A Huge Compliment! (Thank you – I kept your name secret)

Hi there,

I just read some very interesting statistics about people and psychic ability!

According to a recent survey, did you know that 65% of all Americans say they have or would seek out a psychic reading when they needed to know about something important or when they have an important question they need answered!

That’s 6.5 people out of 10! I was shocked when I read that survey! That is up from 1982 when it was only 42%! Pretty amazing, huh?

I receive many emails everyday from people telling me how a reading had helped them. Whenever I receive emails like these, it makes me feel grateful to have been given the gift that I have, because it brings me great joy being able to use my gift to help others.

I received the email a while ago, but I always read it! The following email will show you why I am so happy to have my psychic gifts…

Dear Tana, 

I found you on YouTube, and I was instantly drawn to you when I watched your videos. Something inside me told me I just had to have a reading with you! 

I decided that it was worth the investment. When my mother was still alive, she used to tell me that a good psychic is worth their weight in gold! She told me that you always get what you pay for, so to avoid the “cheapies” as she called them. She used to tell me that the “cheapies” were not even worth the cheap price they charged! 

You see, my mother was also a very well-known psychic, just like you, and she had a large following just like you when she was still living! Before she died, she told me she had a good vibe about you, and she said she knew you were the real deal! 

She told me that a good reading costs more, because good psychics are in demand, and the information I would get from you would be worth 10 times what I pay! 

So I took her advice, and called you. I was in shock by what you were able to tell me. Being around psychics all my life, I have to tell you Tana that $250 is way too cheap for your readings! You really need to raise your price to at least $800 for 30 minutes! 

Tana, you are charging too little, and I want to encourage you to raise your prices, because people will not appreciate your gift when you are as good as you are, and your prices are so cheap! 

I would have gladly paid you $1000. I hope you will consider what I am telling you, because I know what I am talking about! 

Your new client forever,

A.D. Washington, D.C.

I would not use her full name due to how well known her mother was, and due to the fact that I guard my clients confidentiality very carefully, She told me I could use her full name, but I decided not to.

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Here was my reply:

Dear A.D., 

Thank you so much A. for the nice email! I really appreciate your huge compliment. I have read many books about your mother, and her famous presidential prediction! She was world famous, as you already know! What an honor to have been her daughter in this lifetime! 

I am honored by your nice email! I even have an autographed picture of your mother from the 60’s that I was given as a gift from a friend of mine! 

I feel honored to receive such a compliment from someone like you whose mother was so famous! 

In light and peace,

Tana Hoy 

Emails like this warm my heart! so I just wanted to share it with you!

In light and peace,

Tana Hoy

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P.S. Someone asked me to resend this email out, because they really enjoyed reading it!

P.S.S. Thanks for emailing me to say hi! I really enjoy receiving your emails to say hello to me! Please keep writing and saying hello, especially if you’ve never written me before 🙂

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  1. J Powers says:

    Your gift is priceless Tana and you could charge sooo much more. I thank you for not doing that, if you did it would mean scores of individuals who really need you would be shut out, like how the world is today. I hope you know that your price make it more accessible for all and on our behalf, I say thank you!

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