Precognition – 4 Tips To Develop It

Precognition, also known as second sight,allows your mind to glimpse information that is likely to occur in the future. Fully understanding precognition, and utilising it’s power will open your awareness to a whole new world out there!


Precognition - Seeing Into The Future?

Second sight is the ability to gain psychic awareness of a future eevnt through extra sensory perception (ESP). It is your mind’s paranormal ability to perceive events, situations, occurrences, or thoughts, prior to their happening.

It can be described as picking up information using your “sixth sense”, and these psychic visions are seen in your mind’s eye, rather than with your physical eyes.

This psychic power manifests in several ways; through dreams, symbols, hunches, flashes, intuition, or gut feelings. To fully utilize your precognitive abilities, you must be able to recognize it’s signs.

Types of Precognitive Abilities

There are several types of precognitive abilities such as:

Astrological Divination /Stargazing: - Allows you to predict the future by observing stars or celestial bodies.
Accelerated Probability- Predicting the outcome of events.
Abacomancy - The ability to view the future in smoke, sand, or dust.
Danger Intuition - The ability to see into the future when immediate danger is present.
Flash Precognition - This occurs as flashes of information and is described as the power to see things either seconds or minutes before they happen.
Precognitive Dreaming - This allows you to see the future in your dreams. These dreams are either symbolic, direct, or occur from the perspective of another person.
Precognitive Artistry - Painting, sketching, or drawing the future. These visions are seen in your mind’s eye while you are in a subconscious state of mind.
Premonition / Presentiment - Predicting information about the future that ny using your intuitive senses, emotions, or feelings.

How To Heighten Your Precognitive Abilities

Psychic abilities exist within each person a subconscious level. Everyone can learn to awaken and use them to benefit their life. Below are some things you can do to start becoming more aware of your sixth sense!

1. Be Receptive - There are many signs that your subconscious mind will send you that point towards precognition. Be receptive to them. They may come to you in the form of symbols, thoughts, feelings, or physical sensations.
beocme aware of your impulses and intuition.

2. Keep a Dream Journal - Recording your dreams will help you document and analyse patterns of events.

3. Practice Remaining Calm - When you have a calm, serene demeanour, you are more receptive to the emotional states of the people around you. So try to eliminate your stress, because stress makes it difficult for you to recognize your psychic signals.

4. Live in the Moment - Constant obsession about future or past events can make you oblivious to the psychic signs of things that are to come! Embracing the here and the now will help you to become receptive to the wealth of information your psychic mind will bestow upon you.

Did You Know?

When Sir Winston Churchill would travel in his car. He always sat on his favourite side, but one day he changed sides becauses he reported having a gut feeling to do that. Later that day, as he was being driven, a bomb exploded. Tbhis caused the car to rise up on two of its side wheels, but because of where he was sitting, Churchill's weight balanced it out, and the car did not overturn. If Winston Churchill had not paid attention to his ‘gut feeling’ that day, he probably would have been killed.

Abraham Lincoln had a dream about a funeral at the White House. Two weeks before he was assassinated in 1865, he told his wife that in the dream, he asked someone who was in the casket, and they replied, "the president of the United States". Neither he nor his wife took this dream to mean anything; which might explain why on the night of the assassination they gave his bodyguard the night off.

If you would like to find answers to your questions, I can help you find them during a psychic reading.

Learn to start paying attention to the compelling signs, symbols, and signals, that you may sense, because it is more than likely that the power of your precognition is trying to communicate with you.

Precognition may manifest itself to you in what may seem like jumbled pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. but by having this awareness, you can can learn to put the pieces together, and reveal the mystery within their meanings.

77 Responses

  1. Angie says:

    Wow how amazing

  2. Greg says:


  3. Debra Ann James says:

    Your article sounds very interesting.sometimes, i would get dreams of the future;when they come to pass;I would always experience deja vu!I wold love help in strengthing my pregcognitive skills in this area;to become much more intuititive

  4. Arun says:

    I was working in a big executive place, I went through 4 managers as they kept switching my team, the day I started I kept dreaming I would be fired, I ignored it. I continued as normal as soon as I sat down in my new team I had da ja vu from the dream but still ignored it, my manager kept getting very close to me and trying to get me to meet him, he was very friendly I saw him as a friend from work, but kept getting these terrible vibes from him so I didnt . He had me fired shortly after and then spread rumours about me, I saw this coming but didn’t accept this… How do I strengthen my precognitive state of mind to stop me from becoming a victim again

