Tana Hoy is a psychic medium who has the ability to see, hear, and communicate with loved ones on the other side. During a reading with Tana, he can reunite you with your departed loved ones. If you would like to be reunited with someone you love, once again, schedule a reading with Tana now!

Hearing from a loved one during Medium Readings brings immense feelings of comfort and joy, because the information that comes through, reaffirms and proves the continuity of life.

During your reading, Tana will be able to share with you information that only you or your loved one would know. This is your loved one’s way of validating that they are present during your reading with Tana.

Psychic medium readings can offer you numerous benefits. They can help to heal your grief, help you find closure, provide you clarity on questions you were never able to ask when they were here, and validate that your departed loved ones are still around you.

The Different Types Of Mediumship

Some psychic mediums hear the voices of a loved one on a conscious level, while others enter a trance and deliver messages while in an unconscious, or semi-conscious state.

Mediums who can hear the other side on a conscious level, are called mental mediums. Someone with this type of gift can also feel the presence of spirit clairsentient, in the form of cold spots, or even by feeling their caresses or touches.

They can also feel the emotions of your loved ones during your reading. Mental mediums relay their messages through their own voices, with full conscious awareness of the information they receive.

Trance mediums, in contrast, have the ability to allow their Spirit Guides to “host” their bodies and speak through them. As a result, these psychic mediums may speak in an altered tone or a different voice, while in a trance state.

Deep trance mediums may also produce physical phenomena such as ectoplasm, materialization, or music playing out of thin air during their readings. Famous trance mediums include Edgar Cayce and Jane Roberts. Tana Hoy has the ability of both Mental and Physical Mediumship.

Other Ways A Medium Can Help You

In addition to wanting to reunite with a lost loved one, people often consult a medium psychic when they experience phenomena inside their homes that may indicate the presence of a poltergeist or ghost. These signs include hearing footsteps or bangs in unoccupied rooms, seeing shadows or apparitions in corners, or smelling flowers, tobacco, cologne, perfume, or other scents, where no one has been. These signs indicate a spirit visitor.

A gifted medium like Tana Hoy can also communicate with poltergeists or ghosts that may be occupying your home. He can tell you who they are, why they are there, and what they want. In addition, Tana Hoy can help lessen any fear or anxiety you may be experiencing, by helping you deal with a spirit presence, or totally get rid of it.

Tana Hoy has been a professional psychic medium for over 19 years, and has helped over 90,000 people find clarity, answers, and closure. Tana is excited to help you with one of his medium readings. Call to find answers today!