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While living in New York, whether you’re searching online for an expert psychic & psychic center near me in New York, or you are living in any other territory of New York City area, Tana is here for you when you need him. Go down to explore why Tana Hoy is recognized as a renowned psychic and one real psychic who can make a difference.

Clients Review | Psychic Reading New York

Clients reviewed, Tana told them things that they never told to anyone, he directed to the true purpose of life, sadden story resulted in best outcomes of life

Thank you! For visiting Tana Hoy’s Psychic Reading New York. This is an accurate, trustworthy, result-oriented, and globally recognized psychic center offering consultancy and spiritual mentoring services by well renowned psychic Tana Hoy.

This psychic service is a psychic relationship consultancy, skilled spiritual clairvoyance, and clairaudience by an expert psychic Tana Hoy.

Your reading will provide guidence and direction regarding your past, present, and future with 93% accuracy. It will help in matters of love, career, marriage, health, relationship, family, and finance. 

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Psychic childhood

When he was eleven years old, identifying his psychic talent his mother took him to the spiritualist camps where he could learn more about the psychic ability that he possessed.

A very old and experienced psychic medium who recognized Tana hoy having unusual abilities He asked permission from Tana’s mother to work with the young boy in enhancing his psychic talent.

He often came to Tana’s house and started training him. Both went to the basement where he showed the things about which Tana did not know it before. He proved to be the best mentor for Tana in developing special psychic gifts.

Tana Hoy is America’s famous psychic, and spiritual mentor who has 25 years of psychic experience. He is the best of the best psychic, offering services at the best psychic center.

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He is awarded in providing spiritual consultancy as

  • Worldwide Association of Psychics Award (Best of the best psychics)
  • The Prestigious Oliver Smith People’s Choice Award (Best psychic in the world)
  • Hammond Hilton Award (Best psychic in America)

Expert Psychic Reading New York by Tana Hoy is at your service – When you need it most!

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Who is New York Psychic Tana Hoy?

Tana Hoy New York Psychic: Tana Hoy is a metaphysical coach who peeps into deeply the mental and psychic perspective of the problems of the people and provides the best solution to them.

People may be lost, stuck, and confused and may have the question about their life, soul’s purpose, or may ask about career, health, and health. They are on the right platform which is best in serving the people.

Tana Hoy, a psychic reader who was born with a special and unique psychic gift. 

Twelve years before his birth, his aunt Lucille predicted his birth and forecasted that he would be a psychic.

Tana Hoy is clairvoyant and clairaudient. From his childhood, he used to talk and play with invisible friends, and on growing young, he came to know about them as Spirit Guides, Guardian Angles, Ascending Masters, and on the other hand, the loved ones.

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Tana Hoy can hear the voices of the spirits and communicate with them also. He receives messages from Guides and Angels during a psychic reading. Now Tana has 150 Guardian Angels, Spirit Guides, and Ascending Masters and on the other side, the loved ones.

His main Spirit Guide is Egyptian Ascended Master Guide named Macar. He also works Archangels Michael and Gabriel, his Chinese Master Teacher Sei Fu Jong, his Cherokee Indian Guide, is Chief White Buffalo, and his Joy Guide Perky

For Real Problems Matter to You | A real psychic | Best Psychic Center in New York
While sharing your matters of secret concern with Tana Hoy you will find him lively, vigorous, highly capable to bring ease and comfort in your life.

Mr. Tana’s World Wide Clients:

  • Clients are famous faces including
  • Political agents
  • Psychologists,
  • Medical Practitioners
  • Members of Bar
  • General Public
  • Military & intelligence personnel

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Tana’s Recognition as an Expert Psychic

Tana Hoy got popularity when on national radio, he gave a prediction about the tragic Oklahoma City bombing, 90 minutes before it actually occurred! Ever since then, he is most demanding.

Radio Appearances, TV Features & Magazines


Tana has been appeared on many radio stations comprising: The Boxx – Houston TX, WNCI – Columbus, The Wendy Williams Experience – New York City, OH, The Ryan Seacrest Show Los Angeles, IL, The Sam Sylk Show Philadelphia, PA, Coco, Foolish, and Mr. Chase Detroit, MI, Columbus OH, The Mancow Show Chicago, WCOL, and many various others
Tana was also appearing in Court TV’s “Psychic Detectives” where he assisted police in solving a double homicide murder.
He has been the part in national magazines such as TV Novelas, Femme Fatale, Entertainment Weekly, Star Magazine, Ambassador, Alive Magazine, Malibu Times, Marie Claire, and several others!