3 Things Indian Spirit Guides Can Protect You From


You may not have realized it yet, but you have invisible companions who are helping you every step of the way since the moment you were born into this world.

In fact, one of the most powerful beings in your life right now is your Native American Spirit Guide, also known as your Indian Guide.

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A spirit guide that looks like a Native American Indian is called an Indian spirit guide (also known as Native American guide).

You will have both spiritual and physical protection when you have your Native American Indian Spirit Guide by your side.

From a wizened chieftain to an honorable warrior, Indian Spirit Guides weave their supernatural powers to ground you, so you can make use of the gifts of the earth. While at the same time bringing you wisdom, so you can reach the lofty heights of your personal goals.

They also keep you safe from forces unknown to you that may be affecting your life in ways that are hard to imagine.

Here’s how your Native Indian Spirit Guide can protect you night and day.


The Mystery of Your Indian Spirit Guides


Many people are drawn to their Indian Spirit Guide, and there is an air of mystery surrounding these stalwart Spirit companions.

Before I tell you everything you need to know about Indian Spirit Guides, first, let me refresh your thoughts about Spirit Guides in general.

Spirit Guides are invisible beings who were once human but now reside in the spiritual realms along with other positive beings who are also of a higher vibrational frequency.

During their time on earth as humans, Spirit Guides have mastered all of the earthly lessons they needed to learn, therefore, no longer needing to be reborn again.

We get to choose some of the Spirit Guides who will accompany us when we are reborn again on earth. Some of the Spirit Guides we choose have been with us in several of our past lifetimes.

And since some of our Spirit Guides have been with us in some of our lifetimes before, they already know the things we need to learn in this life, along with the goals we need to accomplish.

Guiding and protecting us is at the core of what our Spirit Guides do and they are very powerful companions to have, indeed!

There are many different kinds of Spirit Guides, but in this article, I will only be focusing on your Indian Spirit Guide.


What Is An Indian Guide?


Native American Indians are highly spiritual and known for their deep affinity with nature and the cosmos. Their age-old wisdom and intimate spiritual connection with the universe make them exceptional Mediums and guides.

Native American Indians prize spiritual wisdom and bring their spirituality and reverence for nature to all aspects of their lives. It, therefore, comes as no surprise that Native Indian Spirit Guides are treasured for the wisdom and guidance they provide.

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The Indian Guide is also the guide that’s most likely to present himself or herself to you during a psychic reading.

Each of your Spirit Guides is with you for a specific reason, and the reason for your Indian Guides is to provide you with wisdom, clarity, and belongingness in your community and surroundings, along with a higher sense of spirituality.

Native American Indian Guides are also drawn to work with Psychic Mediums, as well as those who are highly intuitive.

With your Native American Indian Guide by your side, finding your own spiritual path will become easier for you. Your Indian Guide will help you to be more attuned to nature and the energy of the Universe.

Your Indian Spirit Guide can also protect you from negative invisible forces if needed.


The Things Your Indian Spirit Guide Protect Your From


When it comes to keeping you safe from harm, your Indian Spirit Guide is a strong protector capable of shielding you from negative forces. Here are just a few examples of the things your Native American Indian Guide can protect you from:

Negative Entities

Just as Spirit Guides are beings of a higher vibrational frequency and positive energy, there are also negative entities at work around us, which vibrate at a much lower negative energy.

Whenever you feel depressed, or stuck in life, a negative entity might be attaching itself to you leeching your drive for action, and rendering you incapable of happiness.

Your Indian Guide can use his or her special powers to banish such negative spirits or forces.

Psychic Attacks

Psychic attacks are generally negative thoughts or emotions being directed at you by other people.

Usually, people launch psychic attacks when they are jealous of you or envious of the successful life you’ve created. When a person is mad at you, you might also get attacked psychically.

Most people do this by wishing bad things upon you, or by wanting you to lose the things you have that they secretly want for themselves. There are also some individuals who are not aware that they are, in fact, psychically attacking you!

