Reincarnation And The 11 Lessons Karma Has To Teach Us

Karma and Reincarnation – How are they related? - reincarnation 2

The two are fundamentally inseparable. You can’t talk about one without discussing the other…

You can think of Karma as a natural law created by the Divine Being that applies to everything and everyone created. Karma is not about vengeance as some people think it is. It’s about fairness and “reaping what you sow.”

Reincarnation is the result of karmic energy. It is the soul’s journey through different stages of spiritual consciousness until such a time when the soul has learned all that can be learned on Earth. What follows is the initiation of Ascension, which is when your soul has completed its journey, and can now enter a more advanced realm meant for those who have achieved the peak of spiritual growth.

 11 Lessons From The Great Cosmic Teacher, Karma

A single lifetime isn’t enough for the soul to truly appreciate all the lessons life can teach us. Karma is not about punishment for things done in the past (or in previous lives). It is all about experiencing the equal and opposite reaction of previous decisions we’ve made, whether good or bad.

Here, I’ll share with you 11 lessons Karma has to teach you:

  1. Life requires participation – we are all one with our Universe, and that means we must all act with the full awareness that what we do affects how everything, and how everyone else behaves.


  1. Humility is spiritual strength – by accepting what is in the world and not judge things negatively, you are connecting to your higher self and focusing on a higher level of existence.


  1. You are meant to grow – your decisions determine your soul’s place in your spiritual journey. The only thing you have complete control over is yourself, and when you decide to change for the better, you undergo spiritual growth.


  1. You are responsible – one universal truth that can help you understand more about spiritual responsibility is this: you mirror what surrounds you, and what surrounds you mirrors you. If something is wrong in your life, there must be something you need to look at insode of you.


  1. Everything is connected – the past, present, and future, they are all connected, the same way an entire journey is made up of a series of steps that wouldn’t have been possible if the first step was not made.


  1. Focus is fundamental – you’ve heard it said before: man cannot serve two masters at once. You must focus on where your heart truly lies, or else you’ll end up like a boat without a ruder.


  1. What we claim, we must practice – your core beliefs need to be demonstrated at some point. You may even need to stand up for those beliefs, because this is a sign of spiritual strength.


  1. We live in the here and now – too much dwelling in the past or worrying about the future doesn’t let you appreciate where you are right now, which is very important if you are to open yourself up to the energies of your present environment.


  1. Change is constant – everything must change, but history will tend to repeat itself until your soul has learned the lessons it needs to change your path towards spiritual growth.


  1. Great rewards require patience – true joy is attained after putting in the required initial toil. As long as you stay true to your spiritual goal, the reward will come in on its own time.


  1. We must be inspiration-driven – meaningful work and progress is the product of what inspires you to move and take action. When you are inspiration-driven, you attract positive energy, as well as positive outcomes.


The key thing to remember about karma is the importance of being of service to others. When we do good, more opportunities will arise for us to do greater good, whether it be in this life or in the next. The wealth to be gained through these karmic lessons transcend the material plane, yet it is a spiritual kind of wealth that is too good for words to describe.

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