Karen St Pierre

Hi I’m Karen. I just found this site and it really peaked my interest. It’s hard to explain, it I’m trying to get to a Tim win my life I believe is meant to be but feel like there is a cloud over my head and so unbelievable stupid things to keep stalling the situation and am now at a point where it feels like it is impossible but there is another person I’m meant to be with. A psychic (actually more than one)said I was bewitched, or cursed by someone who was jealous person shortly after birth and after reading Tana’s site I believe I am nd I think the other person may be also. Has anyone felt this? I don’t like it and things I tell people to try for help don’t believe anything I say and it’s so difficult. I will fight just like I have for anything in life to get to where I am want to be and with whom. Any advice out there. Money is not available for a reading or I would and will when it changes.