Your Indian Guide is very good at warding off psychic attacks. Sometimes they can cloud your auric field so that you will be very hard to psychically attack.

Actual Physical Harm

There are several cases where people report seeing the image or outline of a Native American Indian who they felt kept them from being hurt in an accident, or who helped guide them to safety.

One such individual, a 25-year old banker from Sedona, Arizona, was saved by her Indian Spirit Guide while having a leisurely horseback ride.

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Your Indian spirit guide will protect you physically, spiritually, and even emotionally.

Suddenly, her horse became startled by a bird that unexpectedly flew out of the bush they were passing, and she feared she was going to get bucked off.

But in that same moment, from the corner of her eye, she caught a glimpse of a tall man who appeared, and he was as a Native American Indian. Suddenly this shadowy form started to stroke the horse’s head while whispering in its ear.

Immediately, her horse calmed down. And then, when it was clear the horse was okay, the shadowy figure of her Indian Spirit Guide, disappeared!

Since then, she told me her Indian Guide occasionally makes his presence felt to her when she talks to him, or during the times when she needs help.


Getting the Protection Of Your Indian Spirit Guide


Your Indian Spirit Guide will be a loyal companion who will journey with you through life.

If you want to establish a connection with your Indian Guide, I can help. As a Psychic and a Medium, I have been communicating with the spiritual realm since I was a child.

This means I am able to connect and communicate not only with the Spirit Guides of others.

And I can also show you how to welcome your Indian Guide, along with all your other Spirit Guides into your life, and how to use their special abilities to your favor.

If you have been sensing a presence, or have experienced a ringing in one ear, these are signs your Indian Spirit Guide is near.

Other signs also include seeing spheres of light or seeing a sequence of three objects or three numbers.  I can help you interpret these signs and the messages your Indian Spirit Guide is trying to tell you.

Schedule an appointment with me by clicking here and filling out the form on my Psychic Reading Page.


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6 Responses

  1. Kelsey says:

    This is absolutely incredible. I knew nothing of spirit guides when I went to bed last night. However, when I woke up I knew I had met mine in my dream. They even put me in a canoe for protection from the river. I had never seen such a boat before and when I looked up old Native American canoes it was the first image that showed up. I very recently realized that I am an empath. Could the timing of my realization and the new presence of my Native American Spirit Guide be connected?

  2. MArilyn says:

    When I was 4 years old I saw a spirit Indian women standing near me and smiling She was very beautiful with her blue black hair and her tiny feet. A naked baby boy lay near her and I heard him crying the Indian women told me with her thoughts not words not to touch her I could see a light around her and feel warm energy of course at 4 I didn’t know she was Indian and I ran to get my mom to see her but the Indian women was gone. I have seen her twice more in my life in dreams I act Actually died and she wouldn’t let me by her she told me to go back not yet my time. I wanted to stay there but I couldnt. Another time I saw her in a dream she was my sister in another lifetime we were making items and clothing to trade and we sat under a big oak tree away from the hot sun I would love to know why I have seen her and shared the experiences I’ve had with her

  3. timothy blalock says:

    Hello My Indian name is Raincloud .I named myself when I was a child in the YMCA Indian Guide program..I have been Indian spiritual ever since…Im gonna fast forward… I I bought some land near Savannah River in Martin SC…Heavy Indian population many years ago.I started to collect alot of arrow heads took them home and are on display..I would tell guest not to steal any arrow heads from me our you may be cursed.I said that many times…Well one night at my property I began to talk to the Indian spirits not knowing if im heard or not..I ask the spirit to show me a sign im heard..The next morning I went looking for arrow heads..What i found was a huge spear head or tomohawk head not sure..I felt this was the spirit showing me I was heard..To this day this artifact is my best find..I was so proud of it I did not put it on display fearing someone would steal it.I put it in my gun safe..Well my house was broke into and the safe was stolen with my arrow head in sidegun case…I began to talk to my Indian spirit and ask to help me get my arrowhead guns and money back….A friend was at the house while police were there I told my friend the thief is cursed..My friend said oh my I have heard that from you before..Two days latter safe was found by a good citizen in some deep woods..I was notified went out to the woods and yes it was mine .The thief never got in it .He beat the safe up very bad…I took safe home and felt like i won the lottery…Cops put up cameras ..One hour latter thief shows up with tools to get in safe ..all the cursed thief got was his picture taken.A week later was arrested and admitted he broke in my house stole safe..Without my Indian guide spirit and my confidence I have one I would not have retreived my stolen property…RAINCLOUD