  5. jody says:

    as a child i had dreams of my brother being hit by a vehicle while walking down the sidewalk, i would tell him this and my mother always got mad at me. i would tell her it was true just wait … i made my brother walk on peoples lawns if we were together. in 1996 my brother started calling the family stating he loved us, and to take care, on his last phone call he was on a pay phone when he walked away a truck jumped the curb and killed him while walking on the side walk. he knew just as i did that it was his time. ive seen many things happen that ive said would.

    • Tana Hoy says:

      Hi Jody,

      It seems you are very psychic and have the gift of clairvoyance. I’m so sorry to hear about your brother. But he is around you, and he is in peace.

  6. Julia says:

    12 years ago my brother passed away. Two weeks before his funeral I had a dream about the entire event. I would randomly switch bodies with people who where there and finally when I tried to reach the casket to see who was in it a younger version of myself stopped me and said I wasn’t ready to see who it was. In the same dream my aunt was in the same wedding dress she would wear two years later. On the day my brother died I had another dream about him. He was in a large garden tub being pulled underwater by something. I tried to pull him up but he told me to stop and let go that he was going to be ok and he loved me. He died that morning from the cancer in his body and had asphyxiated on fluids. My most recent was in 2012 my mother came to me and told me I would get pregnant in July and give birth to a baby girl the following April. I gave birth to my daughter early April this year. What do I do to strengthen my ability?

    • Tana Hoy says:

      What beautiful experiences to have. The best way to develop them further is to find a good mentor! If you want to learn about my one-on-one Psychic development Certification Course, please let me know and I will get you the information,

  7. Alun says:

    Throughout my whole life I have had precognitive dreams, the most vivid one, I dreamed my best friends funeral, I walked up to his casket, and saw him wearing a black shit with a red shirt and blue tie, and in his coffin, it was filled with medication tablets, then around two weeks later I had found out he had overdosed to comit suicide, then at his funeral, the surrounding room was exactly the same, and his suit was black, with a red shirt and blue tie, but without the medication in the coffin, and whenever my dreams come true I get a very intense head ache. Is there any way I can learn to control this skill? So far all I’ve noticed is they happen when the moon: can’t be seen, is half full, or is full.

    • Tana Hoy says:

      Learning to control it takes some time and guidance. I would recommend a reading so I can tune in and tell you exactly what you should do based on your unique energy vibrations. It does seem you are more open when the moon is as you described it. If you’d like a reading, you can schedule it on my website. Thanks so much for the comment and for sharing that with me. 🙂

  8. Travis says:

    I see things at times 5 seconds right before they happen
    And I can tell wat is next usually after 5 second ls passin by
    And I’m always made fun of at school for this,Kids call me names
    Wizard and staff

  9. Ks10 says:

    This happens to me alot. I really believe that i may have this kind of ability but i just don’t know how to use it or its probably not fully developed. There were a lot of instances that i am just blanky staring at something or someone for no actual reason then after a few minutes my mind starts creating events as if i am creating the next thing to happen to that specific thing or person that im looking at. Then the next thing i know is just after i produced that thought in my mind i am actually witnessing the exact situation i created in my mind, watching it happen i real life. And all of it occurs in just a span of 5-7 mins. Probably more. But what’s weird is. It happens alot and it always have the exact pattern, i stare, i imagine, then i watch it happening.

    • Tana Hoy says:

      Keep working on it and paying attention to your visions. Over time they will get stronger and stronger. Thanks for sharing that with me 🙂

  10. Meynard says:

    I have a 3 types of precognitive abilities, [1] Precognitive Dreaming, [2] Danger Intuition, and [3] Flash Precognition. But those prediction don’t have nothing to do with me, those predictions are for other people, I can see what will happen to them but i don’t give a heads-up because i don’t believe that will happen yet it happened to them. Those future events come to me unexpectedly, i can’t control or predict on my own on what will happen. Another unexplained sense i have is I can sense a beautiful or hot girl is near or coming, i know you will find this funny or even not believable but i tell you, it’s real.

