3 Soulmate Secrets You Need To Know

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Soulmates weave their story through the ages, and through different lifetimes. The love soulmates have for each other is so great, that some people have a hard time understanding how this kind of love could exist.

Some people believe in soulmates. Some don’t. The reason for this difference is simple – the love soulmates have for each other is so great, that some people have a hard time understanding how this kind of love could exist.

But those with spiritual awareness know for sure about the existence of soulmates.

In fact, when you get an accurate psychic reading about your love life, some of the best things you can discover have to do with things about your soulmate. A good psychic reading can provide the answers you need to questions such as:

  • Is your soulmate longing for you?
  • Is your soulmate accessible, or does your soulmate live half of the world away from you?
  • Will you and your soulmate end up together in this life?
  • What about if you’re already in a committed relationship – is it possible your current partner is not your soulmate?
  • Can you ever be really, fully sure the person you believe to be your soulmate is actually your soulmate?

These are questions requiring strong psychic energy and spiritual awareness to answer fruitfully.

If you get an accurate psychic reading, you’ll be able to find the answers you are looking for. However, in the meantime, there are 3 soulmate secrets you need to know.

The reason for this is, by knowing these secrets, you’ll be able to clear your mind of any insecurities or doubts you may have, as to whether you really do have a soulmate who is meant just for you.


Soulmate Secret # 1 – You can be your true self with your soulmate, without fear.


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Soulmates are so comfortable with each other, there is no longer any need for whatever kind of insecurity, big or small.

Soulmates are so comfortable with each other, there is no longer any need for whatever kind of insecurity, big or small.

Ordinarily, before people can have a relationship, some kind of attraction has to take place. That specific attraction is often what binds those two people together.

For some, having a beautiful face and body is the attraction. For some, it is money. For others, it is intelligence. And for some other people, it can be having an engaging or witty sense of humor.

Attractions based on such things are fleeting. They can fade over time. They can be replaced by boredom, dislike, or sometimes, even disgust.

Soulmates, on the other hand, are attracted to each other without rhyme or reason in a material or physical sense.

It is for such a reason that between soulmates, there is no longer any need to try hard to please each other. At your best or at your worst, your soulmate will understand. Your love for each other goes beyond the physical.

Your spiritual awareness for each other is so strong it even crosses over several lifetimes.


Soulmate Secret # 2 – The more lives you have already lived, the more soulmates you have in any given lifetime in the future.


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In one lifetime, you will always have a pool of soulmates you can potentially end up being with.

There is a misguided belief among many that from time immemorial, each soul only has one soulmate, forever and ever.

While that certainly sounds exceedingly romantic, it is not true at all.

With each reincarnation you live through, you will meet different people, and some of those people will be magnetically drawn to you, as you are magnetically drawn to them. Such an attraction is known as “soulmate pull.”

When you have a relationship with some of these people based on a mutual attraction, the kind which is not dependent on anything that can fade over time (see Soulmate Secret # 1 above), then you can be sure you share a love energy bond together. Each of those people are your potential soulmates.

Sometimes, you and a good number of your potential soulmates reincarnate at the same time. Sometimes, it is only a few of your potential soulmates who are reincarnated with you. Whatever the case may be, you are not boxed into pining away while looking for a single soulmate.

In one lifetime, you will always have a pool of soulmates you can potentially end up being with.


Soulmate Secret # 3 – Meeting your soulmate does not happen by chance. It is part of the Spirit Contract you and your soulmate agreed on, before reincarnating.


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Before souls reincarnate, Spirit Guides discuss with them what experiences they needed to go through, in order to learn lessons to help them develop and progress in their spiritual growth.

This can be a somewhat tricky concept for some people to understand at first glance, so let me simplify it.

Let’s assume sometime in 1870s, a couple named Robert and Meredith lived through their lifetime with a love so strong and solid, it motivated fierce jealousy in others.

Other people did all they could to separate Robert and Meredith. And they unfortunately succeeded. Meredith and Robert both married someone else.

Then eventually, Robert and Meredith both died, unable to continue experiencing the love they shared for each other.

Here’s the kicker – what happened to Robert and Meredith wasn’t accidental or a chance event. It was planned.

The planning happened in the Spirit World between two souls, who received directions from their Spirit Guides.

