7 Signs You Have Clairsentience


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People who have clairsentience can strongly feel and sense the feelings and emotions of people around them.

Sometimes people act upon a gut feeling, a hunch, or an inkling because it seems like the right thing to do – even if the reason behind it is unclear.

There are times when you don’t know how or why…but you just know.

It can be as vague as knowing what another person is feeling or as precise as sensing when you’re being lied to.

The truth is, most people aren’t aware they’re tapping into a psychic ability called clairsentience.


What Is Clairsentience?


Clairsentience comes from the French word “clair” meaning “clear”, and “sentience” meaning “feeling”. It is the ability to psychically sense another person’s feelings, no matter where that person is.

This psychic ability also enables you to tune into the present, past, or future emotional states of others, without the use of your five senses. Aside from feeling another person’s emotions, you can also pick up information, though the emotions you are sensing, about the person you’re picking them up from.

Apart from sensing emotions in other people, clairsentients (people with clairsentience) are able to receive information from all kinds of objects, outside locations, buildings, or houses.

There are lots of people who use clairsentience without consciously realizing it. You may have already used clairsentience a couple of times, and just shrugged it off as a gut feeling, that later turned out to be right.

In this article, I will show you the different ways you may have used clairsentience and how this psychic ability works.


Top Signs That You’re A Clairsentient


Clairsentience is a natural gift – all humans have it.

Clairsentience, or clear-feeling, is all about feeling and experiencing energy in an intuitive way.

Everything in the universe is made up of energy, and clairsentients can feel other people’s feelings, invisible presences, and receive future premonitions through feeling.

If you still feel unsure you’re capable of “clear-feeling”, here are the signs that you’ve been using clairsentience:


  1. You know and understand emotions on a whole new level


Clairsentients have such a profound understanding of emotions. If emotion was a language, they’d have a language of their own.

Persons with clairsentience feel a spectrum of emotions, which they use to gather information. Besides just feeling another’s emotions, you’re clairsentient if you also have psychic insights into the emotion you are feeling.

Clairsentients know what lies beneath the surface of every emotion.

Think of a clairsentient as a scientist with a microscope – a clairsentient can dissect an emotion, put it in a slide, look into the scope, and know every bit of information about why the emotion is there.


  1. You can get information from anything and everything


Thoughts and emotions give off energy, and energy clings to all kinds of objects and places. This is the reason why skilled clairsentients can easily get information from touching an object.

Emotions leave a trail of energy and your psychic sense picks up the information from this trail of energy.

An example of this would be when a reading is needed to get information about another person, such as a loved one who is missing, cheating partners, and even crime suspects.

Most people who come to clairsentients for help regarding another person would often bring an object owned by this person. It could be jewelry, clothing, or a picture – the more important and used the object is to the person, the stronger the energy it holds.

Photos can also work well, if the clairvoyant is skilled enough to pick up energy from photos! An individual’s personality can even be described by a skilled psychic, just by looking at a picture!

Those with clairsentience, such as psychic mediums, can look at a photograph and receive lots of information, such as past and present details. An image of a person sends out strong ripples of energy, which psychic mediums can easily translate into emotions.


  1. You are highly sensitive to the emotions of others


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Since clairsentients are highly sensitive people, they can easily understand other people.


Clairsentients often see more than the just the form of the person they are looking at. They sense ripples of emotions from people, such as love, joy, and everything in between.

As a clairsentient, you often:

  • know how someone is feeling even before they start talking to you
  • can pick up on the emotions of other people and know the reason behind their feelings
  • get a sense of tension or relaxation whenever you walk inside a room
  • easily understand other people’s perspective because you know exactly how they truly feel
  • get goosebumps or chills as some sort of validation when the truth is being said


People with clairsentient would also feel rather than think, as majority of the information they receive come from emotions. They also tend to use words like “I feel” when speaking.


  1. You always get a gut feeling, whether it’s good or bad


Clairsentients always listen to their gut feeling.

Insights, instinct, and inspiration, which seems to appear out of thin air are usually your clairsentient abilities guiding you. These sudden feelings enable you to sense situations very quickly, or even before they happen.

For example, your clairsentience enables you to feel positive vibrations even before something comes to pass.  For example, you may be particularly excited about a wedding you’re going to but you don’t know why. It turns out, you meet your future partner at the wedding reception.

There may also be times when you have a bad feeling about an event. For example, you might be on your way to a friend’s birthday when you get a sudden sense of foreboding. It’s like your instinct is suddenly warning you not to go or make other arrangements.

You choose not to go and just stay at home. While watching the evening news, you see a horrific road accident involving many cars, which you could have been a part of, if you chose to still go to your friend’s birthday.

Where clairsentience is involved, these gut feelings will not go away until you act on it or realize the reason for it.