    • Tana Hoy says:

      I believe you! Keep paying attention to your psychic feelings. Sounds like you are starting to develop yours 🙂

  11. Rob says:

    Im getting more and more aware of my flash precognition ability. I’m a very level-headed, quite boring individual working in financial services, so for me this is quite unsettling. I’m skeptical of anything not empirically provable, so these recent events phenomena are shaking my belief system to the core. It usually involves an image or even just a phrase that will come into my thoughts. This could be a name, a vehicle type or even a completely random question at a pub quiz evening, quite often a number. It plays out within 2-5 mins of the precognition. I must utter the vision verbally to myself quitely. This is how things transpire.

  12. Will says:

    My hockey team went into overtime in a playoff game. seemingly from no where I suddenly knew my friend, also Will, would score game winner. I told him so because the feeling was strong. He did score game winner a few minutes later! After that I pay more attention to precognition and practice. Very interesting.

  13. Mary says:

    Not that long ago, when I was doing some work, I looked at my watch to see what time it was, and in my head, the numbers 10,15, and 20 flashed up. It was friday, and my mom told me she would pick me and my brother up early. I got called to leave the school at 1:10, I got to the lobby and day on a bench to wait for my mom at 1:15, and we arrived at my brothers school at 1:20. It was so wierd. I know I need to learn to control this, but I’m still unsure about what else I might be able to do. And what I can do to control this ability. Anyone have any ideas?

  14. John Taiklyre says:

    So, I’ve been reading your article about precognition and it was really interesting. The thing is, I know I have a special gift deep down somewhere and I get a lot of Deja’s vus. There were even a few moments in my life where I was drowning and I could see my self in 3rd person. I don’t know how to explain it but it’s as if I was a camera and could see myself in perfect HD. Now I really want to learn how to control these thing and please if you have any tips on how to develop precognition, let me know.

  15. Arnab says:

    Hi….Thanks for this post…
    I knew there is something in me…and now I’m sure about it…
    7 or 9 months ago…
    I was hanging out with friends on the play ground….
    I saw a Plane is flying on the sky…suddenly I feel scared… I wathed the plane agin and my brain was telling me something will be wrong….negetive… bad thing…I shared that feeling with my friends… but they just Lough and not believed me…..
    but next day same time we got earthquake…

    Sometimes I blame myself for that…
    I was not happy with this kind of power…I asked myself that if I can not change what will happen in verry soon then why I got that kind of power….

    aftar few days I started to ignore all these fellings and observations…..

    and now I have lost it…..

    Now I am normal….I have more incidents to share….I will post it soon…

  16. Damian says:

    I can help others understand their life’s paths but have a hard time understanding my own.
    I’ve also been doing automatic writing but sometimes the higher self will be vague about the answers it gives, or tells me it can’t give me the answer and that it’s up for me to find out. This has been frustrating to me and although my Wife is very highly intuitive she draws a blank as of our current situations. I could really use your insight, please.
    Blessed Be

  17. JC says:

    this article is extremely useful, personally, I have had some experiences with psychic abilities, it’s always been taught in my family to trust your gut, your intuition, and in doing so I have found myself avoiding dangerous situations just in time, like how one time I was walking down the road when I got this feeling that I should go to the other side, and when I got to the other side of the road a car went flying down the road, going so fast that they hit some ice and spun onto the sidewalk, if I hadn’t moved the car would have rammed right into me, but being on the opposite side of the road I was out of the cars path, or many times when I would just feel the need to be somewhere else, only to find out later that something that would have put me in direct danger happened just after I had left the building, any advice you could give on expanding this ability, or whatever it is, would be extremely helpful

    • Tana Hoy says:

      Thank you JC. Please check the other articles on my blog for more info on this, and I also offer one-on-one private mentoring with a select few people. You can contact my office for more information about this and what it entails.

  18. Talia says:

    ” sometimes the higher self will be vague about the answers it gives”

    I feel it is much like google, you have to know what to ask. That is hard.

  19. F.K says:

    So I have dreams of the future but I can only remember them just before it happens, and there usualy random like grabbing a piece of pizza. Can I develop these skills , and if so how? And is it possible for me to remember them?

