Here’s Your Monthly Horoscope For September 2016

Hi there,

I want to talk about streaks of bad luck, and what causes them.

And as you already know, streaks of bad luck can be caused by 5 different things:

1. Life cycles

2. Karmic debt from this life or past lives

3. Psychic curses placed on you by others

4. Your Chakras and aura being shutdown

5. Psychic energy changes around the planet

Bad Luck Doesn’t Randomly Happen! 

Either way, streaks of bad luck DO NOT just happen randomly. A streak of bad luck is an INDICATION that something is wrong, somewhere in a person’s life.

Now I’m not talking about obstacles or challenges in life that we all face. Everyone experiences challenges and obstacles.

I am talking about streaks of bad luck, You know the saying “If it wash’t for bad luck, I’d have no luck at all!”

I’m talking about no matter what you seem to do, whether it is in relationships, your career, money problems, trying to get ahead in life, making friends, being able to keep a relationship, having people lie to you, or cheat on you, etc.

I am talking about things that keep repeating themselves as THEMES in your life. These are what I mean by streaks of bad luck!

Reoccurring themes in your life are warning sings that something is out of whack! In other words, they are signs  that you are out of rhythm with the natural, vibrational flow of the Universe.

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Because if you were in rhythm, things would work out!

So you my be wondering “What can I do to get myself back in rhythm?”

Well, there is a secret method that was taught to me by Saint Germain, the Archangel Michael, and my Master Guide Macar, that I lead a person through to identify, correct, then remove and eliminate, a person’s bad luck.

This secret method is called Triadic Realignment And Rhythmic Correctation.

What this powerful technique does is it corrects life cycles that are out of rhythm (which causes bad luck), karma that might be causing bad luck, aura imbalance that could be causing bad luck, or any other root causes of bad luck!

It literally fixes all of these things, puts your soulic energy back into rhythm with the coric center of the Universal Flow, (which cause bad luck to happen in the first place) and then, after this has been performed, things in your life will start turning around like you wouldn’t believe!

It involves the following 3 steps:

The First Step – Identification

And as I mentioned in my last email, the first step to getting yourself back in rhythm to end your bad luck, is identifying what caused you to get out of rhythm in the first place.

So the first step is Identification. This means pinpointing exactly where the bad luck started! It involves a deep evaluation of your Akashic Records.

Let’s face it, no one enjoys not being able to have relationships work out!

No one enjoys not being able to get ahead in life!

No one enjoys having continuous money problems!

And no one enjoys arguing and fighting all the time with someone they love!

All of these, and several more, are signs a person is out of rhythm with the Universe…

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The Second Step – A Correct Process

Once you have identified where your bad luck came from, next you need a process to correct it or change it!

This process involves several things. It may involve repeating a special mantra, channeled specifically for your energy field.

It may involve meditating with a powerful, sacred Healing Mandela – a channeled drawing created specifically for your energy.

It may involve needing some type of deep energy. More then likely, it would involve all three of the above processes.

The Third Step – Removal And Elimination

Once I have identified where your bad luck started, the next  step involves sharing with you a mantra to use, then showing you how to use it. Or doing some deep healing work on you during oursession.  or possibly drawing a channeled sacred, healing mandala for you, and then teaching you how to use your mandala.

Most of the time, it will involve using two, if not three, of the above healing techniques.

(A Note About Mandalas)

As far as the mandala is involved, if you need one, I actually go into a deep trance, and through automatic drawing, I hand draw these Healing Mandalas myself, based on how my guides lead me.

They are drawn by Ascended Masters, but through me. The Ascended Masters use my hand to draw the Healing Mandala for them. In other words, I am the vessel they use to draw through.

The Mandalas are very beautiful, and take over two hours to create one! When I come out of my trance, I am amazed by how beautiful they look.

If you happen to need a mandala, they will also protect you from bad luck in all areas of your life!


After the root of your bad luck has been identified, and you have either a deep healing session performed on you, or start using your healing mantra,or your powerfully channeled Healing Mandala, you will  feel lighter, like something had been lifted. And if you are like most people, you will find that your bad luck has disappeared – like magic!

Of course, it isn’t magic! It is simply getting back into alignment with the natural flow of the Universe!

If you’ve had any type of healing work done by me before, then you have already experienced the power of this kind of energy work! And if you need a mandala, you are going to be literally blown away by it’s power!

How To Eliminate Your Bad Luck Completely

If you have been having bad luck in different areas of your life, then you will definitely find that this amazing session will be just what you’ve needed all your life!

Bad luck can be always meeting the wrong people, relationships never seeming to work out, bad luck making friends, or meeting people you can actually trust, bad luck with work, work relationships, co workers, bosses,neighbors, money, health, or even getting ahead in life!

Bad luck will disguise itself in many different forms!

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I personally guarantee you that if you are having, or have had, bad luck in any of these areas, this technique will be exactly what you need!

And if you haven;t had a lot of bad luck, this technique will protect you from experiencing it to higher degrees in the future, especially when this energy comes that is going to hit the planet hard in November 2014! I mean very hard!

So you want to be protected from this “Bad Luck Energy Cycle” and this technique will not only protect you, but it’ protection will alos extend out to your oved ones also!

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I Apologize, But Spaces Are Very Limited

Again, I apologize because I will only be able to offer this to 50 people due to having to make sure I have spaces available for my psychic readings too. So please don;t procrastinate on reserving your space, or you’ll miss out! I always have stragglers I have to turn away, and it breaks my heart to do

that! So please make sure to reserve your space right away!

I hope you found some answers in this email, and that the mystery of what causes bad luck, has been answered and revealed to you!

I look forward to working with you on this.

In light and peace,

Tana Hoy

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P.S.S.S. Here’s your Monthly Horoscope For September 2016


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  1. Sam B says:

    “November 2014.” Not the 2016 September Shockwave?
    OK so some of them are reused, which is fine, but it kinda threw me off at first.

    These mandalas actually look similar to WingM art, only theirs is more… wobbly, but these actually look amazing. This will be something interesting to delve into.

  2. Avery says:

    I recall a previous post where the date Sept 18, 2016 would be like a great cosmic earthquake. Tana, is that date still relevant?

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