10 Warning Signs To Know If Your Partner Is Cheating! (Important to read)

During my psychic readings, I deal with many different types of relationship problems. But nothing is more painful, hurtful, or as confusing as infidelity.

images-2So what causes someone to be unfaithful, and why do people stray in a relationship?

The truth is, infidelity happens for many reasons, and there is no one easy answer. Most of the time, infidelity is not motivated by a high sex drive, but rather by a feeling of loneliness, or emptiness inside.

One thing that is important to remember is, that love is one of our basic human needs. So regardless if a person is married or not, if they are not getting that need fulfilled, they will seek it out elsewhere. Love is a basic human need, the same as food, air, and water.

So with the understanding that love is a basic human need, then….

What Causes Someone To Cheat?

Here are some of the more common reasons a person will stray:

– One partner is not communicative, so the other partner is left feeling unloved, and in desperate need of affection and attention. So they seek out companionship and comfort from someone who understands them. Then in time, it develops into something more passionate and romantic.

– One person is unhappy and no longer in love, but doesn’t want to their kids to grow up without both parents. So that person will stay in the marriage until the kids are grown, but seek out love and romance in the arms of someone else.

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– Even though a person is not happy in a relationship, there may to be too much at risk financially. So either it doesn’t make financial sense to leave, or it will severely affect the financial security of the unhappy person. So that person will stay for the security, but seek to get their emotional needs met elsewhere.

– One partner drinks, uses drugs, or is emotionally unavailable in other ways to their spouse. So the spouse will seek out love and affection elsewhere. The spouse may stay due to any of the reasons mentioned above.

– Religious or cultural upbringing that tells you that divorce is not an option. So the unhappy partner will stay in the marriage, but seek out relationships outside the marriage.

– The spouse having affairs has done this all of his/her life, and rationalizes in his/her mind that an affair their spouse doesn’t know about, won’t hurt anything

– There are several other reasons that cause infidelity.

Regardless of the reasons, infidelity can be painful to both people involved, because it involves lying, keeping secrets, and dealing with all the complications that result if or when the affair gets exposed.

Signs That Your Spouse Is Cheating

There are some tell tale signs you can look for is you suspect your spouse is cheating, and here are some of them:

– Frequently not being home when he or she is supposed to be.

– Being late and not having a good reason why.

– The smell of cologne or perfume on their clothes

– Erasing text messages from their phone as if they have something to hide.

– Taking calls and then walking out of the room to talk

– Your intimate life is not what it used to be

– Not wanting to go with you when you travel. Choosing to stay home instead.

– Not wanting to take you on business trips that require travel

– Changing their password to their email account so you no longer have access.

– Staying out later more often than usual.

– Plus many more!!

If you notice any of these signs, it could be indicative that your spouse or partner is having an affair.

So what can you do if you suspect someone you love is being unfaithful?

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Step You Can Take

So what do you do when you suspect your loved one is cheating on you? How do you approach such a delicate and painful situation? Here are some steps below to follow:

1. You never want to accuse your spouse of cheating, especially if you have no solid evidence. Accusations without proof can destroy rather then help. The first thing a person wants to do is to confront their spouse. But this is a big mistake, especially if you haven’t gathered all your evidence. or thought out a plan of approach. You should never just confront the other person without consulting someone else first. You need to have a plan.

2. Consulting someone who can confirm or deny what you suspect is your next step. This is where a psychic reading can help you. It can confirm if what you suspect is real or not, and it can also tell you what you need to do to gather the proof you need. It can also show you the best way to approach the other person, and how to know the right plan to take.

3. After you have proof, you need to figure out a plan. You should think about the following questions:

How are you going to approach your partner? 

What are you going to say or ask? 

What questions can you ask to avoid him or her wanting to deny it? 

What steps are you going to take if is is confirmed by your spouse? 

How much detail do you really want to know?

Are you willing to work it out? 

What steps or actions are you going to suggest to work it out? (counseling, etc)

4. If you’ve had an affair, are you willing to come clean about ti also? Often times when a spouse suspects infidelity, it is not uncommon that the spouse suspecting it has also been unfaithful at one time in the past.

5. Keep the conversation calm, open and not accusatory. The moment you start yelling blaming, or accusing another person, they put up walls, lie to defend themselves, and nothing gets resolved.

6. Regardless of what is revealed during the talk, keep love in your heart. Try to come from a place of supporting each other thru this, rather than tearing the other person down to make yourself feel better inside. You will be hurt and angry, but tearing down another person is not the answer to feeling better. It only destroys rather than builds.

7. Keep communication open. End the discussion with the understanding that you will have more questions, and let the other person know you’d appreciate if they would have the willingness to answer any other questions that might come up in the future.

If You Suspect Your Partner Is Cheating – Here’s What You Can Do

If you suspect infidelity, I am able to confirm whether what you suspect is real, or just your paranoia during a special type of psychic reading. These types of readings are called Fidelity Readings, and they can offer a person dealing with this fear the following things:

– It will confirm if your spouse is cheating or not

– With the help of my Guides, we will map out the best plan to approach the other person.

– You will know if this is a one time thing, or if it happened in the past?

– You will know if there will be other affairs in the future.

– You will know if is is best to confront your spouse, or quietly forgive and et it go.

– You will learn a mantra you can use to prevent someone you love from being unfaithful to you in the future.

Let’s face it, we all would rather believe that everything is fine. Denying something seems easier, but in the long run, denial just allows things to get worse. Knowing the truth right away gives you the power of control, and the power to prevent it in the future.

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Wishing you all the best!

In light, love, and peace,

Tana Hoy

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