, the two of them would go to the basement, where he showed Tana things that If he hadn’t witness them with his own eyes, he would never have believed they were possible.

This gentleman had a home on the grounds of this camp, so Tana went to his home on the weekends to learn. His mother would attend church services at the camp, and spend time learning herself, while Tana’s mentor was teaching him how to develop his very special psychic gifts.

An Early Mentor – In Tana’s Words

“He used to tell me that I had been chosen by the Secret Council Of The Inner Circle, and that he was going to teach me about many things that the outside world didn’t know existed! He said that the reason was because one had to be chosen by the Secret Council in order to be taught these things. Then he told me that very few psychics in the world knew the knowledge I was going to learn.

He told me that one day I was to help the world with one of my greatest psychic abilities – the ability to see into the future with the help of Spirit Guides, Guardian Angels, Ascended Masters, and Loved Ones on the other side.

I was told I was never to speak of my training to anyone, because if in the wrong hands, it could be used for evil! He also told me that many of my gifts would be viewed as “magic tricks” because most people could never comprehend that such things were even possible!”

He also said that these teachings were so secret, that the psychics he personally knew didn’t know the about Secret Inner Circle existed, or even this side of his life!”

People who knew this man knew he was a highly gifted psychic, but they never saw the things I got to see him do!

He told me that if other people, even other psychics, were ever told about the things he taught me, they would never believe it anyway. He said that to people outside of the Secret Inner Circle it would sound crazy, and even impossible!

When I watched the Harry Potter movies, they made me remember all my years as a boy studying with my mentor.

He mentored me until the time of his passing, which happened when I was in my early twenties.

I feel it is important that people understand that this Inner Circle exists. And I can assure you that there is not one famous psychic out their today that has been mentored by a master from this Inner Circle, let alone even knowing this Inner Circle exists – unless they happen to be reading what you are reading right now.”

Tana’s 150 Different Spirit Helpers

To this day, Tana works with over 150 Spirit Guides, Guardian Angels, Ascended Masters, and Loved Ones on the other side. His main Spirit Guide is an Egyptian Ascended Master Guide named Macar. Tana also works closely with the Archangels Michael and Gabriel, his Chinese Master Teacher Sei Fu Jong, his Cherokee Indian Guide, Chief White Buffalo, and his Joy Guide Perky.

A 93% Accuracy Rate

Tana’s ability to receive information from the Spirit World is the reason that he has a 93% accuracy rate. What this means is that you can depend on the information you get during a reading with Tana. And since he receives all of his information from the highest sources of pure white light, it will always be extremely accurate, useful, and helpful! That is why he’s considered to be the best psychic in America.

What’s It Like Getting A Psychic Reading With Tana?

Tana's Psychic Workshops

Tana’s Psychic Workshops

Tana Hoy is a “spiritual vessel” that connects you to the higher worlds. So when Tana gives you a psychic reading, he goes into a trance, which allows him to connect with his highly evolved Spirit Friends! He then starts telling you what he is seeing, hearing, and being told about you, your life, and your future.

He also has the ability to read your Akashic Records. These ethereal records have recorded in them all of your thoughts, actions, and deeds from this life, and all of your past lifetimes! They hold the answers to anything you want to know, and they also hold the answers to what you can do, to manifest anything in your life that you desire!

During your reading, Tana can help you with anything you need guidance on – love, relationships, money, career, health, family, your life purpose, or whatever else you want to know. And the good news is, unlike most psychics, if he sees something you don’t like, he will show you how to turn it into the outcome you desire! Work with the best psychic in America and get a psychic reading today.

He has also been featured on major media outlets such as CNN, NBC, ABC, FOX, Wendy Williams, Entertainment Weekly, Star Magazine, TV & Novelas, along making over 600 radio appearances around the world!

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