  4. Lynette gunn says:

    Some years back I experienced the most wonderful appearance of an American Indian.
    I lay in my bed he stood by my side wearing all the clothing on an warrior Indian. He looked straight ahead folded his arms he did not make eye contact.
    His face was old .
    His appearance felt like a lo g time but probably a few minutes.
    I did not feel any fear only I lovely feeling of peace.
    Next morning I didn’t question what his purpose for appearing to me .
    If someone told me this story before I seen him ,yes I would probably think them mad .
    Many years have passed I I still think of him a lot .
    I times of trouble and confusion in my life I ask for his help .
    There was a situation in my life when I almost died in a serious car accident.The car a was driving was crushed with the roof almost flat .
    I walked out of the car with not even a scratch on me .
    I believe he was there for me .
    I wish he would appear to me again ? I still ask myself “why did he appear to me ” why me ?

  5. Katherine Williams says:

    I had a dream that continued for 3 days. I was in an apartment and all of a sudden the most attractive native man appeared wearing white doe skin, This was the first night of the dream. He had a wolf with him. The wolf was huge, muscular and was dying. I could smell the death. At first I was terrified. The native man told me that he and the wolf had looked for me for many years. That the wolf needed me to assist him in passing over. The native man asked if I would help the wolf. At first I said no and told both of them to leave. I was frightened and thought the wolf would hurt me in some way. They both left. There was no actual talking, more like telepathy. The second night, the Native man appeared again with the wolf. He let me know the wolf would not hurt me. He explained they needed my assistance for the wolf to pass on. So I finally said I would do it. That night we went through a doorway in this apartment that was not there but appeared when we started walking. We walked through the doorway into what looked like a museum. There were all kinds of indigenous artifacts everywhere. We walked for a while and started to walk through the wall on the other side of the museum. I woke up at that point. The 3rd night the dream started again with us being in the museum. We walked through another doorway that led into a cavethat was not there before. While we were in the musuem I heard drums beating. As we entered the cave, I heard the drums even louder and I could hear singing. The singing was in an indigenous language that was unknown to me. Then I realized the walls were even beating to the drums. We came into a room in the cave. There were 2 stone tables. It reminded me of sacrificial rituals that I had seen in movies. I again became scared. The native man let me know I was in no danger. I believed him. The Native man helped the wolf up on one of stone tables. I got on the other stone table. The wolf looked into my eyes and I felt like the wolf was telling me “Thank you!” Then all of sudden the top of the cave opened and this bright light came down on both of us. The next thing I see, the wolf is going into the bright light. I stayed on the table and just watched with awe! After the wolf was gone, the top of the cave closed. The drumming stopped and the singing stopped. The Native Man was no longer there. I then remember waking up in what was my apartment and was no longer in the cave. I remember the wolf was not an ordinary wolf of today’s time. It was more like a dire wolf. I still am not sure why the wolf would need me to pass on; as the Native man said they had looked for me for years. I went to my brother and asked him about this dream. My brother said it was a sundance. My brother could not tell me why the wolf needed me to pass over. I felt like I had been taken to a very ancent time when this happened. I do have other dreams but not about wolves. Some of my dreams come 3 times-that is when I know it has meaning.

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