The Truth About Negative Spirits

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In my last email I talked about….

What is the biggest reason people experience disappointment, pain, depression, sadness, and other negative, “let-down” type emotions such as these? Well, in a few moments, I am going to reveal this to you…

…but first, I want to explain to you what causes a person to feel these feelings!

Understanding Energy – Positive and Negative

Negative energy is everywhere! It’s all around you – even now as you are reading this! Positive energy is everywhere too. And it’s also all around you right now too!

But, negative energy and positive energy are very different, in the sense that most people can feel negative energy around them easier than they can feel positive energy around them! And I’m going to explain why!

Also, it is not uncommon when an average person has a psychic feeling about something that the psychic feeling is usually a negative one. Most people who have no psychic training can easily sense danger, warnings, or “something bad that’s about to happen!”

But rarely does an average person with  little or no psychic training pick up positive psychic feelings such as “She is going to get proposed to and doesn’t know it” or “He is going to get an unexpected job promotion!” And I’m also going to explain why this is too!

Why Most People Only Feel Negative Energy

When you think of negative energy, think of heavy, dense things like mud. Dark energy is denser energy, and it is a heavier energy. So it lingers closer to the earth, which is closer to our physical bodies. Making negative energy an easier energy for most people to feel.

On the other hand, positive energy is light like the clouds. And since it is a lighter energy, it floats above our bodies, like clouds. Unlike negative energy which is denser and closer to our bodies, making it easier for most people to feel, positive energy is higher above us, and harder for an untrained person to pick up on.

In order to feel Positive energy, a person needs to raise their vibrational consciousness upwards, and become conscious of tuning into the lighter vibrational positive energy which floats above them. And since most people are not accustomed to “reaching upwards” with their thoughts, they instead “reach outwards” with them to what is closest.  This is a natural, subconscious reaction.

Since negative energy is denser, and closer to the earth, this is why most people have an easier time sensing the darker, heavier emotions caused by negative energy.

And when a person is always “reaching outwards” with their thoughts (again this is done subconsciously) they become like “sponges of negative energy” absorbing this dark energy into their souls, on a daily basis!

No wonder so many people struggle with depression, lack of self confidence, sadness, fear, worry, anxiety, obsessive thoughts, and not being able to turn their minds off! Because they have never been taught how to “reach upwards” and connect to the positive energy, rather than “reaching outwards” and absorbing all of that negative energy!

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Protection Is King

First off, with all that negative energy floating around out there, protection is king. You need to be protected from it, otherwise you’ll keep on absorbing it. No one in their right mind would speed down the highway without having a seatbelt on. So why would anyone in their right mind not want to protect themselves from absorbing all the negative energy in the environment? Especially knowing all the ways it can affect your body, mind, and spirit.

Did you know they have linked stress to cancer, heart problems, insomnia, lower immune systems, ulcers, migraine headaches, and a whole lot of other serious health problems? So protecting yourself from negative energy is also an investment into your own health!

Second, negative energy, when absorbed into your own energy, can leave you feeling drained, along with all the above symptoms I mentioned.

How Negative Entities Feed Off of Negative Energy

You may remember a few emails back when I explained how Deceptive Spirits (DS) thrive and feed off of negative energy, like a starving person eating at a buffet? Well, when you absorb negative energy from the environment, you run the risk of also absorbing into your own energy some of the “soul essence” of other spirits who feed off of negative energy.

You see, Deceptive Spirits deceive you, pretend to be your guides or angels, lead you down a path of pain, and then feed off of your hurts feelings when you fall, as a result of following their deceptive advice.

Like Hyenas in the jungle, they don’t always kill prey themselves, but search the jungle looking for left over carcasses of previously killed dead animals, and feed off the remains left behind.

Well, sadly, there are many other kinds of negative spirits floating around out there, who look for sad, hurting people, and then feed off of their unhealed emotional wounds and pains.

Have you ever had something emotionally traumatic happen to you, and wake up the next day feeling groggy, like you have a hangover? If you have experienced this, it’s because your energy was feed on by these other negative spirits while you were asleep.

Then when you woke up, you felt drained because they had literally drained a lot of you energy from you as a result of their feeding frenzy!

So if a person isn’t protected, they can become “fed on” while they sleep, like a hyena feasting on a dead carcass.

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Protection Is Easy

Getting protected from negative energy, which prevents you from being “fed on” from negative spirits when you sleep.And it is an easy and relaxing process to have performed on you.

When I do protection work like this, not only do I protect the person, but I also remove any energy barbs (these are different than energy cords) lodged in the person’s energy.

Energy barbs are how negative energy “hooks” itself into your energy field. Like fish hooks, they hook themselves in your energy.. So these need to be removed right away.

Then it’s a simple process of placing a strong shield of protection around the person, which protects the person from energy barbs, and from negative spirits from feeding off of their energy. Because once these energy barbs are removed, there is no more energy attached to the person for negative spirits to feed off of.

This shield of protection also prevents further energy barbs from attaching themselves to the person. Therefore, the person is no longer radiating out “negative energy food” for these negative spirits to feast on.

And even if they tried feasting on a shielded person, it would literally break their fangs! For them, it would be the same as you or me trying to bite into a glass Coke bottle! So once shielded, you are protected for a long time.

What You Can Do To Protect Yourself

The best way to prevent being “fed off of” from continuing to happen is to get shielded from these negative spirits. Almost every person out there, (except for Spiritual Gurus, highly trained Spiritual Masters, etc) will benefit from being shielded.

As a matter of fact, the best part about getting shielded is not only will it protect you from these negative spirits feeding off of your energy at night, it will also help you have more restful sleeps, feel less anxiety, depression, and other “let-down” emotions. And people will often comment how something about you looks different.

Getting shielded protects you from absorbing the “soul essence” of negative spirits in the environment. Soul Essence absorption of negative spirits is what causes people to have mood swings, not feel like themselves, and lose parts of who they are, as the years go by.

This absorption can literally change a person’s personality over time. People often report not feeling like the same carefree, energetic, happy person they once were. They just begin to feel different inside as the years pass!

Being fed upon and not knowing you are being fed upon, not only takes a lot out of a person, it also ages people too. So when a person has been shielded, others can often see in the person’s face that something different! You begin to feel lighter, younger, more energetic, and carefree, once again.

People report feeling like they have the same energy as a teenager, once again!

So if you want to feel better, sleep better,  feel younger, look younger, and just feel better overall, I recommend getting shielded.

To get shielded, simply click here and fill out this form on my Psychic reading page, and someone will call you to arrange a session with you.

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Getting shielded will be one of the best things you can do for yourself. So visit here and fill out the form on my Schedule A reading page, and I look forward to helping you get back on track to feeling better, lighter, and happier.

In light and peace,

Tana Hoy



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  1. Enedina Maldonado says:

    U r right about what I just read but I got no money. I’m a single mother, a felon, dropped out school 7th grade, had no guidance/parent’s growing up. I’ve been aboused as a child by my whole family growing up. All the abouse you think of I’ve lived it as a child. I’m trying to hang on for my son but I’m getting really tired.

  2. Sam B says:

    Enedina, Don’t forget you also have angels who will assist you. I believe Raphael, Zadkiel and Uriel can assist you. Just call on them when you need to.
    You are not alone. You are never alone.

    In regards to the main post, if this is the case, it might make it difficult to trust your guides at all. Since I don’t know my guides names, I just ask for the archangels directly. I only know of seven so far. The Archangels.

    If I may also suggest if this is even applicable: Archangel Michael may be able to protect you. If white light does nothing to help protect you from the deceptive guides, he may be able to sift them out.

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