I wish i knew his/her/it’s name, someones been talking to me few dozen times, i don’t know if it’s guide or what. One time he showed me numbers in middle of the night, anyway i didn’t take it very seriously so i didn’t write the numbers down. Next morning i told my wife that weird thing happened at night and i still remembered 4 of the numbers, well we thought lets try to put them in lottery ticket (here we have 7 numbers in lottery). So we did and all the 4 numbers were correct, i just thought that too bad i didn’t write them down. 🙂 Other thing which i remember just this Monday, this voice told me that “you should take flashlight when you go to school its dark”, well, i went to school and half of our side of the school complex was dark due to some sort of electrical failure. I’ve tried asking it’s name, typing it on paper and whatnot, still haven’t got answer. Any advise would be appreciated cos i would really like to spent more time with my friend and i don’t know how to call him, he just time to time tells me things. Sorry bout little off topic, just wanted to share.