30 Prosperity Affirmations To Attract and Manifest Abundance Into Your Life

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It is extremely important to be able to cultivate a generous attitude towards money and your handling of money, in order to attract and manifest abundance in your life.

Are you interested in manifesting abundance in your life? If yes, you’re not alone! Next to relationship issues, the second most frequent issue people consult me about is their financial situation. This is not surprising, considering the fairly recent recession America went through. Even if you weren’t too affected by the economic downturn, it’s still a great thing to not be in want. With this in mind, I’m giving you 30 prosperity affirmations to attract and manifest abundance into your life.

But first, here are a few things you need to know to help you better understand and internalize these prosperity affirmations:

I have found, through experience, that you need to be able to have confidence in what you are affirming, in order to strengthen the energy that powers your wishes, wants, or needs, to the Universe.

One of the best ways to prepare your body, mind, and spirit, to accept an affirmation and have confidence in it, is by repeating the affirmations through your day. If you have a nocturnal life, then you repeat the affirmation through the night. Repeating it at least 3x when you awake up, in the middle of your waking hours, and before you go to sleep, is the key to success.

You need to be comfortable with the affirmations you will use. Therefore, if for any reason you are not at ease with the prosperity affirmations mentioned here, please feel free to change some of the words. Just make sure to keep the following guidelines in mind before attempting to change the wording:

  • Use only positive words or sentences. Avoid words such as not, never, or
  • If you get distracted, take a small break from modifying the affirmations. Then when you are more relaxed, start from where you left off.
  • Speak in the “now.” Remember, when you are affirming, you are already claiming the existence of whatever it is that you want to positively happen in your life.

On the matter of attitude, always remember to be thankful for your blessings. Keep a positive vibe as you say your prosperity affirmations so that you can successfully attract and manifest abundance into your life.

Prosperity Affirmations Covering Obligations that Need to be Met


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Many people see their financial obligations as a form of torture. 

Many people see their financial obligations as a form of torture. They believe they will never have sufficient money to settle their obligations.

Thinking about never having enough, or saying that you are in want all the time, can only attract negative energy to you. Consequently, negative situations can keep happening in your life.

You can counteract this kind of thinking by choosing from the following prosperity affirmations:

  1. I am always able to pay my bills on time.
  2. I have a positive balance in my checking account.
  3. People are happy with me because I responsibly meet my financial obligations with them.
  4. My credit card (or: credit cards) balance is always paid on time.
  5. My mortgage is (or: car payments are) always up-to-date.


Prosperity Affirmations Covering Income Generating Opportunities


tanahoy.com good income financial freedom

Having financial freedom becomes possible if you are able to maintain a positive income flow.

There are those who believe they will never have enough money because the right income generating opportunities are not available to them, and also fear these opportunities will never come their way.

You can counteract such negative beliefs by attracting and manifesting abundance through these positive affirmations:

  1. Clients (or: customers) pay me well because they value my talents (or: skills).
  2. I am ready and able to work well and deliver what clients (or: customers)
  3. My income continually increases.
  4. I get many positive referrals that add to my clients (or: customers).
  5. My clients (or: customers) always pay me on time.


Prosperity Affirmations Covering the Development of Positive Attitudes towards Money


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Having abundance in your life means you will be able to help others more.

Some of you may have been raised to think that money is bad, because it is supposedly the root of all evil. That’s not correct.

It is the excessive love of money, per se, which can cause evil in one’s life. When you love money for money’s sake, you don’t let the blessings flow outward, preventing them from flowing back to you. The energy then becomes stagnant or stuck.

That’s why it’s important to see money in a positive light. These prosperity affirmations can help you develop positive attitudes towards money:

  1. I am happy about being able to help other people because I always have money.
  2. I am excellent at budgeting and spending within my budget.
  3. I enjoy how money comes to me naturally.
  4. My income is always more than my expenses.
  5. I am financially secure all the time.


Prosperity Affirmations Covering Seeing Making Money as a Pleasure


There are people who think they will never be prosperous, or they will never experience abundance, because they see making money as a difficult process.

To counteract such false and negative beliefs, use the following prosperity affirmations to enable you to enjoy making money:

  1. I like making money, money making is easy for me.
  2. I enjoy the abundance in my life, I enjoy being prosperous through the money that I make.
  3. I am happy and comfortable with working to make money.
  4. I am happy and comfortable to receive financial blessings each and every day.
  5. My wealth enables me to enjoy the pleasures that money can buy.



Prosperity Affirmations Covering the Development of a Prosperity And Abundance Mindset


Developing a prosperity and abundance mindset firmly strengthens your resolve to accept the free flow of financial security into your life.

These prosperity affirmations can help you to quickly develop such a financially positive mindset:

  1. I am living prosperously and abundantly.
  2. I accept, and am thankful, for this great blessing of prosperity.
  3. I accept, and am thankful, for all the positive abundance in my life.
  4. Divine energy powers my abundance and prosperity.
  5. Prosperity and abundance are with me each day, freely flowing into my life.



Prosperity Affirmations Covering the Cultivation of a Thankful and Generous Attitude


tanahoy.com gratitude and thankfulness

Start and end each day with full gratitude for all positive things you have received, are receiving, and will continue to receive.

It is extremely important to be able to cultivate a generous attitude towards money and your handling of money, in order to attract and manifest abundance in your life.

In that regard, these prosperity affirmations are helpful:

  1. Prosperity and abundance are a part of my life, and I share these blessings freely with others.
  2. I am blessed and thankful for each day that I am able to share my blessings to those who need it most.
  3. I am financially prosperous, abundant in good health, enjoy the company of loyal friends and a loving family, and for all those, I am eternally grateful.
  4. My prosperity and abundance inspire others to become prosperous and abundant, as well.
  5. All the goodness in my life, all the prosperity and abundance, are Divine gifts, and I am thankful to have them, and to be able to share them with others.

All the prosperity affirmations written and shared above were formulated especially for you!

It is one my fondest wishes for you to enjoy an abundant and prosperous life, free from all negative influences.

If you’d like to find out if your current financial condition is due to some karmic debts that need to be settled, you can get in touch with me for a psychic reading, and I’ll help you find the answers you need.

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