More Psychic Predictions For 2013 (Strange Occurrences)

Here are more of my psychic predictions for 2013. In the upcoming months, we are going to see some very interesting things occur!

psychic predictions 2013

Predictions For 2013

I had a very deep meditational experience this past week, and during my meditation, I was shown several events that are going to occur in the upcoming days ahead!

So here are more of my psychic predictions for 2013:


Miley Cyrus is going to go over the deep end! She will eventually check herself into some type of psychiatric hospital or rehab facility! We are going to start hearing rumors of some strange sexual behaviors that she is involved in. These won’t be publicly confirmed, but several sources will confirm them.

Tom Cruise will be in the news again! He is going to start exhibiting strange behavior once more, and many people will think he has finally flown to Coo-Coo Land!

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Barack Obama will be faced with some embarrassing behavior! There is going to be a scandal that will come to light, and it will involve illegal arms dealings in Syria. It will be like the Oliver North scandal all over again! Barack will claim lack of knowledge about this!

Several politicians will be exposed for being involved in a sex ring that involves minors! Several of the Senators will be sent to prision, as Washington will turn it’s back on all of them!


Severe weather s going to hit the Philippines, and several lives will be lost! This will be one of their worst floods in several years!

The Stock Market

The Stock Market is going to thrive throughout the rest of 2013. Although around May of 2014, there is going to be a major drop. A quick rebound will follow!

Weird Disease

A new strain of virus will be discovered that science will not know how to deal with. This will be another unknown virus similar to the HIV virus that popped up in the early 80’s. Although it will not be sexually transmitted, it will only affect people in Third World countries! There will be speculation that this virus was government created, in order to wipe out the “undesirables” of society! What a sad thing!!

Alien Contact

There is going to be a major UFO touchdown on the earth near the end of 2013! This will be like the Roswell incident, and covered up by the government who will claim it was not a UFO at all!

There are the rest of my psychic predictions for 2013, and I hope you enjoyed reading them! If you would like to discover my predictions for your life, please click here!

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    Thanks tana. Ashame about miley Cyrus.

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