  20. Jeremy Ortiz says:

    So I’ve seen your site and few times now and I wanted to figure out how to control what I have. So I’ve been having these flash visions seconds before they happen sometimes even minutes before they happen and it’s usually something random that doesn’t have anything bad or intense like someone handing me paper. Some flashes would be more vivid and informative and others not so much, like this one time I was in my math class and a friend of mine raised his hand to speak to the teacher and as soon as he did I had a flash and as soon as he spoke I spoke as well. Like I said exactly what he said as he said even when he stopped speaking to the teacher and started questioning me. And when I was younger I had a dream about school and stuff and the next day I realized I had a dream of my entire day. I would really like some help on what it is that I have and how I can perfect it or control it. Thank you.

  21. Tass says:

    Please next time if these kind of dreams come to you , never tell someone before you set a pray and ask God to protect them. May the Divine blessings ,protection and grace always be with us

  22. shaban says:

    three years ago i had a dream where i i traveled through time and witnessed massive riots in the streets of nyc in the year 2023, these riots however looked more like a standoff between the people and police who were in formation in front of a makeshift checkpoint on 8th ave and 31 st, they were in full riot and military gear and stated over a loud speaker that martial law has been declared if you do not disperse we will use lethal force. now with current events and the election of trump into office it feels more and more like i really did catch a glimpse into the future

  23. Jodi says:

    OK so I have many questions about things I just don’t know about. I have always dealt with deja vu moments. I have had the most vivid dreams and memories of my life as an infant. I see things that happen as though I’m there in the now. I have stated things aloud that should or could happen and they have. As a child and teen I would have random numbers swarm my head for hours and even days..I would search to see some significance but to no avail. I have dreams that re occurs and haunt me about “end” days and crazy enough in many dreams I am in someone else’s body..including people from a different time. I get scared a lot from the confusion but have no one to talk to..are these possible signs?

  24. johny cage says:

    hello everybody my name is johny and I wondering how i could inhance my prcognetive gifts

  25. Ellie Smith says:

    Hi, I’m ellie, I always feel that I’m different to other people I dont know why till I discovered myself that i have this kind of ability to suddenly see something that will happen on my mind it could be good or bad. The worst thing is having a vision of my father on how he will die I was so scared that time i even knock on woods believing that it will not happen but i was wrong. It just happened hours after my vision. And can also vision other people present or past life when i looked them directly in their eyes.

  26. Ed says:

    When I first started hanging out with my fiance 14 years ago, we were on the beach. It was so nice outside that we both fell asleep for about 20 mins or so. We both woke up at the same time. she was very anxious and told me that she had a dream that we were going to blow a tire and hop a curb and go into a lake. I said “wow that’s some dream”. And we continued to discuss the dream on the way back to the car. As we were driving home less than a mile down the road there is a sharp curve, just as we were coming out of the corner we heard and felt a loud pop and suddenly the car jerked to the right, she drove right over the curb and I yelled brake brake as I helped her turned the wheel to the left. We stopped about 10 from the water in a nearby pond or lake. She had blown out her right tire, lost control. The tire was shredded. I couldn’t believe it, it was exactly as she had said. It gave me the creeps, and to tell you the truth, I don’t know how to explain this. I guess I should be lucky we haven’t had anymore since. But if she does I’ll be sure to listen when she tells me something like that.

  27. austin says:

    i have flash precognition and precognition dreaming

  28. austin says:

    is precognition genectic

  29. Brianna says:

    Hi tana, I need more info because each time i have a dejavu *srry dont know how to spell it* I have them when I’m daydreaming or sleeping and every time I wake up or stop daydreaming I can never remember that I had a sight and I never remember what the thing is until the thing that I saw happens. So I wanna know how I can remember them because as soon as I wake up I forget them.

  30. Patrik says:

    I also experience the samething 2 years ago. Maybe it was precognition dreaming, when i have a dream i always remeber it when i see or feel it again, but on my dream i can only see flashes of future i can’t see the whole picture, it can last for seconds, sometimes i can’t even remeber it all i know is it’s going to happen.

  31. Shudhril says:

    Yes me nd my girlfriend feel the same.. we have felt precognition so many times .. like we saw those moments in dream. And then it happens in real life at some point some scenes from any of that dream comes true..

