Discover Everything You Need To Know About Your Guardian Angels

In this program, you are going to discover everything you will ever need to know about your Guardian Angels!

You are going to learn:

  • All about the 9 choirs of angels and what each one can do!
  • How to summon the help of each of the different choirs!
  • How to communicate with your angels!
  • How to create an Angel Wishing Scroll to make your wishes come true!
  • A Guardian Angel Meditation Mantra to help you feel there love!
  • PLUS, a whole lot more!

What You Will Get

You will get my book “Your Guardian Angels – Everything You Absolutely Need To Know” (this downloadable eBook is equivelant to 150 page book)

You will also get my Angel Workbook “How To Communicate With Your Angels”


After reading my Angel Book and completing my Angel Workbook, you will know more about communicate with, talking to, and working with your Guardian Angels, than most psychics!


This entire program is only $129   $99 for LOA Facebook members