More Psychic Predictions For 2015 (March Release) – by Tana Hoy

My psychic predictions for 2015 (my February release) are very interesting. When I was meditating with my guides about my psychic predictions this month, I had some very interesting visions that I saw. 2015 psychic predictions

Here are my latest 2015 psychic predictions for February 2015.


The political climate is going to be changing in Washington. We are going to start seeing conservative Republicans adopting a more liberal attitude on what were once conservative issues. Gay marriage, immigration, and the death penalty, are going to be a few of the issues that normally conservative politicians are going to be softening their views on.

The US is going to send troops in or around Saudi Arabia and Yemen. As reports surface of the Saudi government having had involvement in 911, tensions between the US, Saudi Arabia, and Yemen are going to heighten.

Two Republican congressmen are going to pass unexpectedly. They are going to be the more conservative types, and their deaths will create a more liberal “feel” in the US congress.


A new young actor is going to rise to fame, and he will become known for his incredible sexy looks, and charming smile. He is going to be the new sex symbol, and his name will sweep the world!

Jack Nicolson is going to have some troubles. I believe they will be health related, but a few other troubles will also surface in his life. We will definitely be hearing about him in the news.

There is going to be more bad news for Lindsey Lohan. Expect more problems to follow, and her life is going to start to take another downhill turn.


There is going to be the discovery of a drug that will wipe out Sickle Cell Anemia. This miracle drug will also have positive affects on other disease as well.

There’s going to be a new weight loss diet that will sweep the nation. Many people will hail it as the greatest new discovery since sliced bread, due to their success in losing weight. But like all fads, it will eventually be forgotten.


Indonesia is going to be it with severe weather soon! Many lives will be lost as a result of it. Also, Vietnam is also going to be affected with severe weather too.

Some Midwestern states in the US are going to experience a longer winter this year, but they will find that their snow days are not as intense. This will be followed by a shorter summer in those states, and a very severe winter that will follow!


People in Asia are going to start a new fad of swallowing Tape Worms to keep them skinny! This fad is going to last for a awhile, until bizarre reports start surfacing about these worms showing themselves during the most private of moments!

There will be a European county that will claim to be in close contact with aliens, but the country will not fully reveal everything. They will claim that these aliens are helping them develop technologically and scientifically.

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