Tana Hoy’s Psychic Predictions For 2013 (One World Government)

Here are more of my monthly psychic predictions for 2013. As we approach 2014, the energy of the planet is going to start to intensify!

psychic predictions for 2013

Psychic Predictions For 2013

We are already seeing this unfold, exactly as I had predicted it would months ago. When I predicted the government shutdown, I knew it was going to throw the country into crisis for a short period. But just as I had also predicted, it backfired on the people who initiated it.

We are going to experience more government and political manipulation, as certain political parties continue to use tactics like the recent government shutdown. They will use these tactics to try and sway the opinions of American citizens, with the purpose of turning them against the political parties they hope to demonize.

2014 is going to be a year where the American people are going to be manipulated by the government even more. The media will be involved in this manipulation by reporting news that serves only the interests of the political party that particular news station follows. We are going to see the same manipulation in newspapers and magazines.

This intentional manipulation is going to hypnotize some people into becoming mindless zombies who believe everything they hear, watch, and read. While those who are more enlightened will “read between the lines” and see it for the manipulation it is!

This government manipulation is being overseen and dictated by a Dark Force that wants to control the world. This Dark Force (referred to as The Force Of Light) is already in control of certain of the minds of certain people who are already in office.

These evil leaders were placed into office intentionally by the Dark Force with only one thing in mind- to eventually have one world government in order to control the entire world.

This is now the time to wake up, or else you will become just another mindless zombie under the hypnotic spell of the Dark Force!

What we are going to see in 2014:

– Heavy political mudslinging used by the evil politicians under the control of the Dark Force, to create misdirection to confuse people, and direct their attention away from their true intentions.

– More government invasion into the privacy of US citizens.

– People who try and expose the truth will be hunted down, called traitors, made to seem like lunatics, and forced to go into hiding. Another form of misdirection to demonize those who are trying to expose the truth, and make the evil politicians appear to be doing nothing wrong!

– The US is going to use more “manipulative tactics” to try and move us closer to becoming a one world government.

– If the American people continue to allow themselves to be deceived and manipulated, and refuse to stand up, by 2043, the US government will join forces with China, and both countries will form a One World Government together.

– If a One World Government is formed, a hybrid of human/alien life forms will start to appear, as the evil minds who control the one world government will start interbreeding with aliens who are not peaceful, in oder to create a new type of human race that cannot be easily defeated.

How to wake up and see the truth:

– Do not accept everything you hear, read, or see on TV as the truth. Always investigate the facts for yourself!

– Learn to trust your intuition. If it doesn’t see right or feel right, then it isn’t right!

– Be aware of politicians that seem to serve only their cause, and not the cause of all people. This can be hard to detect, because the evil minds will try to convince you they are for the good of all! This is where you need to trust your intuition!

– Become open minded. Do not be fooled into thinking that “your party” is the only right party! This is what they have conditioned you to think. This type of thinking is part of being hypnotized by the evil minds! They use this mind control to create division between you and the party they want you to think is bad! Break the spell by being willing to open your mind!

I realize that these psychic predictions for 2013 for this month are not a upbeat as I would like, but as a psychic and spiritual teacher, it is my spiritual obligation to use my gift to keep all light seekers informed!

If you would like to know more about the outcomes in your future, or how this may affect you, a psychic reading with Tana Hoy can open your mind, and prepare you for the future!

7 Responses

  1. Donald D says:

    Scary yet exciting. Opening your intuitive abilities is the best way to prepare yourself? Staying physically prepared also.

  2. Tammy says:

    Incredible Tana! You predicted the Earthquake in Japan that hit a few days ago too!

  3. Karla L says:

    Tana, these are amazing predictions! Your predictions always come true which is pretty impressive! I love your predictions! Thank you!

  4. navien says:

    I alredy feel this would happpend from long ago . You telling it now . We are in the system of iluminaty from the beggining . All we need to do is dont care about anything just like budda. To hold noting.

  5. Kathryn says:

    This is important because it has been going on for a long while, and it is time that it is put out there. It is coming soon that one can no longer sit on the fence or close their eyes and pretend to be neutral. Awareness takes away being the victim of everything that is going on; now we have the option to choose light and love, or darkness and fear. We must be aware of what is happening, but we must work towards loving each other and bringing unity to humanity and connection with our mother.

  6. Paris says:

    Thank you for being a bekon of light and helping us to see what will begin to happen .
    Hopefully more and more people wake up and stop being sheepols to world news reports and find the truth that always remains half covered

  7. Arctic says:

    Illumination goes through knowing the conspiracies. We have been duped and manipulated at so many levels. Even the spiritual ones. In matter of becoming enlightened you have to take the road through the rabbithole. Very exciting, scarying and even depressing. But to deny truth or shovel it under the carpet will not take the problem away. In this manner we are solely alone to get out on the other side, but take heed in the information to trust. The question is, what information can you trust?

    Great prediction Tana, and may we continue to battle the New World ‘Order and their one world government. We are not beaten….yet

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