3 Psychic Development Tips (Part 3)

Here are last 3 psychic tips you can use to after practicing Part 1 and Part 2 from the following posts.

It is important to practice Part 1 and Part 2, before trying this one. If you have not done that, please scroll down and read Part 1 and Part 2 of this series first.

I explained in Part 1, the more you pay attention to your psychic ability, the more it will increase! By taking time each day to be aware of your psychic ability, you will start noticing your abilities become stronger.

In Part 2 I explained how to start identifying your psychic feelings and visions by putting words to them.

In Part 3, I am going to show you how to start using this information to give a psychic reading!

Putting It All Together

3 More Psychic Development Tips

1. Now that you have asked yourself “What does this feeling mean?” and have tried to can come up with different words to describe the feelings in your gut, it is now time to fully understand what they mean in relation to the situation.

2. Since you are now becoming more aware and paying closer attention to what you “feel” when meeting new people, and thinking of words to describe those feelings. It is now time to look at your list, and apply what you wrote down to that particular situation. see how what you wrote down applies. If you wrote about a person, see if the words you wrote down seems to describe they type of person they are, or maybe you were picking up on how that person secretly feels inside. If it was regarding a location, research the history of the place, and see if the words apply.

3. Now that you have become more aware of flashes of images you may get when meeting people, visiting places, or entering antique stores, and you have started paying attention to the images you see, and writing those images down, use the same steps as in step to see how they apply.

You may be surprised to discover that you are more psychic than you may have realized.

Please leave me comments to let me know you your experiences with this!

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