  32. Izzy says:

    i am young, in my teens, and in the past year i have noticed that i have become slightly precognitive. Ill be watching a movie or talking to friends and a random number or word will come into my head and moments later the word or number will be said in a way i couldnt have guessed. Its nothing amazing or life changing but it happens very often. Sometimes i might say something like “how funny would it be if Lily fell over” and then it will happen. However if i every try to guess things i cant. This happens non-stop

  33. roseelizabeth says:

    i saw people when they will die and how i lost 4family members my cousin committed suicide this year i lost a friend i knew about his death and i pleaded but it was in vain now an seeing one family member going and a neighbour what should i do to protect them

  34. mohammed says:

    My dreams do come true and sometimes I do see things like a vision, I aalso do feel the presence of bad spirit when ever am asleep.

  35. D.B. says:

    I also have dreams that come true.
    Such as I asked a girl out in school
    In my dream.
    2 weeks later I did the exact same thing in waking life.
    Every little detail was the same.
    She started talking to me & I could finish her sentences.

  36. Tanishqa Raje says:

    Very useful information
    Since from my childhood at many times I have a strong gut feeling
    Many times I feel that things have occurred earlier but the fact is they are happening for d first time
    I was having a brain maping test in which they give us d result of our brain (it’s a sort of career guidance ) my counsellor then told me that u have a very strong gut feeling
    I was shocked . Because i was knowing the counsellor for just 2 days and how could he know that
    My parents still don’t believe m gut but I do believe bcoz such things are happening with me .

  37. John Smith says:

    I know I am put on this earth to be/do something special. I just can’t quite figure it out/don’t know yet.

    I think I may be the second coming or a messiah of some kind.

    At present my wish is that this gift manifests itself in the ability to be lucky/fortunate in money terms as it manifested itself in my late teen when I was able to win tens of thousands of pounds gambling on roulette.

    From young I have felt very different, special, I have been able to read energies and understand things without them being explained just like another sense almost. I developed empathy from a very young age also.

    I also have vivid dreams, however at present I have not honed in on what they may mean or been able to have a dream of any great significance, but sometimes they wake me up and I feel sad or happy or something etc.

    I once had a dream that I had literally just died and I was on the phone shouting and screaming to somebody/it/some kind of consciousness to put me back into my body whilst my family were standing around my body crying. My friend once had sleep paralysis and saw me hanging from the ceiling (spooky).

  38. Brian says:

    My wife has always had a strong intuition, however recently she has been experiencing what many of you are.
    This is really messing with her head as she is seening many events spot on before they happen and describing them to me in great detail.
    Because of this she seems to be depressed as she can not turn it off. I was wondering if anyone else goes through the depressed state while trying to understand what the heck is going on, and if there is a way to channel it so it don’t consume her.
    I am actually scared for her

    Thanks for listening !!

  39. I found this article very interesting especially meaning the effects of dreaming which I have nauseous occurrences about my dad who passed 20 years ago

  40. devi says:

    I had a dreams that some my relative’s death, and they died in the same year.
    not only just deaths, I dreaming about the past events too,after that I,discussing about that dreams, I came to know that they are happened too.

  41. Nestor says:

    I’ve been having precognitive dreams since being a kid. I dreamed that my aunt came to my home to give us news that she was pregnant. Week later that deja happened. I mostly dream of big tragedies that go around the world. They happen within the next day if not later. My lady and my mother are afraid of my dreams because they are witness. I was able to dream of the hurricane Irma EVACUATION two days prior and texted my lady that. Earthquakes and others. Now I’m here on this website trying to learn about the abilities. I believe I have premonition ,danger intuition, flash ,along with dreaming precognitions. As soon as I read that I’m not going crazy and precognition does exist, I feel so much better. Thank you

  42. Nestor says:

    I went through the same thing with my lady. It might be premonition if not picture yourself dreaming of tragedies and being confused. Yes it’s very tough because of it. If it scares you it also scares her. Best thing I did is understand that it is real and to try to control the emotions.

