Gut Feeling: Psychic Messages From Your Guides And Angels – by Tana Hoy

Gut feeling, instinct, sixth sense, premonition, or intuition are all names that refer to the same thing: psychic feelings.

gut feeling

Gut feelings

Intuition is when you have a "strange feeling" that something is going to happen (and it does), or you make a certain decision because you "just know" it's the right choice, even if there's no rhyme or reason behind it. It's when your psychic senses whisper (or maybe even yell) in the back of your mind to pay attention to them.

Although intuition is often called psychic feelings, it doesn't necessarily always involve emotions. It's more of a “sense of knowing”.

Some of your intuitive knowledge may be so strong that it’s impossible to ignore, but other insights may not be so obvious.

The Purpose Of Intuition

Primarily, your intuition is meant to:

• Give you guidance on making decisions. For instance, you may be struggling whether to change careers or to stay in your current job. Your intuition can guide you by what "feels right."

• Give you warnings. For example, when you have a "bad feeling" about a stranger, then you're most likely safer staying away from that person.

• Prepare you for an upcoming situation. A sense of foreboding or a premonition may be a glimpse of something unsettling that's about to happen.

• Show you if you're veering away from your soul's purpose. A sense of unease may mean that what you're doing is not aligned with purpose in life.

Intuitive knowledge can also be for seemingly minor events. For instance, you may have the hunch that you should bring an extra set of clothes to work. During lunch, you spill juice all over yourself, and voila, you just happen to have a change of clothing with you!

Why People Often Ignore Their Intuition

Many times a person will ignore their intuition all together. The reason for this are many, but here are some of the more common reasons people ingnore their intuitive feelings and hunches:

• They don't recognize intuitive insights as road signs telling them what's ahead.
• They don't like what the sign says.
• They don't believe what it says.
• They don't directly understand what it says.
• There is no logic behind it.
• They think it's their imagination.
• They're too busy to give it importance.
• There's someone (or something) enticing them to go another way.
• They think another path looks better, safer, or more interesting to follow.

Nevertheless, intuition is always there. If you try to pay attention to yours, you will become more and more aware of the directions and warnings it gives you.

How To Tune In And Use Your Intuition

In order for you to sense what your intuition is telling you, you need to:

• Become Constantly Aware

This means that you need to notice things more, and become more sensitive to what's going on around you and within you. When you're constantly aware, then you will notice the signs more.

Becoming More Aware Of Your Premonitions

You also need to learn to trust that little voice in the back of your head, or that strange feeling in your gut. For example, if you sense that a new acquaintance is not to be trusted, then pay attention to it, regardless of how absurd it may seem.

Learn to stop censoring your observations, and recognize the signs for what they are.

• Understanding The Difference Between Intuition & Imagination

Sometimes, it can be difficult to distinguish between real intuitive knowledge and imagination.
One way to tell the difference is your psychic feelings leave you no room for doubt, because you "just know."

• Ask For Intuitive Guidance

You can also tap into your intuition by asking for intuitive guidance from your spirit guides. When you do this, you're giving them permission to help you on your journey toward your life's purpose.

With practice, you are going to find that you will learn to trust your intuitive feelings even more, and before you know, paying attention to your hunches and premonitions will be second nature to you.

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  1. Ray says:

    I appreciate everything you do. Your top notch. Do you have any listen in talk shows coming up? I encourage you to continue using your psychic detective skills to catch wanted people listed with the Dept. Of Justice with Washington D.C. and would like to team up with using extra sensory or remote viewing skills to get rid of kidnappers…

  2. Pauline says:

    I too appreciate all you write on your pages. I’ve read many books on psychics but most tell of their own experiences whereas you are guiding us by teaching, explaining and to understand our thought patterns. So thank you very much.

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