The Spirit Guides discussed with the two souls what experiences they needed to go through, in order to learn lessons to help them develop and progress in their spiritual growth.

When the two souls reached an agreement about the lessons and experiences, they were reincarnated soon after. They became Robert and Meredith. They met, fell and love, and became separated until they died.

After, the two souls met again in the Spirit World during which, another Spirit Contract planning takes place with their Spirit Guides. Among the life lessons brought up by their Spirit Guides, the two souls realize the biggest lesson they needed to learn was to learn how to stand up for their love.

Flashforward into the 1990s.

Skylar and Madison are officemates who find themselves unusually being drawn toward each other.

They try to resist the strong pull for the simple reason that they are both women, and are afraid of what society will say. What’s more, Madison is in a long-term relationship with a guy named Shane.

Madison and Skylar have both never had any previous romantic experiences with the same gender, so they are both surprised and confused over the attraction they are experiencing for each other.

They faced many drawbacks, encounter a lot of obstacles, and have many disagreements about all the stress they face. However, they couldn’t resist the pull and soon became an item. Madison breaks up with Shane.

As for Skylar, although she already saw Madison in an extraordinarily special way, Skylar also felt strongly drawn to someone she had met in a chat room, Jake.

Skylar had sleepless nights trying to decide between Jake and Madison.

Eventually, though, in spite of great odds, Skylar and Madison made a stand to stay together. Be happy together.

Robert and Meredith in the 1870s. Skylar and Madison in the 1990s.  Jake in the 1990s, a potential soulmate for Skylar.

However, it wasn’t meant to be for Jake and Skylar in this lifetime. It was meant to be, though, for Madison and Skylar.

What I just gave you is a simplified example of some of the possible variations looking for, and being with your soulmate can entail.

Soulmates weave their story through the ages, and through different lifetimes.

How about you? Would you like to know your soulmate story? Learn about your Spirit Contracts? Find out if you and your soulmate will be reunited in this lifetime?

If yes, you can increase your spiritual awareness and find the answers you need through an accurate psychic reading. The form for scheduling your reading can be found on this page.

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2 Responses

  1. Sam B says:

    This was able to answer an old question I asked back in April / May: “What happens when the mirror shatters?”

    The Robert and Meredith / Skylar and Madison scenario represented an idea of reflection is near non existent as opposed to deliberate contact and play out of specific events. It appears Shane was merely a third wheel, or rather an innocent bystander who effectively left in the cold and potentially got hurt. I can empathise with Shane in this regard. I already mentioned my story of a cheating girlfriend who had apparently had no respect for me. In this instance however she apparently found her soulmate but through clearly underhanded means as she apparently lied to me or herself in order to cover up for her actions.

    I’m not going to bore anyone with a sob story, but if you actually want to see the full long winded ramble comment, it’s here: https://www.tanahoy.com/newsletter/painful-love-avoid-read-sure/

    In a nutshell, we dated for 6 months, then she turns around saying “The relationship wasn’t real” and effectively left me for someone else saying he was her “dream man” etc. I believed she had found her soulmate however the means at which they became a couple were underhanded methods on her part where her new boyfriend may or may not be oblivious to. As I quote, her methods were in order to “make excuses, saying it because she doesn’t want her current boyfriend from knowing, can’t face the reality of her actions so formed a visualisation of what she apparently now believes its truth, or actually meant it.” The problem was not so much she found someone else, although heart breaking, had inadvertently achieved my goal of making her happy, though at my own expense. I have told her I was happy for her, however she does not appear to comprehend the truth of her actions, or if she does, she’s hiding it really well, but the fact remains she committed negative actions in order to fortify or justify her place in her new relationship. If she had not done so, I wouldn’t have minded so much. However just seems suspicious that she had committed an act of negativity in order to do so.