  1. You can read a person like a book


You can know if you like a person or not when you just meet. Your first impressions about people are spot on. You know what a person is feeling and why they’re feeling that way.

You can even feel the emotions of a person even if they’re trying to hide it from you!


  1. You’re highly sensitive to the energy of your surrounding


Clairsentients often get overwhelmed in crowded areas, such as schools and malls, and at events like concerts and festivals. Being in a crowded area exposes you to the energy and emotions of more people, so your psychic senses are overwhelmed.

You can also sense the energy of your immediate environment and describe places as light or heavy. What you’re feeling is the imprint of energy or emotions left behind in a room or any area.

Most clairsentients keep away from places that feel heavy, such as hospitals, prisons, and bars, because of the large amount of negative emotions that are left behind.

You can also feel a sense of foreboding when you are in a place where violent acts have occurred.


  1. You can feel when there are spirit guides, angels, ghosts, or other entities around you


With heightened senses, used to detect energy and emotions, this is how you feel the presence of spirit guides, angels, ghosts, and other entities, which aren’t visible to the physical world.

When there is an invisible presence, you feel temperature changes in a room without any physical reason for it.

You feel joy and comfort when light beings such as angels, spirits, and spirit guides are around you. You may even experience having your hand held, or your shoulder being patted, without anyone doing it.

Whereas you feel happy when light beings are around, the opposite can be said for dark beings. You might feel sick or nauseous when there are negative entities around you, or when you’re around violence.


  1. You know and understand how animals feel


Some individuals with clairsentience can also communicate with animals. They simply feel the vibrations of energy from animals to determine the different emotions. This can be particularly helpful when a pet is in pain or is feeling distressed.


Difficulties You Can Experience With Clairsentience


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Clairsentience can cause people who have them depression and anxiety if not properly handled and used.

There is no doubt clairsentience is an amazing psychic ability to have, but it’s not exactly all roses. Any experienced clairsentient will tell you that you have to take the bad with the good.

Because you pick up so many feelings, you may get stressed about feeling emotions – which often belong to someone else. It may become difficult for you to sort out what you are feeling, as to whether they are other people’s feelings you are picking up, or actually your own. 

The heightened sense of feeling from clairsentience can become overwhelming.  If your ability is not properly understood and used, you may start feeling drained, anxious, or even depressed.

Once you understand your ability is a gift and you learn to master it, you will have a life that is rich with purpose.


Where To Go Next


If you feel you are clairsentient, or you want to know more about it, during a psychic reading, I can scan your aura, and tell you what psychic abilities you possess, and the best ways for you to develop them.

You can schedule this session with me by clicking here and filling out the form on my Psychic Reading Page.


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  1. Megan says:

    Thanks for the article, I believe I’m clairesitent. About 2 years ago I had an event where a big ball of energy came into my hands and I fell to the floor. Daily I feel things crawling on me and feel a light pressure on my face/cheeks perminantly. I go thorough life following my emotions and have seen orbs/ and orbs with wings. Emotions are getting abit too heavy at times, I feel like I’m drowning in them at times. I fight between a rational life and the connection I feel with the spirit world. Please let me know if you can help. Thanks

    • Tana Hoy says:

      Hi Megan,

      I can definitely help you! Sounds like you are psychic and don’t know how to control it. The first step is to contact my offcie and schedule a session together so I can tune in and help you. You can contact me by clicking on the Schedule A Reading tab here on my website. I look forward to speaking soon.

  2. Sixx says:

    Check check and check. I can even feel if an animal is depressed, not feeling well etc. I have clear knowing, clear feeling, clairaudient at times, from late November 2019-till the beginning of January 2020, I had 2 different songs, only certain verses playing constantly in my head. Black hole sun and beds are burning. I’d wake up with them go to bed with them. I tried everything to get them out of my head. My husband asked me if I had seen the satellite images of Australia one evening. No, I don’t watch the news – It’s highly upsetting. I hadn’t heard anything about the fires in Australia. The next morning I noticed the songs were no longer in my head. I live in Arkansas-nowhere near Australia. Were the songs coincidence? Was I supposed to do something? I cried over the loss of wildlife & seeing all the injured animals. I am an Empath and the last few years I’ve noticed the traits multiplying from 2 to 5 to 7. Geomantic Empath is something I may need to be more aware of. 6 months ago give or take I started seeing images on a movie screen. I’ve read about remote viewing but I did not thing the movie screen was literal. Your article on clairsetient was by far the most detailed I have ever read. It really was helpful reading more than clear feeling. I never understood how I knew what the total stranger had been through to make them feel what they are feeling. Or not only does that guy not like women but I knew his mother was to blame. Later we found out his mother was abusive and In turn he would lock his girlfriends in a closet for days. (I warned my husband about being friends with that guy) Anyway I am So ?? Grateful. Thank you!

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