How To Invite Real Fairies To Live In Your Yard – by Tana Hoy

Would you like to turn your home into kind of enchanted kingdom? You can make it into a place that real fairies would want to live in by decorating your yard with plants and objects that spiritual beings are drawn to! Chances are, they won't be able to resist visiting – and even moving in.

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Real Fairies

What Things Are Real Fairies Attracted To?

Individual spirits have their own unique preferences, in the same way that people have distinct tastes, but here are some of the things that different magical beings like. If you want to invite” them to come over, then try any of the following:

• Flower fairies, as their name indicates, love flowers or all kinds, but they are attracted to blossoms with petals that resemble the color and design of their wings. So fill your garden with lots of flowers of different colors! A fairy may also select a flowering plant that produces the nectar it particularly likes ,or the scent that it enjoys. You may consider planting bluebells, lilacs, primroses, poppies, sunflowers, daisies, and more.

• Water sprites can't resist fountains. Even small portable ones placed in your veranda are very inviting for these playful fairies. Although they like the sound and feel of moving water, they also enjoy ponds and bird baths too! They not only love water, they also like to play with birds, butterflies, and dragonflies.

• Most spiritual beings love birds, so it's best to put bird houses and bird feeders in your garden or yard. Squirrel feeders are an added touch.

• Rocks are appealing to gnomes, especially when there are gaps and cracks where they can play and hide. You may want to set aside a portion of your yard for a rock garden. Or you can use boulders as accents for your landscape.

• Different kinds of cactus plants and succulents are attractive to some water fairies because they help the plants absorb lots of water. These types of water fairies are quite protective.

• Dryads are drawn to trees of all kinds, but trees that develop big trunks and huge limbs are the best. If you have an oak or willow in your yard, then chances are there are already dryads living there!

• Wood sprites like to live where there are lots of old trees, but you can entice them by having dense foliage from woody plants, shrubs, and herbs like lavender, and daphne.

• Pixies adore little houses, especially ones that have "human things" in them, like little chairs and tables, tiny beds, and the like.

• Wind chimes produce charming sounds, and wind nature spirits love to play music with them.

There are many other landscape items and plants that you can add, but don't forget to also lay some ground cover like moss, grass, clover, or periwinkle (vinca). Fruit trees of all kinds are also enticing for magical beings, as are ferns and orchids.

They Can Sense Your Energy - A Friendly Reminder

Remember, however, that these supernatural beings can sense your energy. This means that they can sense it if you treat gardening as a boring ordeal, or if you're redecorating your landscape just to trick them into coming. They will know this because you leave imprints of your energy where you work.

The way that you can really entice the these beautiful beings to come is if you show a real love for nature, and you care for each plant that you tend. So don't rush and force yourself to redo you garden in one weekend!

Find enjoyment in cultivating the plants in your yard, and try to get to know each flowering plant, each bush, and each tree individually. By genuinely taking pleasure in nature, magical beings will soon come and turn your garden into a truly enchanted little kingdom.

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