3 Ways To Communicate With A Loved One On The Other Side


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Death is inevitable, but we don’t have to be sad because there are still ways to reach out to our departed loved ones.

Death comes, and nobody knows when it will.

In most cases, the sudden passing of a loved one or family member leaves you with questions and unfinished business, which may prompt those who were left behind to want to communicate with a family member who has passed away.

While I respect the opinion of the skeptics, I know the afterlife exists, and our being transcends the death of our physical bodies.

The reason is because when we die, we become a spirit form and go to a parallel dimension.

Stories about the afterlife and near-death experiences abound.  One of the more interesting ones being that of American neurosurgeon, Dr. Eben Alexander, who has written about his near-death experience, while in a coma, due to bacterial meningitis infection to the brain.

Being capable of understanding how the brain works, he himself was surprised by his memory and eventual recovery. He says he has seen heaven.


3 Ways To Communicate With A Loved One Who Has Passed Away


Has one of your loved ones moved on to the Other Side?

You’re probably not aware of it but, he or she has been hanging around you, especially in the immediate days following his or her death.

Here are some of the most common signs that your loved one is trying to communicate with you are:

  • A feeling of being watched
  • Misplaced coins
  • Flickering lights
  • The scent of pipe smoke, or the person’s favorite perfume or flowers
  • A brush on your hair or cheek
  • A sudden feeling of weight on one side of your bed
  • Dreaming of your loved one

People may often think they’re there with them, but find themselves unsure.

Yet, there are ways to know for sure if your loved one is trying to reach out to you.

These 3 techniques for reaching out to your departed loved one or friend can help make communication possible.

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Our loved ones who passed away sometimes give signs to show that they want to communicate with us.

  1. Your Dreams

When you are awake, your energies are on different frequencies, which is why you cannot talk and understand each other in the same way that two living people talking can easily do.

So he departed often visit the living in their dreams because that’s when they’re frequencies and yours are on the same level.

When a loved one visits you in your dreams, you will sense an overwhelming feeling that it was real.

Your loved one may tell you something important, or ask you to deliver an important message to another family member. Often, this also comes with a reassurance that they have crossed over successfully and peacefully.

If you are interested to find out more about how you can initiate the contact to communicate with your deceased loved one in your dreams, click here and read this article.

  1. Finding a Psychic Medium

A Psychic Medium serves to connect you and your loved one who passed away. A medium can interpret their messages and relay them to you.

It is important to note here that a regular psychic does not have the ability of Mediumship.  For a better understanding of how Mediumship works, you can learn more by reading this article.

  1. Understanding The Third eye

A Clairvoyant can help you connect with your loved one using his or her Third Eye. Messages from the spirit world will often come as flashes of visions, light, or symbols, which the psychic relays to you and then interprets.


Benefits Of Contacting A Deceased Loved One


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Even though our loved ones passed away, we can still communicate with them through the help of a psychic medium.


There are countless reasons why people would want to connect with their deceased loved one. These are some of the most common reasons I have found with my clients:

  • Knowing that their loved ones are at peace.
  • Having very specific questions they would like to ask, or messages they would like to hear.
  • Having an unfinished business that needs closure.


 As Above, So Below; As Below, So Above


There are planes of existence that exist beyond the physical world.

At death, a person’s energy transforms into spirit. Therefore, death does not have to be feared, for in death, new life begins.

If you’d to communicate with a loved one on the other side, you can do this very special session with me by clicking here.


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8 Responses

  1. Cristina A. says:

    The lights have been flickering in my home a lot lately. My father passed away when I was 6 and my mother passed away in 2013. My mother always wanted me to have a child as I could never get pregnant. After her passing I started getting pregnant out of nowhere. I wanted to feel like it was her helping me have the child I always wanted. Unfortunately I miscarried a couple of times only a few weeks along. I am now 18 weeks pregnant at the age of 32 after me and my husband have been trying for 14 years. We just found out we are having a baby boy last week. We also received very upsetting news that he has a few defects and will more than likely require some surgeries when he is born. We still do not know the extent of his problems. I feel like I need her more than ever right now.

  2. Whiteflower says:

    I have never experience anything like this before. I smell like cigarettes all days in my house. First I through maybe my husband burn some kind of woods or light fireplace. Eventually not no one in our house smoke cigarettes or burn woods. Then even more strange cause the smoke smell follow me in to my car. And even my work. I am not sure what is going on. It have been almost 2 weeks already. I have a dream lately but couldn’t remember but know it seem so real.

  3. Ashleigh says:

    My husband has been making contact with me in many forms a few weeks ago I was having sleep paralysis and I felt him in the room like he was behind me on my bed I felt somebody touch my face and my leg and the room was really hot and I had goosebumps all down my face when I woke up and then a week later a picture flew off the wall of his towards my bed and then the past two nights I’ve been dreaming about him

  4. Nicole Whittaker says:

    Yes I no what u mean but a strange thing happened to me 3, days leading up to my son’s father death he wasn’t passed away yet and he came to me in my sleep and I knew that something wasn’t right I wish I could have been there to change his sudden death he was only 30 years old and just dropped dead for no reason so many unawcered questions

  5. Ariana says:

    so im 13 and i know that sounds crazy but i really need to know if my grandpa is in heaven. he was an atheist but he did believe in a creator. he passed away almost 2 years ago but that is to hard to believe. i was close with my grandpa, and he was close to me. he passed away with cancer. we didn’t know for long but i thought it was getting better until the chemotherapy. that night he was puking and he was suuuper sick. then he stopped breathing and he fell off of his bed and hit his head. the neighbours did CPR on him and he was breathing again but he wasn’t there. so then they took him to the hospital and i was there with my family. the doctors had us in a private room and they were telling us all the details of when or if he would wake up so then out of nowhere another doctor ran in and yelled “we lost his pauls”. then i started screaming crying. and i still cant believe hes gone. i just need to know how i can connect with him in any sort of way. i feel i need some clarity.

  6. Corrina says:

    I believe in God that angels are around everywhere watching us thought live

  7. Heaven says:

    Well,i keep hear strange mocking,and it,sounds like things getting leifted up and threwn around and few times I flet something touched it and it was hot.I asked around if anyone did it but no one was around,what dose this mean?

  8. Jennifer says:

    My brother in law Michael Gordon passed away 2 months ago from Cancer and when I go to sleep at night I feel that he’s watching me sleep. It still doesn’t feel real as I just saw him 2 months ago in the hospital and I watched him pass away in front of me. How do I connect with him and tell him how much I miss him and that I still need him. How do I know what he wants when he comes and watches me sleep at night.

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