How to Use Runes rune stones

Reading Runes is one of the most popular methods of divination. Rune stones come in a set of 24 ancient alphabetic symbols that can be made of different materials – wood or glass.

There are many different ways to channel your intuition for guidance and wisdom, and one popular technique is using Rune Stones.

Runes are composed of an ancient alphabet from Germanic countries and tribes that once roamed the continent in Europe. Runes are also known as part of Norse mythology. In fact, Runology is a branch of the German study of language. 

Although there are several runic alphabets, the oldest and most widely used runic alphabet is the Elder Futhark, which uses 24 different symbols, which are divided into three groups of eight runes each.

The oldest runic inscriptions date from around 150 AD.

Single Rune Symbol Etched on One Stone

The various runic alphabets have long fallen out of mainstream use, but it remains a significant part of magical circles in the practice of divination.

Runes stones have been used in divination or fortune telling for millennia, with archaeologists unearthing a number of these stones dating back to the Bronze Age. In each set of rune stones, a single symbol is etched onto each stone, which is then laid out into various spreads, to answer questions about the past, present, and future.

Different Types of Rune Stones


Each rune has three different meanings: a phonetic sound, an image of an object or action, and an esoteric meaning that’s used in divination. When you are using runes for divination, it is important to be well-versed with all three, as well as being quite familiar with Germanic mythology, since this is the origin of the practice.

Understanding Runic Inscriptions

Although the world of runes uses a different language, don’t feel discouraged if you’re a complete beginner. Anyone can learn to read, understand, and cast runes, especially if you are in touch with your intuitive and spiritual side.

Nowadays, it is quite easy to acquire your own set of rune stones and practice casting them at home. The most common materials of rune stones are wood and glass, but bone, antler, ceramic, gemstones, and even regular stones, are also used.

One material isn’t particularly better than the other since each reader tends to choose their runes depending on personal preference or budget. Trust your intuition and pick a set that you feel a strong connection with.

Some psychics even prefer making their own from scratch, so that their personal rune stone set is infused with their own energy.

It can take many years to truly master this divination practice, but even beginners can pick up the basics quickly. Rune stone readings are often used to help people with problems or questions that they need guidance with.  

Rune Casting

The traditional method of using rune stones is casting the stones on a white cloth in the direction of the East-West axis of the sun. The way that the rune stones fall is significant: the ones that are right-side up are read one way, while the upside-down stones are read another way.

However, if you are still starting out with your practice, the daily single-rune reading or the three-rune reading may be more suited for you.


Daily Rune Stone Reading


This “spread” is ideal for daily readings or single questions that do not require a lot of details. The daily reading is somewhat akin to checking a daily horoscope in the morning. It is quick, simple, and easy, especially if you are only beginning to work with rune stones.

With practice, you will get used to reading the different runes and applying their various meanings to your life.

The first step, as with any divination practice, is to clear your mind and relax by focusing on breathing for a few minutes. If you have an established connection with your spirit guides, you also want to call on their guidance and blessings for the reading.

Then, place all your rune stones in a bag and mix them up using your receptive hand, which is more sensitive to magical energy. Your receptive hand is usually the opposite hand that you use for writing or other manual activities.

After mixing the stones inside the bag, ask your question and pick a single rune stone from the collection. This single stone should provide an answer to your question, but if you find that it is unclear or you need a bit more clarification, pick just one more stone out of the bag.

If the answer still feels vague or unsatisfactory, reshuffle your rune stones before trying again and pick another one from the set.


The Three-Rune Layout


The three-rune layout or spread is a bit more complicated than the single rune reading, but it is ideal if you are looking for broader answers to your question or problem. As the name suggests, this spread uses three runes representing the past, the present, and the future.

The stone for the past will tell you about the people, events, and other factors related to your question, while the present will offer clarity on the life path that you are on right now. Finally, the future stone will tell you where the path that you’re on will lead.

Another three-rune spread that’s also quite common is drawing one stone for an overview of your problem or condition, another one for challenges you are currently facing, and the third one for potential solutions that you could try.

As you become more and more familiar with the different runes and their meanings, you will develop a deeper relationship with the stones, allowing you to apply their meanings to your life more easily. Although tarot cards are more common, you will find that rune stones are far easier to learn, since each stone only has a single meaning to analyze, as opposed to a tarot card, which is full of symbolism and potential meanings.


Rune Stone Care


With any psychic practice, it’s not just important to learn the basics of the practice but also to learn to care for the tools that connect you to the spiritual world. Cleansing and charging your rune stones are essential after every use.

There are various ways to cleanse your stones, one of which is simply bathing them in sunlight or moonlight for 24 hours. Smudging is also a well-known method of cleansing and purifying psychic tools, which involves smoking out the stones, and using herbs such as sage or lavender.

The rune stones may also be washed using flowing water from a natural water source, such as a spring, river, or stream. Remember to always use natural water and never tap water for washing your stones.

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