  43. Bruce Watt says:

    Sometimes, maybe a few times a month I have these kind of dreams depicting what seems to me like random useless information; kind of like a still frame of a random object. I don’t really know how to explain it but here’s an example of one I just recently had. About two nights ago, I dreamt up an image of my mom cutting open an 8 inch Styrofoam ball (like looking at a picture). It was so random and useless to me I just kind of forgot about it. But today I decided to get ahead on a project I’m doing and so I asked my mom for help and she started to cut open the ball. But without even realizing it, I ended up watching her at the same angle I imagined with the knife in the same position and every other detail I imagine from the vison was exactly the same. I don’t know what any of this means; it seems like just random useless information but I always seem to experience it a day or two later and I don’t know if I’m just scratching the surface of this stuff. So I decided to look here and see what was going on. Ever since I was 6 years old, I’ve always felt deep down like I was different than other people and I’m starting to think now that it’s not just a hunch. For the past two years I’ve been getting these visions and sometimes I feel like I can feel natural energy moving around me, particularly when a storm’s about to hit. These started to become more frequent when I turned 14 and I had a vision of a date: sometime in 2022 (particularly in the summer). It was more like a sudden impulse and I have a feeling something’s going to happen that year that will change my life forever and I’m not sure what it is. But I associated it with a vision I had where I was holding an object above my head in a particular setting. Sometimes it’s me on a golf course with a cell tower in the background and I’m holding up a golf club and there’s a storm and lightning is hitting the club. Other times, I’m in the same exact position except I’m holding up my guitar and the background is a huge crowd of people cheering me on. I’m not sure what any of this means. But I have a feeling that in the next five years or so, something big is going to happen to me.

  44. Bruce Watt says:

    One last thing I forgot to say: The day I got the 2022 vision, the word “Promethean” echoed in my head and it seemed like a weird title to think of. Later that month, I had heard that the the name “Prometheus” in greek mythology means “foresight” and I freaked out a little bit. Just thought I should add that, not sure if it’s another sign.

  45. Marie says:

    I’ve just learned that precognition is what I must possess. Since I was 11 I have had vivid dreams and I would think of someone and then see them or think of someone and then hear a short while after that they had died which always freaks me out. I also hear things (clair ordinance) I was told probably a year before my brother was diagnosed that he had leukaemia, but all I heard was “it’s leukaemia” so I didn’t know who at the time and I only hear these things as I’m waking. I dreamt of 911, I was in a high rise building and saw a plane coming towards me, this was about 6 months before it happened. I have a feeling of doom or dread before something bad happens. I don’t understand though why I get told these things as I don’t know what to do with the information. I also get de ja vu, normally thinking I’ve dreamt this situation/conversation previously.

  46. Imelda Trinidad says:

    Most of my dreams come true. But how can I prevent the bad dreams to happen? I want to practice my precognitive empath but how? Ever since I was a child my grandma said I have an ESP. Hope you can help me.

    • Tana Hoy says:

      Bsad dreams are caused by many things. If they are not psychic related, learn to become less stressed and avoid negative TV programs. Both of which can cause bad dreams.

  47. Gihan says:

    I saw my favorite dog hit by a vehicle, she walks away with the injuries (in the dream) I saw this dream on Saturday, next week Monday she got hit by a vehicle and died.
    I got the news by Thursday

  48. Christian Poplin says:

    dang we’ll thats good to no cause I have visions of things that happen within seconds minutes hours months days even years

  49. Grace says:

    I dream of lottery numbers. It happened four times already. It’s just that, I don’t have a bet when the numbers got picked because it takes more than a month for my dream to materialize.

  50. Zzie says:

    When I was younger and still at schools, i used to get these dreams about answering exams. Then be surprised that when exam days came, exact questions I saw on my dream would be asked on the exam. I dont know if its precognition or what..

  51. Ella says:

    i have precognition but it happens like a week or 5 days. I feel am not normal. And its always about me . Please is it normal for me it to always be me.

  52. piepie444 says:

    My brother and I receive brief first-person, extremely specific flashes of the future either monthly or weekly. These images occur during our dreams and we can remember them vividly. Then later in days, weeks, or months the same moment will pass.

    For example,
    Last week, I had a vision of a page of a book that I was reading in the dark.
    A week later, I saw the same exact page of a book that I never read before at 12pm.

    These occurrences happen regularly, and I am wondering if there is any way to develop it in order to use it.

    Its almost like a flashbulb memory of the future.

  53. Halle says:

    I was wondering….

    I sometimes dream about random things and I don’t know what it’s about and then it happens the next day or soon sort of like Deja Vu and I was wondering if that means I am physic and if I were what ability would I have?