    However the previous point was, unless Shane had a lesson of his own to learn, he was essentially an innocent bystander who got caught in the wind and apparently either “got in the way” of Madison and Skylar’s attraction of sorts, but regardless of planning or intention and involvement and whether it was or wasn’t meant to be between Madison and Shane, the planning failed to see the potential negative effect of essentially leaving Shane in the cold, Also as I had said once before, our souls never apparently think of any contingencies to counter possible negative effects aside from karmic events. Think of a possible scenario where Shane doesn’t take it well which causes further negative events down the line. He may be the one committing possible negative acts or attitudes which manifests karmic events on him, but the source would be from Madison /Skylar’s souls and their guides flawed planning, if this even still makes sense. Karma seems to function like that old game of chain letters. “Pass this on or something will or won’t happen” etc except the last part isn’t applicable. Karma’s source is from your actions. Positive or negative, but the source of your actions could come from either a salty attitude of past experience or inherent nature. Which then the rule of understanding of actions etc comes in and I’m going way off track.

    However, despite whether Shane took it well or not, the fact remains it was down to poor preincarnative planning that failed to take into account his presence/involvement before Madison and Skylar’s bond became evident, unless his involvement was planned for different means. I am both blaming and not blaming Skylar and Madison + whoever else was involved to do with these events as all this could play a much bigger roles later on etc which was probably perfect for the plan of the greater agenda but may or may not be to individual life goals and lessons, but this will get very complicated very quickly if I even attempt to explain my interpretation.

    In fact on the other end, not only do I find it fascinating you can reincarnate as both genders and the fact of gay and lesbian relationships can form due to this despite being opposite or same gender soulmates in previous reincarnation. This may also provide a means of formation or intervention of the so called “greater agenda”, whereby the awareness of them and more importantly the acceptance became prominent. It is possible that this was planned both individually and on a greater scale. Since there is “no such thing as coincidence”, there is a high chance that in especially in Madison and Skylar’s case, their gender roles and planned contact within the physical world was also deliberate in alignment with the greater agenda as at this time, gay and lesbian relationships were accepted. Their roles in this may also be to solidify this acceptance of gay/lesbian relationships much like many other beings do already, although seems to resemble a later product of the divine plan where other predecessor souls were part of in previous times where it wasn’t accepted in order to build and enforce gay/lesbian acceptance.

    Now that, is brilliant on the part of the universal consciousness and/or whoever was involved with the greater agenda. Although this seems amazing, it’s actually quite obvious.

    As for reincarnated planning, even with the rule of free will, due to an apparent amnesia upon reincarnation, we are essentially going in blind into the physical world with no proper direction. Sure you can ask for the assistance of guides and angels, but that’s only if you remain aware of them and have achieved the ability to communicate with them effectively. To say it bluntly, hints and cryptic clues aren’t sufficient enough for us to achieve our life goals and life lessons that were planned before starting our new reincarnation. Although I have a personal preference for direct result, even if requires us to learn these lessons ourselves, I don’t know what reason whoever made the universal mechanics decided “Let’s essentially cut off their direct ability to contact the astral plain.” I may be ignorant, blind or simply do not have the sufficient insight etc, but I see no purpose in defecting our capabilities upon manifesting in the physical plain. It just seems to cause more hindrance than help. (Elohim, get on this 😛 🙂 – Just kidding, you probably have a good explanation for it. Don’t even know if it was down to them in the first place, I only know they’re high in the cosmic food chain. Probably not even to do with them).

    Also, what does your soul even look like outside of the physical plain? Does it retain it’s previous incarnation’s appearance or is it just a white humanoid body of light?

  2. Sam B says:

    I also missed something which was mean’t to be my original point. The first frequent question: “Are they longing for you?”

    I mean no offence by this but is that even a competent question? (Perhaps this exact question wasn’t) however, whether this is true or not, is it not always relevant? How can they be “longing” for you if they don’t necessarily know you exist? (again, apparent amnesia upon physical reincarnation) or the fact that we apparently have at least 30+ other soulmates. Would they not be longing for one of them or anyone of their soulmates as well as or instead of you etc? To “long” for a soulmate could almost literally mean anyone. It is a rather broad and vague question in retrospect. Although I could just be having ignorance because of my awareness or knowledge of multiple soulmates while many do not. Having knowledge that potentially creates ignorance. The very reason why the rule of opposition is flawed – just like duality, and I know someone’s going to say, just because you have insight doesn’t mean you cannot still be ignorant. However the same goes with, just because you do good or bad deeds, doesn’t specifically make you a good or bad person. 😛 That references a previous comment.

    Anyway that question rather contradicts itself as it infers you only have one soulmate though you actually have many.

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