3 Powerful Psychic Development Tips (Part 2) – by Tana Hoy

ere are 3 more psychic tips you can use to after practicing Part 1 from the following post.

It is important to practice Part 1, before trying this one. If you have not done that, please scroll down and read Part 1 of this article first.

Remember, as I explained in Part 1, the more you pay attention to your psychic ability, the more it will increase! By taking time each day to be aware of your psychic ability, you will start noticing your abilities become stronger.

3 More Psychic Development Tips

1. Now that you have started becoming more aware of your gut feelings in all situations, when you notice your gut feelings, try and ask yourself “What does this feeling mean?” See if you can come up with different words to describe the feelings in your gut.

2. As you are paying close attention to what you “feel” when meeting new people, try to think of words to describe those feelings. Ask yourself “What does this feeling feel like?” Try to come up with as many different words as possible!

3. As you become aware of flashes of images you may get when meeting people, visiting places, or entering antique stores, start paying attention to the images you see, and start writing these images down. Be as detailed and specific as you can, when writing down what you see.

By placing words to your feelings, or describing the images you see, you will start becoming more aware of the feelings you experience, and the visions that you see. Do not try and figure out what the feelings or visions mean, just try and put words to them for now!

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  1. Tana Hoy says:

    If you use the techniques I shared with you, you will start getting visions and flashes! Keep trying the techniques and keep me posted.

    In light and peace,
    Tana Hoy

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