Spirit Guides – 10 Ways They Can Help You


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Spirit Guides are souls that have achieved higher spiritual levels and they are here to achieve the same thing.

Spirit guides are spiritual beings who help you achieve your goals and learn your life lessons. The moment we are born, spirit guides are assigned to guard us and assist us whenever we are faced with dilemmas.

Spirit guides were once human beings whose souls have evolved into higher spiritual levels. They have successfully accomplished their purpose on Earth, and they are here to help us to do the same, so they give us the guidance we need.

We receive help from different spirit guides during our lifetime. The three types of spiritual helpers that we commonly encounter are the Joy Guide, Gatekeeper Guide, and Native American Guide.


3 Common Spirit Guides And The Role They Each Play


Every spirit guide has a specific area of expertise. This is the reason why we are introduced to different helpers throughout our lives, depending on the situation we are in.

Though they offer different solutions to every problem, they have a common goal, which is to lead us to spiritual enlightenment.

Here are 3 common spirit guides, and the role each of them plays:

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There are different types of spirit guides and each one has their own area of expertise.


Joy Guide

Joy Guides help us deal with our emotional problems. They want us to be happy all the time, so they appear whenever we are stressed and emotionally down.

Gatekeeper Guide

Besides spirit guides, we encounter other spiritual beings throughout our lives. Gatekeeper guides monitor the forces we come in contact with in the spiritual world. They make sure that we only meet good spirit guides. They will also give us hints on who we should avoid on the earthly plane.

Native American Guide

Native American Guides provide emotional, physical, and spiritual protection. These spiritual masters are able to assist humans with their daily troubles, may it be about health, or decision making.


Here Are 10 Ways Our Spirit Guides Can Help Us


Living involves making decisions all the time. We are always challenged to choose between right from wrong. And most of the time, making right decisions is not easy. But the good news is, we can always ask help from our spirit guides.


  1. Spirit guides can help us make right decisions

We can consider spirit guides as accomplished human beings. As a reward for doing well while still on Earth, they are promoted into higher spiritual levels. They can also help us make the right decisions in life since they have succeeded in them themselves.

  1. Spirit guides help us learn our life lessons

 Learning oftentimes involves pain. We tend to repeat doing the same mistakes until the emotional pain of repeating the same behavior, causes us to make a change.

As the saying goes, “Regret never comes first.” But we can avoid heartaches if we call on our spirit guides, who are always willing to listen and help.

  1. Spirit guides can help us have a positive outlook in life

Life is a challenging journey. Problems will continue coming as long as we are still alive. The difficulties often take away the joy in our hearts and replace them with worries.

This is when Joy guides come in. They will teach us to be happy, despite the challenges we are facing.

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Our spirit guides can help us in many ways, all we need to do is seek for their assistance.

  1. Spirit guides can help us not easily give up

People have different strengths and levels of tolerance. There are individuals who can stand up in the middle of storms for a long period of time, while others tend to easily give up. We can find strength in our spirit guides.

  1. Spirit guides give us hope and courage

When are afraid and feeling hopeless, spirit guides can give us courage and hope. They have been watching over us since the day we were born, and they are just waiting for us to call on them. They will not act unless we ask them to,  so learning how to communicate with them is necessary for winning life’s battles.

  1. Spirit guides protect us from the evil forces

Gatekeeper guides let us know whom we should avoid or get close to. They can sense negative energies and will help us stay out of trouble. Your spirit guide will know if your new friend will potentially betray you in the future.

  1. Spirit guides make us feel we’re not alone

There are times when we feel like no one understands us, or nobody is on our side. We can stop having such negative feelings if start learning how to communicate with our spirit guides.

They have been with us from the day we were born, providing us comfort and company. Acknowledging their presence in our life will help us avoid loneliness now, and in the future.

  1. Spirit guides help us accomplish our goals

Most of us are motivated by our goals – may it be personal, family or career goals. However, achieving our plans is not as easy setting them. There are many challenges along the way.

But with proper attitude and help from spirit guides, realizing them is possible.

If you are having a hard time accomplishing your goals for your family, or for your business, you can consult your spirit guides by speaking to them through mediation.

  1. Spirit guides help us live happy lives

Joy guides are not the only spiritual masters who can help us live happy lives. We are happy and contented when we are on the right track and are accomplishing our goals in life.

This means that communicating with our different spirit guides plays an important role in living a life of contentment.

  1. Spirit guides offer reliable counsel

As mentioned in point #1, spirit guides have accomplished their purpose while still human, which makes them reliable counselors. They can help us in all areas of life.

They can guide us back to the right path when we are lost and can comfort us when we are feeling down.

The only thing we need to know is to learn how to communicate with them. You may think that you don’t need your guides now, but you never know when the storm will come.


Spirit guides have been helping many people for a long time. The 10 points listed above are only some of the many ways our invisible helpers can assist us.

Know your spirit guides by name, helps you understand them better, and easily communicate with them whenever the need arises.

If you are interested in learning how to talk with spirit guides, there is a simple meditation for contacting your spirit guides that you can read here.

If you’d like to hear the messages from your guides, and even learn their names, you can click here now to schedule a Spirit Guide Reading.


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