  54. Charles says:

    i can only see the the places or situations that i never have faced before
    after a month or a week it actullay happens
    i can only see things in dreams

    when i was 10 i saw a boy crying in my dreams when i asked him what happened he replied grandfather died next sunday when i woke mom told me that grandfather died

  55. Drizz8 says:

    Hi 🙂 I also dream about random things like my friend’s boyfriend holding a flower and a chocolate but he looks sad, then a week after that they broke up, also sometimes I feel uneasy, weird etc. after seeing visions.

  56. Ashley says:

    I had the same dream twice, I was in the trunk of a car and a man with blond hair and old glasses opened the truck looking in at me. He had a shovel and when it hit it against the ground I heard gravel. I was afraid and even though he didn’t hurt me in the dream, I had the feeling he was about to. I told my Mom about the dream over coffee…. a week later we saw on the news where a flight attendant was found dead in the trunk of her car on a gravel road… as soon as I saw the story on the news… I knew it was the man with the blond hair and old glasses in my dream.
    Another time, my husband was on drugs really bad for about a year, I knew but I chose to ignore it because I didn’t want another failed marriage. During this time, I would wake up in the night and see a dark shadow figure at the foot of our bed on my husband’s side. It was a man, I couldn’t see his face but I knew it was a man and he was evil because even though he was just standing there I was horrified. Eventually he went away…. after several months. Now that my husband is sober, and looking back… I believe I saw his demon.

  57. Cameron says:

    I always have something happen to me such as thinking of a person I haven’t thought of for a long time then some days later seeing them these events keep on happening to me more and more and I don’t know what to do with it

  58. c flemming says:

    i have lots of precog dreams,the other nite i dreamed my nan was going to fall and i was screaming to my son to catch her,then she did slip over but it was so real,just like they normally are thats how i no this will happen,iv also had dead relatives com e in my dreams to say goodbye and when i wake i get a call to say they died,i could really do with some help with it as i get premenitions too,like at a firework display i hada sudden fear my son would be hurt so embarrasingly i screamed to my brother to grab him as i had hot coffesss in my hand,but he couldnt inderstand the problem so i ran with the coffess and coverd my sons head as he was a child then with my coat,all of a sudden a firework shot out t6he fire and hit a little girl who stood where my son had been standing before i grabbed him,girl was hospitalized,then i had a feelin sonething was goiin to hit my head and at the time lived in a block of flats,few mins later a stone hit the window where i was sitting,to many things to write,but whats hould i do,medidtate??thanks kate

  59. Cha says:

    I used to have clairvoyant dreams since i was a teen. Most dreams were so clear to me that I ace exams just by remembering my dreams of my exams.

    But when I reached 18 yrs old, i started dreaming meeting people i have never met.

    Then, guess whatsbstrange …people from my dreams now have become relevant in my life (friend, ex, enemies).

    But I lost my ability . or has faded. As i care for my child and lack sleep, i cant even have clear memorable dreams. Plus my depression cant help me focus. I need ur advice please aa I am going through difficult times.

  60. Wayne says:

    I have many dreams that have gave me subtle hints about situations that will happen. I have had 2 incidents where this has happened in the last 2 years and I have had a dream that I can recall clearly that I had about 16 to 17 years ago.
    The earliest incident I remember is where I was recently introduced to an extended member of family and we were generally on good terms with each other and I had this dream of them taking my family away and leaving me in a place where I was not happy. In this dream I developed a feeling not to trust them but for the sake of peace in my family I tried to get on with them. To cut the long story short this extended family member left me in a lot of debt and made me homeless 14 years later but after 2 years later I have reconciled with them as I now feel there is nothing bad that they can do.

    Leading on to the other 2 most recent dreams that I had, during the time I was left in trouble by the previous person I mentioned. I was helped by a girl that I met in work and we were very good friends and I developed feelings for this girl but she seemed troubled with drug addiction. Against my better judgment I tried to help her overcome this problem but I had a dream where she left me and I was depressed. Eventually she did leave me and I felt very bad exactly as I did in the dream.

    I never forgot about this girl but I just couldn’t shake the bad feelings I had I just wasn’t the same person and I had no contact with her whatsoever for nearly 2 years and just out of the blue I have a dream that we had both got over our issues and we fell in love. The crazy thing that happened is that a few weeks later this girl just randomly gets in contact with me and tells me she has recovered from this drug habit and we reconciled. Well the funny thing is we are now 1 month into a relationship and we have never been better.

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