More Psychic Predictions For 2015 (May Release) – by Tana Hoy

Here are more of my 2015 psychic predictions for May. When I was meditating and talking with my guides to see what was coming up in the future, I saw so many psychic visions that I almost had smoke coming out of my ears! It was like psychic overload to my brain!

2015 Psychic predictions

Psychic Predictions – May 2015

I am going to share as many of these psychic predictions as I can with you, and some of the predictions will even be included in next month’s predictions when I release them.

So here are my latest psychic predictions for 2015:


Due to his passing of the Religious Freedom Reformation Act, the career of the Governor of Indiana, Mike Pence, will end after his term is over. After his term is over, he will no longer be involved in politics, and will end up disappearing into the Abyss.

In June, The US Supreme will make gay marriage legal in all 50 states.

Jeb Bush will end up having a serious health crisis, and it may also end his political career due to health complications.


There is going to be major changes with Justin Bieber. We are going to see a young mature man growing outward from him, and he is going to start becoming a humanitarian and giving some money to different causes he believes in.

There is going to be the unexpected death of a young female celebrity. Suicide will be the cause, and many people are going to be taken back by her death.

Dev Patel (star of Slumdog Millionaire and The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel) is going to rise even higher to fame in 2015. He will soon be acting in more and more major roles.


People are always going to disagree on this issue, and politicians are going to say whatever is popular to say at the time, but marijuana is going to be legal in all 50 states within 3 years.

The new drug that prevents HIV is going to be successful and will be available on the market within 9 to 12 months. Many people will hail it as the new miracle drug, but the side effects may leave a lot to be desired.

A new form of cancer is going to be discovered that affects small animals. There will be a cure that will be discovered quickly, and it will be very affective.


Weather patterns are going to be erratic over the next few months. We are going to see weird weather patterns in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Indiana, and even Florida. Florida is going to be hit with a major hurricane and Indiana is going to experience severe weather problems. Some will claim that karma is the result of this due to all the hatred being currently spread by these two states.

The Philippines is going to have mild climate compared to years before. But Australia and parts of Mexico are going to have unusual climates. A major hurricane is going to destroy parts of a tourist destination in Mexico.


ISIS is going to be retreating from it’s reign on terror. ISIS will be defeated by the end of 2015 and we will no loner hear much about them.

A new terrorist group is going to pop up. Their brutal ways will make ISIS seem like child’s play. Make sure to send white light towards the Middle East to help heal them.

Russia is going to face a financial crisis and will seek out help from different countries around the world. Many countries will turn their backs on Russia, and the country will face a major economic depression.

June, July, and August of 2015 are going to be the best months to find love! So if you are looking for that soulmate, make sure to be very active searching for him or her in those 3 months!

So those were more of my more of my 2015 psychic predictions and I hope you’ve enjoyed them!

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