Clairvoyant Visions That Should Never Be Ignored clairvoyance

Clairvoyance means clear-seeing. People with this ability can see energy fields, spirits, symbols and also visual premonitions.

Have you ever been jolted awake in the early hours of the morning with your heart still pounding from a dream you could have sworn was really happening – a clairvoyant dream that showed you things taking place somewhere else or in another time?

Have you ever seen something in your mind’s eye - a vision of sorts - and even though it all happened in a second, you were sure it was something, which will happen in the future?

Don’t be so quick to brush these dreams aside because your inner clairvoyance is reaching out to you and it wants you to heed its messages.

Let me help you understand these important visions, and as we go deeper into what clairvoyance really is, perhaps you’ll discover an important message, which can change life as you know it.


Clairvoyance: A Cryptic Perception Beyond The Usual Senses


Here’s the first thing you need to know about clairvoyance – it does not want to be ignored.

Clairvoyance is a psychic ability that often needs no provocation. Clairvoyant visions can come to you while you’re lying in bed at night, crossing the street, or while having a meeting at work.

It just happens, and there’s no stopping it.

Even when you’re asleep, your clairvoyance can be active. There are people who’ve been in a coma or under anesthesia who woke up talking about visions of things or events that they shouldn’t have known anything about in the first place.

And simply put, that’s what clairvoyance is. Clairvoyance is having information about things you wouldn’t normally know anything about in the first place.

It’s an unstoppable psychic force that gives you information without using your eyes, ears, or any other of your five senses. Clairvoyance lets you know things that are happening in another place or another time and it doesn’t matter if they are in the past, present, or future.

Let me give you an example:

One of my clients, Deborah, told me about a very striking vision of being in a new house, a house she just knew was hers, even before she physically saw it.


Do You Have Clairvoyance?


Like most psychic abilities, clairvoyance comes naturally to humans. You don’t need to be bitten by a radioactive spider or come from an alien planet to have these supernatural visions.

In fact, you might have been experiencing clairvoyance before you even heard of it.

To help you relate your own experiences to that of actual clairvoyance, I’ve put together signs, which indicate you might be clairvoyant: dreaming

Active or lucid dreaming is a sign that can indicate that you are clairvoyant.

Active Or Lucid Dreaming 

This kind of dream itself may not be that different from regular dreams, but in active or lucid dreaming, you have full control of what you want to do in a dream. In a lucid dream, you are not merely a spectator, you can act and talk willfully.

You are aware you are dreaming and in a dream environment, yet you still have an awareness of your own self. Aside from being able to make decisions while inside the dream, you will also be able to remember all the details of the dream upon waking.

Deep Daydreaming 

Deep daydreaming is similar to lucid dreaming, the only difference is that you’re awake while it’s happening. The entire thing will feel as if you’ve been dreaming for an hour, but in the physical world, only seconds or minutes have passed.

Sensing Spirits 

Aside from seeing visions, Clairvoyants can also see spirits and other entities, both here in the physical world, as well as in the other dimensions. You might see spirits clearly, or you might see them as orbs or flashes of light.

Seeing Symbols Or Clear Visions Of Future Events 

Clairvoyance is not an exact science. There are times when your visions will be very vague, and you might have to translate the meanings of the symbols in your visions.

Other times, your visions will be clear and you will remember all the details. Such as when seeing future events. Clarity and a better understanding of your visions often come with time and practice, while some people, such as psychics, are able to examine their clairvoyant visions down to the tiniest detail.

Now that you know the telltale signs of having clairvoyance, it’s time to tell you which kinds of visions you should always look out for.


Clairvoyant Visions That Should Never Be Ignored disaster

Clairvoyant visions about disasters should not be ignored because it may help you save the lives of others those close to you.


Like everybody else, psychics still take heed when these types of clairvoyant visions come to the surface – and you should, too:

  • Death – Death is natural, but there is a time for everything. Oftentimes a clairvoyant vision of a death serves as way to letting you know the passing of someone you knew or loved, or a way for them to say goodbye. However, there are instances where death visions serve as a warning to be extra careful, or show an event that goes against the grain of the natural order of time.
  • Disasters – There is no way to prevent natural disasters but having a clairvoyant vision about them can be a way to reduce the number of people who might get hurt, or to save the lives of those close to you.
  • Accidents – Clairvoyant visions of accidents are usually about accidents that might happen to you, to your loved ones, or to people you might know. Sometimes, it just takes a simple reminder to “Take care!” or “Drive safely!” to counteract visions of accidents.
  • Life-altering changes - Visions about events that could literally change your life such as divorce, sickness, or relocation, should be taken as a sign to be mindful of details and to focus on the issues at hand.


The Use Of Clairvoyance In Your Daily Life


A lot of people who experience their first bouts of clairvoyance come to me, and the most common emotions I can sense from them is confusion and sometimes, distress.

That, I think, is a natural reaction to the nature of information you can get from clairvoyance. You can easily get overwhelmed trying to sift through all the psychic messages you are getting.

The most important thing I tell people who are starting to explore their clairvoyance is to take things easy, take small steps, one at a time.

Clairvoyance is a gift – a very precious gift that is meant to enrich your life, and make you more aware of the living and all-embracing connection we have to each other, and the greater cosmos.

If you are able to steer your clairvoyant abilities into the right direction, you will begin to realize that it’s not just about having visions, it’s about making the most out of the life you have now, the present, which is unfolding right before you every second.

Clairvoyance can enable you to help yourself, your family, and your friends, make the most out of opportunities, and to stay clear of potholes along life’ journey.

You can have more clarity when it comes to determining your goals and can use your enhanced psychic ability to manifest what you want.

When it comes to making your decisions, clairvoyance can guide you into the right path and give you remarkable insight into planning for the future.

I can help you understand the clairvoyant visions you’re having and guide you into making clairvoyance a part of your life. You can schedule an appointment by clicking here and filling out the form on my Psychic Reading Page.


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