3 Powerful Psychic Development Tips (Part 2)

Here are 3 more psychic tips you can use to after practicing Part 1 from the following post.

It is important to practice Part 1, before trying this one. If you have not done that, please scroll down and read Part 1 of this article first.

Remember, as I explained in Part 1, the more you pay attention to your psychic ability, the more it will increase! By taking time each day to be aware of your psychic ability, you will start noticing your abilities become stronger.

3 More Psychic Development Tips

1. Now that you have started becoming more aware of your gut feelings in all situations, when you notice your gut feelings, try and ask yourself “What does this feeling mean?” See if you can come up with different words to describe the feelings in your gut.

2. As you are paying close attention to what you โ€œfeelโ€ when meeting new people, try to think of words to describe those feelings. Ask yourself “What does this feeling feel like?” Try to come up with as many different words as possible!

3. As you become aware of flashes of images you may get when meeting people, visiting places, or entering antique stores, start paying attention to the images you see, and start writing these images down. Be as detailed and specific as you can, when writing down what you see.

By placing words to your feelings, or describing the images you see, you will start becoming more aware of the feelings you experience, and the visions that you see. Do not try and figure out what the feelings or visions mean, just try and put words to them for now!

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3 Responses

  1. diane says:

    i just left you a msg on fb and asked you about touches,i feel so much touches around me, thanks for you sherded your secret with the world,in my life i experience seeing spirit orbs, not on photos in real life ,every thing you wrote here iv been through it all,i get so many signs,i have been attached also,i had rented a house and there was an evil spirit,had slam d my windows and shocked the kitchen coboard,i shouted at him and prayed,and i felt him leave it never happened again,i wish learn more………Thankyou Tana Hoy

  2. shawn travis mcnabb says:

    i absolutely love you and i don’t think i can say that enough. i read your post about the sensations and explanations for the feelings when angels are present. and i have to say, just KNOWING there are beings who love you unconditionally and want the best for you. and it may explain the comfort that comes over me at certain points..especially when you need it most. and i cannot wait until i can communicate with them and stumble upon my purpose, and i have heard your purpose is what you make it..and i really just want to help people. love people. i may sound like a nut. but there is so much in me i want to give that i have not yet discovered and i KNOW that. thank you for your posts and know that there are people following you. i am surprised there are not more comments. and i hope i do not become that over-bearing person ha. kidding ๐Ÿ™‚ just taking this in for the first time and i am certainly intrigued and appreciative.

  3. shawn travis mcnabb says:

    oh man, reading diane’s comment reminds me. a friend of mine is having alot of negative issues at her home and is unsure of how to deal with it. it is really affecting her daughter and especially her girlfriend, the daughters mother.. i was just wondering if you had any quick tips for them? i hate that i cannot comfort them. i don’t feel intimidated when i am there or anything, but i have caught the culprit on camera, just orbs, at least three and a bluish white almost smoke-like but illuminated..

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