5 Tips To Get The Best Past Life Reading

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Knowing your past life can be the path to greater self-discovery in your present life. Such knowledge helps you to optimize your potentials in this life.

There are many reasons why you would want to get a past life reading. These mostly have to do with knowing how you can apply the lessons and experiences you went through in a past life, to the betterment of your current life.

Sometimes though, you may want to have a past life reading because of plain curiosity. Your intention to get a past life reading may also have to do with wanting to find how a previous life went for you! Were you rich, did you have a fulfilling love life, were you able to make a positive impact on the world, or were things sadly the opposite?

Whatever your reason may be, the knowledge you gain will only be helpful if you are able to get the best past life reading you can.

Here are 5 tips to help ensure that your past life reading will be most helpful for you.


  1. Get Rid of any Preconceived Ideas


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Your interests and subconscious memories may influence your beliefs, causing you to have false past life memories, such as if you start believing that you were part of ancient Egyptian royalty due to your fascination with ancient history. This is why proper guidance during a past life reading is important.

Your mind is a powerful force to contend with, and it may trick you into believing something that never happened in your past life, if you continuously think about it.

For example, if you are a fan of stories of ancient history, your mind could likely store up any information you have read, or possibly seen on TV and the movies.

Then, just before getting your reading, your mind could suddenly recall those pieces of information about ancient history stored in your mind. You may start to convince yourself that you were one of Cleopatra’s best friends, if not Cleopatra herself.

If that sounds funny to you, let me tell you that it happens more frequently than you think. Actually, there’s nothing wrong with seeing yourself in a role that you’ve conditioned your mind to believe in, but it’s much better to know what actually took place.

So before you have your past life reading, clear your mind of any preconceived ideas of what kind of life you led before, and allow your psychic to be the one to guide you in your discovery.


  1. Relax


People naturally feel nervous about the unknown. This is why a lot of people fear death, when there’s really nothing about it to fear.

However, human nature is cautious about what it doesn’t know. Therefore, it is understandable if you feel some tension before you have your past life reading.

The best thing to do is to relax beforehand. If you love tea, have some of your favorite brew, mixing it with some dried herbs, such as chamomile, for relaxation.

If you love the smell of incense, you may also want to use lavender-based incense to help you relax.

Lavender incense is also recommended for attracting angels, which brings me to the next tip on how you can get the best psychic reading…


  1. Seek the assistance of Your Guardian Angels


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The help of caring beings from the Spirit World, especially angels, will have a positive impact on your thoughts, words, and actions, if you call on them to help you.

The help of caring beings from the Spirit World, especially angels, will have a positive impact on your thoughts, words, and actions, if you call on them to help you.

So, you can also seek the assistance of your Guardian Angels when you want to discover more about your past lives.

You can think of your past life reading as a journey that I will you guide you on. And your Guardian Angel will give you the assistance to help you be more open to receiving the information about your lives in your past.

I made a video sometime back about learning how to talk to your Angels. You can find my video on Youtube.


  1. Wear Comfortable Clothes and Footwear


We won’t physically be with each other in the same room during your past life reading, so whatever you feel like wearing on that day is good! What I mean is, if you are more comfortable wearing an old shirt, you may do so.

The same goes for footwear. If you choose to wear flip-flops, that is perfectly fine too. If you’re the kind who loves going barefoot, it’s also good.

What’s important to keep in mind is your comfort. Clothes that make you feel itchy, are too tight, too loose, or not suited to the current weather during the time of your reading, will serve as a distraction.


  1. Remove any Distractions


Speaking of distractions, you also need be in an environment where there will not be interruptions or disruptions.

For example, prior to your reading, do your best to ensure that you leave nothing cooking inside the oven, or on your stove, because it is certain that the smell of your delicious cooking will distract you.

Mute whichever phone you will not be using during your session. For example, if you are using your landline, then you should mute your mobile phone and vice versa.

Turn off your TV, radio, stereo, and computer, as they could also be distracting.

If you find bright lights a distraction, dim your lights and close your curtains.


What To Expect During Your Past Life Reading


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A past life reading will make it easier for you to take steps to improve your life, and be on your way to making your desires a reality. As a result, happiness becomes within your reach.

Some clients have asked me if they will be able to know such details as their names and ages in their previous lives, along with their occupation and status.

The answer is yes!

You will also learn about the lessons you learned, or still need to learn.

Any detail that is revealed during your reading is revealed because it has a direct bearing on what you need to know to make your current life better, more meaningful.

After their past life reading, many people have told me:

  • The information resonated with them, and they felt an emotional connection to what they discovered about their past lives.
  • They experienced clarity, with an understanding that made things appear certain, and without confusion.
  • They had a longing to find out more, with a desire to deepen their knowledge about their life’s lessons, both learned, and the ones still needing to be learned.

Being able to answer these questions after your reading means you can use the information to improve your life, put an old fear to rest, or let go of some past life karma, which may still be holding you back in this life.

A past life reading will make it easier for you to take steps to improve your life, and be on your way to making your desires a reality.

If you would like to learn more about your past lives, you can click here to book your past life reading.

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