More Psychic Predictions For 2015 (February Release) – by Tana Hoy

With the New Year starting off with a bang, and a few surprising psychic predictions for 2015, there are even more psychic prediction surprises ahead for 2015.

2015 psychic predictions

Psychic predictions for 2015

After many hours of meditation, here are more of the events I was shown by my Spirit Guides that will unfold in 2015.


There is going to be a bizarre circumstance surrounding the death of one of Hollywood’s elite! The way this passing happens is going to seem a bit strange, or even weird, and something that would only happen to Hollywood!

A new Snake Cult is going to form, where members play with snakes and worship them. Similar to the Snake Handlers in the Ozarks, but the snakes they worship will not be poisonous.

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are going to make a shocking announcement that is going to leave their fans flabbergasted!

Beyoncé will announce she is pregnant again!


There is going to be the death of a major political figure, who once a Republican President of the United States!

With the new congress controlled by Republicans, there are going to be what some would call “major setbacks” when it comes to the rights of women.

Dues to some political corruption that comes to light, there is going to be another major protest all across America!

California is going to be discovered to have major corruption happening in their State government. It is going to be discovered that the higher ups in the state are giving themselves raises of 2 to 3%, but they are stopping raises for anyone else! All of this is happening while the state is facing major financial challenges.


Snow will hit some states in US in the Springtime when these states should be having warmer weather. This is going to be an unusual year for weather all across the USA.

Japan is going to be faced with some major weather challenges again this year! And the Philippines is going to get hit especially hard! Parts of Indonesia and India will also experience sever weather as we approach the middle of the year!
Stock Market

There is going to be short dip between April 15th and May 15th. It will cause a small panic among investors, but it will rise back up just as quickly as it fell.


There will be major advancements made in the research of Autism. New drugs may be created that can lower the risks of a mother having an autistic child.

Medical benefits are going to be discovered in snail slime. Currently being used for skincare, it will also be found to have healing properties too! It will also be discovered that it is useful for the reduction of scars.

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  1. Julia says:

    i want to know if there will be more bombings and terror by the islamist extremists. you seem to very quiet on that subject even though it dominates the news Tana. How come?

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