3 Psychic Development Tips (Part 1) – by Tana Hoy

Here are 3 different tips you can use to enhance your awareness of your psychic ability.

The more you pay attention to your psychic ability, the more it will increase! By becoming more aware of your psychic ability on a daily basis, you will start noticing your abilities become stronger.

3 Psychic Development Tips

1. Start becoming more aware of your gut feelings in all situations.

2. Pay close attention to what you “feel” when meeting new people.

3. Be aware of flashes of images you may get when meeting people, visiting places, or entering antique stores.

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  1. Nathan McDonald says:

    Hi Tana

    I was just reading part 1 of your 3 Psychic Development Tips and was shocked that I already do those 2 of the 3 tips, I have always gone with my gut feeling in every situation, 90% of the time I can judge a person character correctly just by looking at them. I have had flashes of images in the past but have not been able to reconise them until later on.

    I always thought it was something everyone done.

    Thanks again for sharing these tips and I look forward to when your courses become available.

    I will be filling out the form to schedule a call from you after this email so hopefully we can speak in February some time, i’m guessing January is all booked out.

    Hope you had a great Christmas and have a prosperous New Year.

    Nathan McDonald

  2. patrick forsythe says:

    hi tana i was wondering when u are putin up more vids on youtube please put some more up. p.s. please read my face book comments on your page. i’m 12 nearly 13 and i have dreams of the future, deja fu and i was wondering if i might be psychic i also feel like what would be the presence of a spirit please let me know on face book
    thanks blessed be tana

  3. Dear Tana I have been asking my spirit guides to send me help because they won’t communicate with me and than you popped up on youtube well they still stay quite. I like you see ghost 24/7 but they won’t talk unless i’m sleeping and when i finally start waking up and want to ask questions they disapear with a perturb feeling with me that I should know better am a granpa and taking care of them there’s no way I can afford you but I can surely barter you’ll see that I’m a giver not a taker BOB

  4. Heather says:

    Dear Tana ,
    my name is Heather and I am 26 years old I have been going through some really crazy things in my life and well I just found you on youtube some how I get this feeling when I watched your first video that I needed to watch all 56 so I did…I learned a lot from them…I have really been trying to figure myself out and trying these things has helped me. Your blogs helps a lot! Thank you for taking the time to write them =0)

  5. Sharon says:

    Dear Tana;

    I signed up for your course, in hopes it is free. My husband and I went on board the USS North Carolina and I was bombarded by spirits. The ship was rocking and I was out to sea. When we went below deck I had so many spirits crowding me that I felt a panic attack coming on. We are taking our Grandson to visit the ship next week. I am so frightened about going back. Please what can I do to be able to enjoy the ship without spirits bothering me?

  6. Nancy says:

    Thank you Tana for your wonderful tips on Psychic development,i really do need it as i’m crazy about developing my psychic abilities.I can’t thank you enough.Please send me more tips,i have time on my hand now and will be able to go throughthe messages over and over.Also,mostly i’m able to get directions through dreams but i need to see exactly what i want,when i want it.So i sure need to be groomed.Thanks for your blogs once more,loving every bit of it.Thank you.

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