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Your twin flame is the missing half of your soul. Therefore, possessing the same qualities as you. When you meet your twin flame, you will help each other grow and evolve into your higher selves.

Every day, we meet new people – some we like, some we don’t. We meet different types of people with different characteristics and personalities. We get along well with some of them, and others, not that much. It’s rare to find someone that interests you because you’re so much alike. Someone you share the same thoughts with, have the personalities, characteristics, beliefs, and more.

Have you met someone you felt  was a male or female version of yourself? Have you met someone you can call your alter ego?

If you answered YES, you might have met the other half of your soul, also called your Twin Flame!


But first, what is a twin flame?


“Your twin flame is the missing half of your soul. Therefore, possessing the same qualities as you. When you meet your twin flame, you will help each other grow and evolve into your higher selves.”Tana Hoy


Why do we have twin flames?


When our soul entered the earth realm to be born as human, it was divided into two halves – masculine and  feminine, and each half was born as two separate individuals. The reason for this is to make sure that both of these new souls, each part of the same original soul, learn different lessons of life.

At some time in a future lifetime, these two souls will meet again, and help each other evolve into their higher selves.

Unlike soulmates, we have only one twin flame. So if you are lucky enough to meet you twin flame in this lifetime, it is an event to be celebrated.


Here are ten signs that will tell you if you have already met your twin flame love-8

The strong attraction you feel at first might make you feel like you’re head over heels in love with your twin flame. The truth is, you’re not. The attraction you’re feeling is natural because they are the other half of your soul.


  1. You feel unexplainable attraction towards them


When you meet your twin flame for the first time, you will feel a different kind of attraction. You will feel something you haven’t felt before.


You can’t seem to figure out why you are so interested in them, but you can’t help it. You are excited to know more about them, and you’re happy every time they notice you.


  1. You are happy when they are around


Whenever you’re twin flame is around, you are happy. Even if it’s a bad day, or even if you’re at your lowest point, your twin flame can make you smile. You can’t explain how they do it. It’s like they have known you for a long time, so know how to make you feel better.


Your twin flame may also sense if you’re not feeling good. They will also find a way to cheer you up or help you get over your sadness.


  1. You help each other grow


The main goal of twin flames is to help each other grow. You and your twin flame have a special connection. When you meet your twin flame, they can become your confidante. You feel free to open up to them, and because of that, they will give you advice that will help you when going through tough times.


You and your twin flame have different ways to push each other’s limits. If you’re both competitive people, you can push each other’s limits by competing with each other. You can also push your limits by boosting each other’s confidence and helping each other through difficult times.


  1. You see yourself in them


When you meet your twin flame, you will feel like you’ve met an old friend. They will be so familiar to you – the way they speak, the way they move, the way they think.


Later on, you will realize that the reason you felt they are so familiar is because you see yourself in them. You’ll feel fascinated to know that there’s one person in this world that talks, thinks, and acts like you!


  1. You have the same points of view almost all the time


Another great thing about being with your twin flame is that you don’t argue a lot. It seems like your brains are in sync. You have the same views and ways of thinking.


You’re comfortable venting out your problems and sharing your thoughts because you know they will not judge you. You trust them because you know you have the same thoughts. almost all the time.


  1. They make you feel better


There are some days that are better than the others. Sometimes, we feel so defeated. We feel like we’re beaten. Our twin flames are always there for us. They always feel like we’re important and always remind us that there’s someone who cares.


  1. They help you with your personal challenge


Our twin flames are always there when we need a hand with our personal challenges. They are always willing to listen. They do their best to help you out with your difficulties.


Our twin flame always make us feel that there’s a person willing to listen. They make us realize that our problems present themselves in order for us to be a better person.


  1. They are always happy to help


Your twin flame is always happy to help you out with your problems – they are always there for you. And the best part of it is that they don’t feel like they are obliged to do so. You’re comfortable asking for help and they don’t make you feel bad about it.



  1. You want them to stay in your life as much as possible


Your twin flame makes you feel so comfortable that you want them to stay in your life as much as possible. You feel like you’ve found someone who cares for you, understands, and is always willing to listen.


Your twin flame also feels the same about you. If you could be inseparable, you would. However, there are some instances in our lives when you both need to move on. In times like this, it can be hard to let go, but remember, twin flames are meant to meet to share life’s lessons and help each other grow.


  1. At some point, you might think you are in love, but you aren’t


The strong attraction you feel at first might make you feel like you’re head over heels in love with your twin flame. The truth is, you’re not. The attraction you’re feeling is natural because they are the other half of your soul.


