More Psychic Predictions For 2015 – (November Release)

If you saw my last email, you read about Anna, and how I was shocked some people still think that way. I’m curious if you know people who think like that too, and would love to hear your comments about it.  Kind of shocking if you ask me. You can click here to read her story.

But what happened to me the other day really left me with my jaw dropped wide open…

There’s been an army of Light Beings flying around my yard lately! As a matter of fact, when I first saw them, I thought they were fireflies. But because there were so many of them, that’s what caught my attention.

And when my neighbor told me he didn’t see anything, then I realized these “fireflies” were from another dimension!

So I then decided to sit there and mediate, to tune into their vibrations to see why they were visiting me. As I sat down, about 40 of them landed on me. I looked like I had been wrapped in in a strand of greenish-white christmas tree lights!

The Discovery Of Angees

Once they landed on me, they told me they were called Angees. I had never heard of an Angee before. They said they are not elves, fairies, gnomes, or any being from that dimension. As a matter of fact, they told me they are the offsprings of the Angelic Realm.

And then, when I looked at them more closely, they looked exactly like miniature angels. They were only about 3 to 4 inches tall, and had have human arms, wings, and some of them had tiny little halos over their heads.

I was fascinated. I knew they trusted me enough for some reason to reveal themselves to me. I felt so honored!

I knew I had discovered a new Light Being that I have never heard anyone talk about before.

Having worked with angels all of my life, I had never heard about Angees before. They told me that they live on the edge of the 44th dimension, and that their duty is to be the granters of wishes.

I asked them why they were revealing themselves to me, and they told me because the earth is going through an Inter-dimensional evolution. And that since I was one of the few psychic that kept people constantly informed of these earth changes at the level that that I do, they knew i was the right human.

Needless to say, I was honored, and speechless…

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A Cosmic Shockwave Is Coming

When I asked them what an inter-dimensional evolution means, they told me that the Higher Cosmic Dimensions are going to be fusing with the denser vibrational energies of Planet Earth. This fusion is going to create a Cosmic Shockwave that will spread over the entire earth, and outwards over 1,000,000 miles over 64 other dimensions.

This Cosmic Shockwave will cause wishes and dreams to come true. But what is unique about this Cosmic Shockwave is that it is going to grant the wishes and dreams of love.

The Positive Affects Of This Cosmic Shockwave

They told me it will have some affects on other areas of a persons life, but mostly it will grant wishes where there is a desire someone has related to love.They explained that it’s energy will fuse together the hearts of people who are meant to be together, and cause walls that existed between two people to melt.

So if you have a person you love, but something is standing in the way preventing the two of you from being together, it will melt those walls, fuse your hearts, and create a powerful soulmate bond.

If you are in a relationship with someone and there are problems between the two of you, it will fuse your hearts, and cause the fighting, arguments, disagreements, or misunderstandings, to melt away.

If there is someone from your past that you know was your soulmate, yet you aren’t together right now, it will fuse your hearts together, and the two of you will be drawn together again like a magnet is down to steel!

I was blown away when Albazar, the head Angees, continued explaining this to me. And thank god he wasn’t very heavy, because he was sitting on my shoulder the whole time he was talking. We must have talked over two hours about this.

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What Else Albazar Told Me

I was fascinated by seeing Angees for the first time, and also fascinated by this Cosmic Shockwave that will be traveling over the Planet Earth, and outwards into 64 other dimensions.

He told me it was going to have the same fusion affect on extraterrestrial lifeforms in other dimensions, and that they were going to fusing together in love, only that they fuse differently than human beings do. I didn’t ask him what that meant, because by the smile on his face, I don’t think I wanted to know those details. If you know what I mean…

So Albazar told me that this shockwave was going to help any human who wanted love, had love problems or concerns, or wanted to reunited with a lost love.

He explained that the vibrational patterns of this shockwave are going to be very unique. So much so that this shockwave is going to also cleanse the earth. He explained that due to the amount of people who took action when I sent out the warning from Robey (he told me they were friends) that it’s waves are going to cleanse the earth in a positive way, and help the Planet not to perish is 65 years!

That was great news to hear!

How You Can Benefit from This Shockwave

Ablaze counted to explain that all humans can benefit from this energy, and people who are connected the strongest to this energy can finally have the fulfilling type of love life that they have always wanted.

He told me this energy is not for people who DO NOT want to find love, do not want to have love, or do not want to be in love. He said he realizes some people choose to live a life of solitude or aloneness, and do not desire love of any kind. Only the love they get from their friends.

So he made it very clear this is not for those people

He said this energy is ONLY FOR people who want to have a loving, caring, soulmate type relationship in their lives. He asked me to make this clear to people, because if someone who doesn’t want love gets connected to tis energy, then they are going to be very unhappy.

Because once a person not in a relationship becomes connected to this energy, they will become like a love magnet! Drawing all kinds of love into their life!

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Here’s a brief synopsis of what Alblazar told me this shockwave is going to do:

– Draw a person’s soulmate into their life. Not just any one, but “the” one!

– Help people who desire love to have more love in their life.

– Anyone not wanting a commitment, but just wanting to date, will have an abundance of dating opportunities in their life.

– Resolve existing relationship problems between couples who are dating, involved, or married.

– Help bring an ex back from the past who a person knows in their heart was their true soulmate.

It seems this shockwave is even going to do more, but this is the jest of what he explained to me.

You Need To Form A Love Circle

Albazar explained to me that people wanting to receive these love blessings from this Cosmic Shockwave need to have a “Love Circle” formed in the heart of their Soul Body. When he told me this, I was like “Whoa! That’s some powerful energy work needing to be performed!”

Then he proceeded to show me a technique for creating a Love Circle in the heart of a person’s Soul Body that amazed me. He showed me that by bypassing the energy link 33R on the 23rd Dimension, and by connecting it to a person’s Soul Body heart directly to the 41T energy link on the 43rd Dimension, will bypass any other unnecessary connections, and make the process even more powerful. Forming an incredibly strong Love Circle in the heart of the person’s Soul Body!

I was so excited he taught me that!

Sorry, I know this may seem confusing to someone who doesn’t understand energy linking, but it really excited me to hear this, so I just had to share it with you!

What this means is that the key to benefiting from this Cosmic Shockwave is to have a Love Circle created within the heart of your Soul Body. So, this is exactly what I am going to do for anyone who wants to have the love benefits from this Cosmic Shockwave!

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How To Have a Love Circle Formed

This is going to be a tedious technique to perform, so I am only going to perform this on 55 people. 55 is a Cosmic Love Number, and also the amount of people Albazar told me to perform this on.

This Cosmic Shockwave is at it’s strongest in April 2016, so I will be performing the Love Circle Fusions in March. So, if you would like to be blessed by this Cosmic Shockwave, and connect to the benefits of it’s powerful love energy, then this is definitely for you!

Again, people who procrastinate on this will miss out. So don’t wait until the last minute. This email is going out to many many people! And the spaces will go FAST!

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As you know from any previous energy work I may have done for you, this is going to be some powerful stuff, and this Cosmic Shockwave is really going to benefit you!

I look forward to talking soon.

In light and peace,

Tans Hoy

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  1. Stephanie Cass says:

    Is this going to cancel out the negative energy effects the Earth is putting out now in its attempt to heal?

  2. John says:

    This is great news for everyone! Especially the 65 year marker being dropped. I couldn’t imagine those left behind having to deal with that. I hope everyone keeps working to positively impact the earth even though Robey’s warning is called off. Be sure to tell them all a BIG thank you for dropping that!

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