Real Fairies: How To Know When Fairies Are Trying To Contact You

The world of the supernatural is a vast, wonderful realm. It is a world where real fairies live, and where undines and salamanders inhabit the places they were born to protect. It is a place that exists side by side with the physical world – a place of mystery, wonder, and amazement.

real fairies

Meetng A Fairy

To the eyes of a psychic, gazing at the spiritual realm is like diving into the depths of a beautiful ocean. In it, I see a whole new world, and with my abilities, I am able to access its secrets. I consider this a great privilege, and one of the best gifts I have, is the ability to communicate with the inhabitants of the spirit world, especially fairies.

What Are Fairies?

Fairies are small spiritual beings that belong to the lower realms of the spiritual world. As such, they evolve like humans in many ways. For one, they are prone to the same effects of nature, such as aging and even death.

However, their perception of time is a little different from humans, in the way that time for them passes much more slowly, making them age at a slower rate. This is the reason why fairies are usually depicted as young and vibrant, as opposed to old and wise.

Do Fairies Talk To Humans?

Fairies and humans have long been in contact with each other, with fairy sightings being commonplace. Being the residents of worlds that are parallel with each other, the friendship between these fairies and humans is undeniable. As such, the energy of humans and fairies can easily synchronize with each other, making communication very easy between the two races.

How To Meet Fairies

The existence of fairies is undeniable. However, the question that many would people ask me is how a person can meet fairies. In a lot of ways, meeting fairies is a similar to meeting earth or water spirits. It starts with you going to a place close to nature; one that is quiet and away from human activity. While there, try to tune in to the energy around you.

You will usually notice a tingling sensation in your aura, as if feathery beings are brushing over your chakra’s outer layers. This feeling you get is a sign that fairies are close by. Once you feel this, then you are definitely on the right track.

Begin sending thoughts of friendship and love to the spiritual beings around you. Fairies love this type of energy, and chances are, more of them will be drawn to you, and you will begin to see them with your Third Eye. They usually take the form of little balls of light, with a slim, humanoid form in the center.

Once you see them, stretch out your arm, with your palm facing up. Chances are, a couple of fairies will zoom in straight for you. You will then feel a ticklish sensation on your arm or face, like you’ve just crossed a spider web. That’s a clear sign that you have just touched a fairy.

And that’s how to contact fairies. Give it a try, and tell me what happens!

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  1. I’m quite sure I saw a faire Sunday morning. I entered our kitchen to make coffee. Looking out the window over our little koi pond. Something flew about eye level for me. I was between 4 and 6 inches. 2 large wings above on its back and 2 smaller right below. A long skinny part dangled which looked like legs. I’ve been learning more about them lately and other psychic phenomena. But recently I’ve been stressing. I’m getting married soon. I never realized what’s involved in a second marriage. What I saw continues to replay in my mind. This happened totally unexpected. Thanks

    • Tana Hoy says:

      What a fantastic experience. Seems like the fairies are coming around to let you know they are with you! Thanks for sharing this!!

  2. Bee says:

    Hello. I recently started researching fairies as I seem to have given a lift to one of them whist travelling Ireland…. After a month of travelling with me she took me to a moss valley where we said good bye… On the way back I could feel the gratitude from other fairies for looking after their friend. I could also feel their love eternal protection for doing my best at looking after her even though I knew nothing about fairies 🙂 I made her a bed in my van with a coconut shell and a flower head band of mine adding jewelleries made of stones and crystals for a pretty look 🙂

  3. susanJOY says:

    I have chronic illness making it hard for me to do things especially caring for my home. I had no idea until jewelery went missing and clothes were folded that I didn’t fold fairies have been looking after my home for me cleaning and keeping it tidy. they have recently stopped doing certain cleaning they have always done and I am now super aware of their love and help. I am so very grateful for all they have done for me without knowing. now I know they are here I will get to know them. I am also thanking them each day for being with me and helping me in so many ways. they also love my garden which is wild and carefree just as they like it susanJOY

    • Tana Hoy says:

      It’s so nice you have them to help you. They will be quite helpful. I hope you feel better and I will send you healing angels to help you on your healing journey!

  4. Shreya. says:

    Lately, I have been coming across a lot of dragonflies, and them flying around me makes me happy. Is this a sign that fairies are trying to connect and how do I connect or respond to them.

  5. Jade Arthur says:

    I’ve been having this experience lately and it’s been quite scary at times. I have been able to ignore the minor noises and light voices until I’ve been nothing this incredible small childlike figure running thru my house. Sometimes it’s much brighter than others and it’s very fast but makes it’s self known. I hear it laughing when it runs and hides. I never really search for it because I am always alone when it happens besides the comfort of my dog. My dog ALWAYS sees it, I want to call “it” a her because I feel as though it is a girl. My dog always growls at her but that’s not uncommon because my dog is a brat. But I just want to know why sometimes I see it darker in color. Yesterday I saw her and have had terrible dreams. I want to be at peace with her because the tapping has become very loud and impossible to ignore. My favorite ring that I wear everyday is missing, among other pieces of jewelry. And I’m tired of being freaked out in my own house.
    Does this sound like a fairy?
    Thank you very much!

  6. Ophelia says:

    I’m looking up this info because I had a lucid dream where I was sitting in a meadow and hundreds of fairies surrounded me and some landed all over my arms, head lap and legs. The dream felt completely full of energy and when I woke up I could still feel the vibrations absolutely electrifying my aura.

  7. Ashton says:

    So I had came into contact with my family in a past life and faerie kept getting into my mind. So, I went to my safe space in my woods and I kept feeling I needed to keep going in deeper. I was babysitting my cousins and we decided to go in and investigate. We left a gift inbetween two symmetrical oak trees that the branches intertwined. We all look at the ground and a shadow spelled out “full faith”, “aim high”, and “Wicca” (I believe in Wicca). So we got very excited. After they went home I decided to walk back to that place. I had things buzzing in my ear but nothing there like no bugs and it threw me forwards. I got a big rush of warm so I walked forwards and talked to something it was buzzing in my ear. I’m not quite light enough yet, but i will be if I keep visiting. That’s all I got from it. I gave the woods a gift and I threw it into the air like they told me and I SWEAR I SAW THE AIR RIPPLE LIKE IT WAS SENT TO A DIFFERENT REALM THEN ALL OF A SUDDEN IT FELL BACK DOWN. ALMOST LIKE IT WAS REJECTED. Idk if this was just my mind or what. All I know is that I keep feeling a warm and calming feeling as soon as I enter that part of my woods. Was that an encounter with faeries?

  8. I thought I saw one the other night at my work. We were having a meeting and I looked across room, my attention caught by something fluttering. I thought it was a moth, but the wings were more rounded and as I watched I thought ” I think that’s what a fairy would look like”, it simply disappeared. Didn’t fly away, didn’t didn’t fall, I was tracking it’s movement. It was there one second, gone the next. It was tiny, with rounded, white, wings. Cannot give more of a description than that.

  9. Pattie says:

    I relazied alot because i was reading alot about fairies that make me want to meet them and communication to get know so we can be new friendship Thanks

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