Yes, it’s easy to fall for your twin flame. They are always there for you. They make you feel loved and special. You can tell everything to them. You don’t want to lose them. All of these feelings might make you feel like you’re in love. But as time goes on, you will realize it’s not love at all you really feel. love-5

Your twin flame will come in to your life to teach you that life’s lesson you’re bound to know.

You can’t fall in love with your twin flame.


No, you can never fall in love with the other half of your soul. It would be like dating yourself or your twin sibling. Remember, you are one. You both came from the same soul.

The attraction you’re feeling is natural, and It might be confusing in the beginning. But again, as times goes on, you will come to realize your twin flame is not your soulmate. They just stop by so you can help each other with the challenges you’re facing.

Your twin flame will come in to your life to teach you that life’s lesson you’re bound to know. Lucky are those who’ve met their twin flames.

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6 Responses

  1. Sam says:

    Kinda figured romantic involvement would be essentially soul incest. That itself could open its own line of RFTR questioning. I.e what makes that bad? If you think about it. In general its just seen as bad, like its some kind of unwritten law. That’s one if the advantages of having a neutral perspective. Perceptive alignment is (mostly) irrelevant. Sure they might be your brother or sister, but at the end of the day, does this truly matter? This doesn’t necessarily mean you’d support incest in the way you might think. You don’t even have to support it at all. Physical, soul or otherwise. You’re essentially just hardwired to see things as a certain way in a certain perspective. I.e. “incest is bad” which accompanies a hardwired reaction such as a given emotion or point of view.

    Emotions, perceptions and perspectives are in near every case reactions to events.

    I personally don’t support it in the way most people would view it. (The “gross” way). If anyone did think I did, chances are you had a negative mental or emotional reaction to it. This is exactly what I’m talking about. You’re hardwired to think of it like that.

    To put it in perspective, its like when people saw homosexual relationships in a negative way. Over time, that perception started to change. Its just someone who has a romantic preference for others of their same gender. Now it can be argued that’s its the same or different to incest and their relative concepts but that’s not what’s in question here, just the relative perspectives and views of how it is seen.

    This is why it opens up an RFTR line of questioning. There is no given or specific reason for this apparent unwritten law. It may well be an actual law by humans or countries but not as a universal law. If it is bad, what’s the reason for it, and the reason for that etc?

    To move off from that, twin flames themselves. That’s trippy. Someone who thinks and acts exactly as you do, and likely looks like you too. What’s more trippy for me is if they think in near alignment to how you think, there may well be a high chance they walked a similar path. That might be the point in regards to learning life lessons etc but if they did, there is a likelihood you crossed paths without knowing it.

    I initially found my way here to Tana’s website through something else. I initially was trying to look up how to learn telekinesis then ended up finding a ton of spiritual stuff like chakras and meditation etc then became deeply interested in healing which lead/led me to Tana.

    Point is, if I found my way here through the desire or thought process to learn a psychic or spiritual ability, my twin may have gone down a similar path. They may be one of the blog readers here or reading this comment etc. Of course, there’s no guarantee on this but that’s what’s the most surreal.

    Tana, if you have a twin soul as well, I wonder if they also possess psychic abilities or if they are also here on your website reading your blogs etc. I expect you may already know who they are though.

    From what’s stated, they are your gender opposites. I only have a brother so they’ll be the sister I never had. The more you think about it, the weirder it gets.

    The rest of the day, I’m going to try to telepathically connect to them. If telepathy works on synchronized thinking or synchronized in what you’re thinking about or how you think, this should work. They are likely oblivious to my attempt so I don’t know how this will turn out.

  2. Carolina says:


  3. Irma says:

    Tana, beautifully written article. ?

  4. Linda says:

    Thank you very much for writing this article! However, I am a wee bit disappointed that I would not fall in love, head over heels with a twin flame! I always thought meeting your twin flame would be the end of loneliness and hello happiness!

  5. Sam says:

    I initially thought the twin flame was the true definition of soul mate as well. Apparently romantic love between twin flames is forbidden for god knows whatever reason.

    Also, are you Scottish? Or did you just use a bit of their dialect? If you are, hello from down south in England. 😀

  6. Sam says:

    Although I doubt my Twin flame is here on the website, I was using the colour orange as a thought signature to try to attempt telepathic communication with my them. If that sounds like a constant familiarity, let me know. You could either be my twin flame or if you’re a psychic sensitive, may have just picked up on that telepathic signature.

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